Selling can

be scary

 Listen, I totally feel you

The fear of rejection is hard enough to deal with… but you are also trying to navigate how to get yourself seen and heard in a way that feels fun and authentic when it feels like those who are winning are the ones aggressively sliding into people’s DMs or posting 100875 sales Instagram stories a day.

You just wanna have fun and fill your business with amazing and happy customers… but can this type of business exist in a space where everyone is using guilt, pressure and gimmicks… and it’s working? I cannot count the number of times recently that someone has come to me feeling like giving up on their business… why?

Because they have had so many people trying to teach them these hardcore sales strategies that simply don’t work for everyone. So what? If you’re not aggressive and shameless, you cannot make money online? Is that the case? Hell no… there is absolutely another way, a way that can feel exciting and empowering to both you and your potential customer…


it's the


it's the

communication of value.

it's the


it's the


sales school

The five module, self-paced, self-study program that teaches you the necessary sales skills to make more money. You’ll learn about consumer behaviour and marketing psychology while also completely transforming your mindset towards making sales. We know that sales is the one area most entrepreneurs avoid, so we’re not here to just convince you to do it anyway. In Vibey Sales School, we teach you how to make selling a vibe so that you want to do it and fall in love with the process.

your investment: $499 usd (payment plans available)



with ease

In the beginning, as you grow your authority and social proof, you need to communicate the value of your offers clearly, but by no means does that need to feel like a sleazy or stressful process. Even in the beginning, you can position yourself as a leader, effectively build a brand, and have people totally obsessed with you and your work and desperate to buy anything you have to offer.

like no other

sales program

You are not going to learn cold DM strategies, tacky sales scripts, or be told that the only way to reach your financial goals is to sell on your Instagram stories every single day.

I will help you build the inner confidence to sell anything (yes, your products, but also your content and even yourself).

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to sell without the need for sleazy, cookie cutter strategies and make selling a vibe.

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no. 02

no. 03

Here you are not going to find cold DM strategies, tacky sales scripts and you are not going to be told that the only way to reach your financial goals is to sell on your Instagram stories every single day.

I will help you to build the inner confidence to sell anything (yes, your products, but also your content and even yourself).

Most importantly, teaching you how to sell without the need for sleazy cookie cutter strategies, to make selling a vibe.



what you will learn






Yes, a money mindset is a big part of making more sales. If you have limiting stories and beliefs about money or the act of selling, hello procrastination and sabotage. Module one strategically breaks down all of the common sales fears to help give you a much-needed shift in perspective. Dare I say, this module will make you LOVE selling.








I am sure that any sales expert will tell you that a big percentage of the sales game is confidence. Now, I am not talking about faux bro confidence here; I am talking about developing the certainty in yourself that makes people want to throw their credit card at you and buy what you are selling.





Let’s talk sales psychology, baby! This module is all about learning what makes people move. When you learn the psychology behind sales, you can develop a personal sales strategy that works like magic. This module will not teach you some tacky sales script. Instead, it helps you understand people and learn adaptable sales skills that will feel vibey AF for you to use.





Yes, conversion strategies are important. However, do you know how much of the decision happens before that point? (MOST OF IT!) If you break down the buyer’s journey, you will know that so much more goes into selling than just the sales conversation itself. In this module, you learn about the marketing and branding strategies that often make sales effortless. Why? Because when you go to ‘actually sell,’ your dream customer is already a yes and is sold.






Sales don’t just happen once; they need to be strategised into your business as a daily activity! Just like the cafe down the street that opens its doors every single day to sell lattes and muffins, your business needs to be selling every day (because that’s what businesses do). But don’t worry, this does not mean you need to be on the hamster wheel of Instagram stories and DMs. Your Vibey Sales Strategy is a comprehensive guide to making money… even when you’re not actively selling.








the number

one compliment

The number one compliment that I receive as a business owner is this: you never feel like you’re actually selling. Ha! Well, since I have made millions of dollars online since 2017, I must be selling. The truth is, I am selling all the time. However, because my approach to selling is so natural and… um, VIBEY, it creates an enjoyable experience for both myself and my new customers.

Facts are, if you want that dream business, the one that makes you millions of dollars, you need a few things: An audience (which, if you don’t have, you need to check out Influencer Vibes), at least one amazing product, a way to tell that audience about that amazing product… i.e., a sales strategy.

While you may have the audience and gorgeous branding, your business will struggle without sales. It’s time to learn how to make sales, and Vibey Sales School is the perfect place to do so.


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