How and Why to Start Thinking Like a Successful Business Owner

Whether you have a side-hustle or run a full-time business, one of the most important things you can do right now to ensure your success in the future is to start thinking like a successful business owner.

And, if you’re thinking “but I already know that I’m successful”, then great! You’re already one step ahead of this blog post and no doubt doing incredible things in your business!

Give yourself a pat on the back and call it day friend!

However, if you’re intrigued and ready to become the successful business owner you’ve been dreaming of for far too long, then this post is for you.

First off, let’s start with the importance of thinking not just like any old business owner, but like a successful business owner.

Because you see, the difference is, those two people I just mentioned are completely different. They act differently, they present themselves differently, and most of all, they think differently.

One questions his/her every move, second guesses decisions and has a confidence level that wavers up & down, depending on what life’s thrown at him/her on that particular day.

The more successful business owner, on the other hand, has confidence in his/her decision making skills & understands that there’s a lesson to learn in everything.

And, as they say “what you focus on, you find”. So the more you’re in the mindset of a not-so-successful business owner, the more of those feelings and experiences that you’ll attract.

Whereas, if you turn the tables & start focusing on the lessons, looking at the bigger picture and the actual growth of your business, thinking like a true successful business owner, then you’ll attract and manifest more of that in your life and business.

And if you ask me, that sounds like something we ALL want more of!

So, now that you know exactly why you need to start thinking like a successful business owner, how do you put it into practise?

Well, there are many things you can actually start doing right now to begin seeing incremental, long-lasting changes to both your mindset & your business’ success in the future.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Do you think the most successful business owners & CEO’s of the world freak out when someone gives them negative feedback or says something not-so-nice about them online? No.

To become a successful business owner, you need resilience & persistence; The ability to quickly bounce back from any “negative” situation and move on swiftly & efficiently.

Because if you’re too busy getting caught up in Twitter feuds or “making your point”, then you’re wasting time – time that could be better used developing programs or products, serving your audience & making a difference in people’s live.

Stop sweating the small stuff & start thinking big.

Stop trying to perfect everything

Another question for you… Do you think the most successful business owners & CEO’s of the world fuss over having the “perfect” Instagram caption?

You guessed it – no, again.

Rather than fussing over having the perfect fonts, brand voice & captions, just start doing what you do best – spreading your message and serving your audience!

The more that you hold yourself back from creating [products, services or free content], the more you’re doing both yourself and your audience a disservice.

Stop trying to perfect everything & start serving your audience.

Start creating content from the heart

In the online space where there are thousands, sometimes millions of others, in “competition” with you, it’s hard not to question how you actually fit into the equation sometimes, right?!

We can get so caught up in making sure that we’re sticking with the status quo & following trends, that sometimes we forget why we started and, sometimes even, what we’re good at.

Instead of focusing on these things that will only hold you back, reconnect with your why, ask yourself “how can I serve my audience best right now” & start creating from there; start creating from your heart again.

So, game changer, tell me – are you ready to start adapting & embodying the mindset of a successful business owner?!

By Elley Charles of

The Author

Elley Charles is a mindset & business coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Passionate about helping women turn their side-hustles into full-time businesses, Elley starts her membership, The Becoming Boss Society, to do just that.

Outside her pink & indoor plant saturated office, Elley spends majority of her time face down in a good book, out in nature or sipping chai lattes & her favourite local cafes.

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