How to Find your Identity and Rediscover Yourself

Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make up a person. But how can we find our identity, connect with it and rediscover ourselves?

I filmed today’s video on How To Find Your Identity in collaboration with one of my amazing clients Itzel, who is an anxiety and mindset coach, particularly for stay at home mums. Itzel has also created a video on identity that is specifically for mums and parents, so be sure to check out her video as well.

In my video, I’m talking about identity for those of you who have maybe never found your identity in the first place. You’ve left school and you’re like “who am I and what is it that I want from life?” I’m going to help you find your identity so that you can show up and live your best life, watch below!

Do Things On Your Own

When it comes to reconnecting with your own identity, you have to learn to love being with yourself. So often we don’t give ourselves the chance to be alone and figure out what we really want from life.

We’re afraid because we feel like our identity is a reflection of how others view us, which is simply not the case.

Relationships are super important but outside of relationships, you need to connect to who you are by doing things with yourself even when (especially when) it scares you.

Journal Every Single Day

Journalling is one of the most profound things that you can do to connect with who you are. Every single day you’ll uncover layers of what you believe, what you want to create or who you want to be.

Journalling allows you to have that solo conversation with yourself and see what is truly coming from your core.

The reason it’s so important to connect to your identity is that it allows us to feel present, connected and inline with what we’re doing in life.

Give yourself the time and space to connect with yourself through journalling.

Create a Should vs Want List

Think about everything you’re trying to accomplish in your life at the moment and categorise them into a ‘should’ vs a ‘want’.

If something is in your should list then you’re feeling the pressure that you “should” get or have those things but maybe you don’t really want them.

Things like “I should lose weight” or “I should start a business” but if you’re losing weight simply because you think you should, things aren’t going to work out.

It’s better to figure out sooner rather than later if you’re doing things due to external pressure or because it’s something you really want. This practice will leave you with a list that you can completely disregard.

There will always be things on your should list like going to work that we are still required to do but I’m talking specifically about your goals and what you’re working towards.

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