Why stepping into your feminine energy is KEY to success

Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed in your business journey? Are you ready to give up or feeling a lack of confidence and belief in your entrepreneurial abilities? Maybe you’re not feeling as passionate as you once were or think that you’re not meant to be a business owner?

If you’ve felt any of these emotions you should know that you’re not alone. Many female entrepreneurs have been in that exact place, how did they overcome it?

Why stepping into your feminine energy is KEY to success

In fact, it’s during these times where many aspiring girl bosses quit and go back to their corporate jobs. Often we hear, that this is part of being an entrepreneur, when really, it does not have to be this hard! We don’t have to suffer in order to be successful. We don’t have to be stressed, work our booties off and miss our “beauty sleep”.

We are women and we are allowed to embrace our feminine energy as much as we focus on our masculine energy in business. Because in most cases burn out, overwhelm and lack of success could be prevented if we could understand how we can master our energy.

What is masculine + feminine energy?

As humans we are naturally born with both energies: the masculine and the feminine. This has nothing to do with our gender.

Even though this blogpost is targeted towards female entrepreneurs, this is not meant to be a gender discussion.

As humans we are naturally born with both energies: the masculine and the feminine. This has nothing to do with our gender. Men have feminine energy as well and women have masculine energy too.

Growing up most of us have been taught however, that masculine energy is “more important”, maybe even “better”, because our society holds the belief, that the power of the masculine will lead to success. Masculine energy stands for the go-getters, the driven entrepreneurs, that have a clear focus and get sh*t done to build an empire. Being in this energy means being mainly in your head and thoughts, strategising and acting on the things that move the needle forward in our business.

Contrary to that feminine energy is often seen as weak, too soft and not as driven enough to achieve big financial goals or build a successful business. The divine feminine energy stands for love, the connection to our soul and spirituality. It’s very much in centred in our heart and our feelings. Hence it is strongly connected to our purpose in life and has a major impact on the frequency and vibration we are in.

The risk of energy burn out for female entrepreneurs

Now that we know the definitions of both energies, we understand, why most female entrepreneurs tend to focus on their masculine energy, when building a business. It’s what society and the school system tells us to do. It’s our assumption, that we can only be successful, if we constantly work and grind to make our dreams come true.

Many women then tend to stay constantly in their head and neglect their feelings. Some females even neglect time for themselves, their health (mentally and physically), their relationships, just to have more time working on their business.

Being so focused on the masculine energy, it’s not surprising, that women burn out and feel completely overwhelmed or unfulfilled. Fulfilment comes by embracing the feminine energy, because by tuning in and connecting to our soul, we are constantly reminded of our purpose and our mission.

If we neglect that, we might feel disconnected to our business and at the end of the day even our self. If you’ve ever found yourself in this place before, have a closer look and check if you’ve neglected one energetic part within yourself.

How to use your feminine energy to be more successful

The ultimate goal for all of us (men and women) should always be to harmonise both energies in our body. There will always be times where we need one more than the other. So the concept of balance might not always work too well. But we can always strive for harmony in our energetic state.

In most cases it’s not very difficult for female entrepreneurs to step into the masculine energy, but it seems challenging (and scary) to embrace our feminine side. It might not make sense at first when someone tells you to “do less” and “be more” in order to be successful, right? How can you not do anything and still create success?

The key here is to understand, that by tuning in, taking breaks and allowing yourself to connect to your heart and soul, you will shift into a higher frequency and into your true essence. Everything will make so much more sense, because you are connected to your purpose. In addition to that, this will allow you to make better decisions, directed by your gut feeling and intuition. And yes, this sound “woo woo” and vague, but it’s for most women the missing element, that will help them boost their success and fulfilment.

Imagine being in your power, being completely confident and happy with yourself and knowing exactly why you are here on this planet. Don’t you think this will give you clarity, trust and faith in your abilities and ultimately lead to better actions in your business?

As with all things in life: success, love and fulfilment is an inside job. So why do we think we can build something epic only focusing on what we put out there in the world?

It’s time to embrace our feminine energy. It’s time to step in your magic!

Get to Know The Author

I’m Katharina, a mindset and business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. I help women to embrace their spirituality and balance the feminine energy with the masculine in business, so they can bring their magic into the world.

Ever since I was little I was convinced that we all have a purpose on this planet and this topic fascinates me to this day. Our story is our magic and by healing we can heal others. That’s how we create our best life, become successful and happy.

My mission is to empower as many women as possible to think BIGGER than what they’ve been taught. I truly believe the world becomes a better place if we remember how much magic we already have inside of us.

Ways to connect with me:

IG: http://bit.ly/magic-kathi

FB: http://bit.ly/abracadabrababyfb

Website: http://bit.ly/abracadabrababy


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