Organic Growth Strategies and Finding Yourself with This Jessa Lewis

In today’s game changing chat on The Game Changer Podcast, I spoke with the amazing Jessa Lewis of This Jessa Lewis. We had a really inspiring conversation about how she juggles being a mumpreneur, aka juggling her two children whilst working AND managing her side hustle.

We also talk all things organic growth and strategy for side hustlers looking to grow online so be sure to listen to this podcast below!

In this episode we spoke about:

  • Being a mumpreneur

  • Strategies for side hustlers

  • Organic and human strategies to grow your online business

Once you know your ‘why’, it’s so much easier to push forward and achieve your goals. – This Jessa Lewis

More About This Jessa Lewis

Jessa is a Social Media Slayer and organic reach specialist with a career in SEO/Online Growth and Social/Business Management in addition to her social media consulting personal brand – This Jessa Lewis!

At This Jessa Lewis, she helps entrepreneurs and empires increase their online presence, maximise the reach of their content and resolve any tech drama that stopping them from implementing their next massive level up online.

Jessa works with the ones that are destined to reach millions but are just being held back on the how to’s.

On Being a Mumpreneur

Living on the Gold Coast of Australia, Jessa juggles both her main hustle and side hustle alongside being a mother of two toddlers.

In this podcast episode Jessa talks about the struggles of going from being a full time mum to entering back into the work force. She also discusses how and why her husband has switched roles with her and is now a stay at home dad whilst also being an amazing support system that has really helped her find herself again and chase her dreams.

The Journal Project

Jessa recently founded a women’s outreach program called The Journal Project.

With TJP, she is calling on the online community to participate and contribute books, notes and thoughts that they drew on for empowerment, mindset growth and personal development to bundle up with journals to be provided to women in need (and those who might otherwise never know the power and guidance that can be drawn from within).

You can find more on This Jessa Lewis and her mission here:




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