11 Habits of Successful Women You NEED to Adopt!

I’ve always been interested in the habits of successful women – I’ve researched a lot of my own mentors that I look up to and have collated some of the things that I’ve noticed successful women do and habits that they implement in their everyday lives.

There are a lot of habits to adopt to become successful but these are the ones that help them create success in both their professional and personal lives.

Do Everything with Intention

A lot of people who aren’t succeeding are just putting things out there and hoping for the best, instead of, doing everything with intention.

Successful women question why they’re going to an event, eating certain foods or going live on Facebook. These have intention in everything they do and really think about what is worth their time and what’s not.

Balance Their Masculine and Feminine Energy

This is not so much about male and female, it’s more about embodiment rather than the thinking mind.

Try to get into your body more and feel into what your intention is. Doing things from the body and heart rather than the intellectual mind.

This is why I the things that I share from my heart and soul do so much better than things that are researched.

Click here to read more about Masculine and Feminine Energy.

Schedule Time to Switch Off

Successful women and not chained to their phones. They are not controlled by social media and they know that if they were to take a whole day away from their phone they would be welcomed back with more clarity and direction in their business.

Sometimes we need to take time away to refresh, recharge and connect with our own intuition.

Build Deep Relationships

This one is so important. You truly need to build deep relationships, especially as an entrepreneur or else it can become extremely lonely.

Being able to confide in others and grow together is something you require from the start – Watch the video above for more on this!

Move Their Body

This is not my area of expertise however, a lot of successful women ensure they move their bodies every day.

It’s not only amazing for your body it carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body including your brain for better mental clarity.

Have Successful Female Mentors

It’s important that as women we have positive female influences in our lives. As women we need to stick together, work together and have people to inspire and drive us.

Have an Up-Level List

We should all appreciate the place that we’re in right now but it’s important to always be thinking about levelling up with a list full of things we want to experience, buy or do.

It’s like a bucket list of things to help keep you moving forward.

Get Their Beauty Sleep

What I really mean by this is just to rest, it’s as simple as that.

A lot of us have this hustle mentality however, it’s just as important to rest and recuperate. Give your body the time to recharge your batteries so you can be more successful and powerful each and every day.

Stop Feeling F#cking Guilty

Successful women have built their life to the point where they don’t feel guilty. So many women in business feel guilty about not being the best wife, or mother or sister or friend because you feel like by becoming successful you’re outshining other people.

Remember, the more successful you become the more people you can help. Don’t feel guilty and don’t feed into your own insecurities.


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