Why Self-Love is Essential for Entrepreneurs

From the moment you have your first business idea, you start to think about how to grow your business. You might research ‘how to beat Instagram’s algorithm to get more followers’ or ‘how to create the perfect website and sales funnels’. However, you’re missing one key ingredient to growing your business and it’s self-love.

Why is self-love the key to success in your business? Great question, let me explain.

When you practice self-love, you realise that someone else’s success doesn’t mean there’s less room for you to succeed.

Visualise this…

I want you to visualise your favourite entrepreneur, whether it’s Erin, Ita Buttrose, Janine Ellis, Gary Vaynerchuk… whoever you look up to in business.

Picture them in their natural state and ask yourself, “how do they hold themselves, respond to questions or talk about their businesses?” The simple answer is with confidence.

These successful entrepreneurs know that in order to see REAL growth in business, you need confidence, determination, passion but more than anything they believe in themselves – they know they will succeed.


Why Self-Love is Essential for Entrepreneurs

There are so many reasons why self-love essential for entrepreneurs but I’m going to break it down into just a couple of areas so that you can start to implement self-love into your own life and business. 

The number one thing I see entrepreneurs struggle with is self-doubt, imposter syndrome and a fear that no one cares what they have to say.

Self-Love Stops Comparisonitis

As I mentioned in my recent blog post How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, comparisonitis is a reasonably easy trap to fall into.

You’re essentially comparing someone’s showreel to your real life, which doesn’t make sense but we do it anyway.

When we show ourselves self-love we’re able to look at others and their success or struggles, and be supportive, loving or even motivated by them!

When you practice self-love, you realise that someone else’s success doesn’t mean there’s less room for you to succeed.

When we’re confident and comfortable with who we are, we can look at the success of others and support their achievements.

You can do this without feeling bad about yourself because we’re you know you’re on your own timeline.

Self-Love Eliminates Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

Finally, self-love stamps out self-doubt because no matter what people tell you, you are confident in who you are.

Being an entrepreneur involves risks and putting yourself out there, there’s really no way around it, except, to learn to love yourself.

Even when you make mistakes, or genuinely fu*k up, you know that everything will be ok because you believe in your abilities to learn and grow from your mistakes. 

You can go live on Instagram and a hater can jump on and question your motives, your authenticity, your business and it’s legitimacy (this happened to Erin and she shut them down! Who saw it?) but if you practice self-love, that hater’s comments will fall on deaf ears. 

Working on yourself and your mindset is more than half the battle when it comes to being successful.

How To Practice Self-Love

Self-love looks different for everyone, try different things and do your research on what will/won’t work for you and your business.

You can find more self-love resources on my website here: https://www.bybrookelindsay.com/

With love,

Brooke x

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Through my own self-love journey I’ve experienced the pressures put on women from society, social media and experienced the ugly side of the modelling industry.

I want to help stop the cycle of negative self-talk, comparisonitis and the inability to see how remarkable you truly are!

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