6 Success Habits To Start In 2020

Towards the end of last year, I truly began changing my life.

A couple of months back I started a series on my YouTube channel called Next Big Thing, which was an opportunity for me to document the journey I was going on it towards changing my life. 

What I realised on this journey is that when it comes to changing your life, it’s never going to be a situation where you wake up one day and all of a sudden you feel different or you’re a completely different person, and therefore your life totally changes.

If you truly want to change your life for the better meaning that you want to have a better career, better relationships, better health, better happiness you have to take consistent action by changing your habits.

When you change who you are by changing your habits, then your life will change.

six success habits to start in 2020

success habits in 2020 …

I recently sat down and reflected on what are some of the habits that I have developed towards the end of last year that have helped me to change my life & I hope these habits can help you to.

first success habit

The first habit of that has changed my life has been seeking discomfort.

What that looked like is starting a whole bunch of new hobbies, traveling to different states by myself, doing all things that would usually make me feel nervous or make me feel uncomfortable but realising that, that’s just an emotion.

It’s just something that I’m making up in my own mind … right?

I want you to sit down and think about how many things are you not doing simply because you’re afraid of starting the business, leaving your job, leaving a relationship that isn’t serving you, traveling solo, saving to travel etc.

For me it was doing Muay Thai and riding a motorbike.

For the most part most of the things we feel scared of are not even life threatening.

I realise riding a motorbike may be a little different but for the most part, most of the things we want to do aren’t life threatening so why are we allowing this one emotion that isn’t even a reflection of reality stop us from doing the things that could actually change our life?

I encourage you to go watch the channel ‘Yes Theory’.

If you want to develop a habit that will turn things around for you, it’s proving to yourself that you are so much more capable than you are giving yourself credit for.

second success habit

The next thing that has a little bit to do with that particular concept around seeking discomfort is that if you want to change your life in 2020, find a workout that you actually enjoy doing!

I was always one of those people who enjoyed exercise but wondered if it ever made a difference on my success. The answer is yes.

The difference that working out in the morning makes on my creativity, my cognitive function, my focus, my ability to stay present throughout the day is insane.

There are so many ways that you can move your body in a way that makes you feel good.

For me, it was starting Muay Thai but you could do any type of exercise class like cycling, F45 or yoga.

If you really want to be innovative, creative and focused when starting a business and be productive and be motivated, all the things that are going to help you to change your life, I promise you the answer is in you moving your body.

taking that next success habit

The next thing is you need to spend more time with people in person.

So many of us are spending our time connecting with people but it’s online, and while that’s still great and I’m still such an advocate of you making friends that way, our body doesn’t respond to the same way it does when you’re physically in the presence of other people.

The reason being is that something that I’ve learned a lot about lately is hormones and the effects that they have on our brain and there is a particular hormone, oxytocin, which is released when we are in the presence of other people.

This hormone is responsible for helping to reduce depression and anxiety, so get our there – attend events & be social in person! Your body will thank you.

what comes next for me?

The next habit that I personally have adopted and it has transformed my life and you’ve probably heard before – it’s probably the most powerful one on this list is that you HAVE to reduce your screen time.

The average person spends three hours a day on their phone, which means that’s 21 hours a week, 45 days a year or 1.3 years in a decade, 1.3 years in a decade … say whaaaaaaaat?!

Guys, we have just entered a new decade here …

Are you literally going to spend 1.3 of those on your phone probably doing not much at all?

Or are you going to go out there and live your life?

Your brain needs space in order to be creative, at some stage in your business you will probably hit a few road blocks one being a creative block.

The best thing you can do is to recognise what is happening, remove yourself from being so ‘ON’ & just let yourself be by filling up your cup.

phone free time ..

What are you going to do with all this free time that you have, these extra three hours every single day?

Find something you are passionate about and get paid for it!!!

I recently did a video where I spoke about Calculating Your Dream Life and within that I said that even if you’re not starting an online business there’s so many ways that you can make money online!

There is power in knowing that you have control over making money outside of a general wage especially doing something that you enjoy.

the last of my 6 habits

The last of my six success habits which is the mother glue that holds all of these together is that you need to develop the habit of delaying short-term gratification for long-term reward.

I used to be someone who loved to spend money on everything. However last year I developed the habit of strict savings.

By delaying your gratification to take care of your future self is the best possible thing you can do to live your best life.

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