How To Change Your Life

I’ve googled many times in my life how to change your life and honestly the same stuff comes up over and over again.

Setting goals, making a vision board, hiring a coach.

Ugggggh okay okay, we totally get it ..

I totally believe that all of these things are important however, I want to sit down with you and break down in 5 steps the practicality of what it is actually going to take for you to change your life!

Are you ready to change your life?

step one

Step number one is that you need to assess the degree in which you need to change your life.

Let’s face it, the reason why we want to change our lives is because we want to feel happier.

We’re unhappy with the current situation of our life and therefore we want to make a change so that we can feel more happiness … am I right?

The first step is what I like to call the flip

This is like flipping your life upside down, this is a life change based on circumstances, circumstances that you either have been put into or you have created yourself!

The second degree that you may assess is more of what I like to call a tilt.

These are more habitual.

Rather than being circumstantial where there’s this big thing that is taking up a lot of your happiness these are the more little areas of life.

Perhaps you’re just a bit unhappy with your health or maybe you are wanting more adventure in your life …

We want to assess whether or not we need a full life flip or whether or not we need to just tilt in certain areas of our lives.

step two ..

Step two is identifying the change that needs to be made.

Maybe it is your relationship or maybe it is your job.

You need to sit down and think about what is the area of your life that really needs attention.

Everyone’s life is going to be different.

step three

Step three is that you have to start making a plan.

If you’ve now identified the area that needs attention, you have to start putting in action towards the steps that you’re going to take towards making that change in your life.

If your changes are more habitual more on the tilt side of things, it simply is just putting a plan in place.

If you’ve identified that your health is the thing that’s suffering, put a plan in place that you are actually going to find a regular exercise routine that you enjoy or that you are actually going to start eating healthy.

There are so many different ways that you can develop healthy habits towards changing your life.

step four ..

Step four can start once you have identified how you need to change your life, either with a flip or with a tilt, you have identified exactly what change needs to be made.

However big or small the change may be you’ve got that plan there the next is you must take action.

step five ..

Step five is the last and final step & one that is the most important is that you have to get to the point where that you feel you are worthy of this change!

Another reason why people don’t take action on the plans that they make to change their life is simply because they just don’t feel worthy enough.

They don’t feel worthy enough of success.

They don’t feel worthy enough of happiness.

Changing your life isn’t just about making a vision board.

Changing your life isn’t just about setting goals, writing them down to increase your 40% chance of achieving them and never doing anything about them.

Changing a life is figuring out exactly what needs to be done and doing it.

Figure out what is going to make the difference in your life and start working towards that in 2020.

are you ready to start changing your life?


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