No confidence? READ THIS

Confidence is not something that people are naturally born with and it’s not something that some people have and some people just don’t have.

Confidence is something that anybody can adopt in any single area of their life!!

All you have to do is start taking action.

I share below something that I have learnt in my previous studies that is called the Confidence – Competence Loop.

What is this confidence-competence loop?

The more confident you become at something the more competent you will become at it, the more competent you become at something, the more confident you’re going to be.

Seems simple right? … let me break it down for you.

If you think of it in like a figure eight the more confident you get, the more competent you get and the more competent you get the more confident you get.

Are you lacking confidence? read this!

what comes next ..

Think about an area that you’ve currently built up competency in then take an area which you are currently procrastinating on.

This could be .. starting a youtube channel or a podcast.

We all know and would probably agree that driving is so much more dangerous than starting a YouTube channel BUT most people would rather jump in a car and drive down the street than they would put a video out on the internet .. you hear me?

Why would they rather do this you may ask? Because of the fears associated with not knowing!

Then what you need to start thinking about is linking these two together. 

The purpose of this is to help you to link your actions to this confidence-competency loop for things that you’ve done in the past and show you that even though you are just at the beginning stages, you will be able to do this again!

Confidence is a really important part of having an online business.

You need confidence to take action.

You need confidence to be consistent.

You need confidence to put yourself out there.

You need confidence to start a business.

I want you to remember that just because you might not have the confidence now, it doesn’t mean you are never going have it.

You just need to start taking that action by making a start today!

those next steps to building up your confidence ..

You need a solid WHY!!

Having desire is a big part of you taking action in the first place.

If you don’t have a compelling reason why you want something, it’s going to be hard to motivate yourself to take action towards it.

Also make sure that you are disassociating with any self-imposed personality traits that aren’t currently serving you, below are some example of things I often hear:

“I am really shy naturally,”


“I’m an introvert and therefore that means I compromise putting myself out there”.

I hate to break it to you BUT you can most definitely change those thoughts at any moment if you put in the effort!

The third thing is make sure you’ve got a good support network around you.

When you have friends / biz besties & a coach to hold you accountable to showing up for the actions you need to take to build your confidence and competence, it’s so much easier to consistently take that action ..

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