Change your life in 6 Months with a Self Love Retreat (BTCPIK Retreat)

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for self-care and personal growth can be challenging.

Many people dream of attending expensive retreats or seeking professional mentorship, but the truth is, transformative experiences can also be found in the simplicity of solitude and self-reflection. In this blog post, I want to share with you my own journey of creating a self-love retreat without spending a fortune or travelling far.

By following these guidelines, you too can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth, right in the comfort of your own home.

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Setting the Stage: Intention and Purpose

To begin your retreat, it’s crucial to set a clear intention and purpose. Just like a retreat happening in a distant location, your self-love retreat should have a defined focus. Ask yourself, what aspect of your life would you like to prioritize during this retreat? Is it physical health, spirituality, or inner connection? For my retreat, which I called the BTCPIK Retreat (Becoming the Coolest Person I Know), I intended to work on my personal blocks, deepen my relationship with myself, and become my own best friend. Define your intention and let it guide your retreat experience.

Blocking Out Time: Solitude and Self-Exploration

Finding dedicated time for your retreat is essential. Ideally, choose a period when you can be alone with yourself, allowing for uninterrupted self-exploration. Although it might be tempting to involve a partner or friend, the power of solitude and individual reflection is unparalleled. However, if you prefer to embark on this journey with someone else, that’s entirely up to you. The key is to ensure that you create an environment conducive to deep introspection and personal growth.

The retreat doesn’t have to be five days long; it can be as short as an hour, an afternoon, or a day. Perhaps you can ask your partner to hang out with their friends for a while, giving you a few uninterrupted hours. Or arrange for childcare while your kids are at school. The key is to define the specific time for your retreat, whether it’s next Tuesday or three days, and block it out in your calendar.

Setting the right time and location is crucial because it ensures that you are fully present and able to engage in the retreat exercises intentionally. Avoid slipping into fragmented pockets of time. Give yourself the space and time you deserve. Consider where you want to conduct your retreat. Will it be in your bedroom, or would you prefer a different setting? In my case, I chose to retreat to my farm outside of Melbourne. It was a beautiful location, as my parents were away, leaving me with the solitude I needed for my little BTCPIK retreat.

Creating a Retreat Mindset: Structure and Guidelines

Approach your self-love retreat with a mindset of treating it as a genuine retreat, distinct from your regular personal development work. Establishing structure and guidelines will help you maximize the impact of your solo retreat. Treat this time as sacred and honour the commitment you’ve made to yourself. By setting boundaries and creating a framework for your retreat, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and gain profound insights and growth.

Defining The Workshops and Exercises

Now that you have planned the intention, time, and location, you can move on to defining the workshops or exercises for your retreat. These workshops should align with the purpose and intention you set earlier. For me, focusing on becoming the coolest person I know and developing a better relationship with myself, I planned a series of four workshops. Let’s dive into a couple of them as examples.

  1. The first workshop I conducted was a vision workshop. In this exercise, I took the time to reconnect with who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in the world. I explored my inspirations, identified my muse, and delved into what I truly desired. It was a selfish endeavour, permitting me to think solely about my dreams and aspirations. With the busyness of life, it’s easy to lose sight of our visions. This workshop allowed me to realign my actions and choices with my true desires.

  2. The second workshop was a releasing workshop. I created a cathartic session where I allowed myself to release any internal blockages that were hindering my progress toward my vision. I wrote down all the things that were making me angry, the triggers, and the thoughts I had been suppressing. This exercise helped me confront and let go of the negativity and limitations that were holding me back.

  3. After this cathartic release, I delved into a self-connection session. I chose to use tarot cards and journaling as tools for this workshop, but feel free to choose whatever method resonates with you. During this session, I spent about two hours with tarot cards, micro-dosing mushrooms, and a journal, seeking inner guidance and deepening my connection with myself. I asked questions, pulled on threads, and documented my insights, gaining a crystal-clear picture of the steps I needed to take to bring my vision to life.

  4. The fourth workshop involved creating a plan. This was a pivotal step in the integration period that followed my BTCPIK retreat. Taking the guidance I received during the self-connection session, I formulated clear action steps to implement beyond the retreat. It was about translating my newfound clarity into tangible actions that would propel me forward.

Once I completed all the workshops, I took a moment to sit outside and reflect on my experience. This reflection allowed me to summarize everything that had transpired, consolidate my learnings, and identify my biggest takeaways. Just as a retreat facilitator would ask for feedback at the end of a retreat, I did this exercise to anchor my insights and bring closure to the retreat experience.

The Integration

Lastly, I focused on integration—how to incorporate the retreat’s takeaways into my daily life. 

This step is crucial because a transformative retreat shouldn’t remain confined to a single experience but should permeate and inform our ongoing journey of self-development. I continued my practice of journaling and tarot, and most importantly, I started implementing the action steps I had identified during the fourth workshop. This integration process allowed me to bridge the retreat experience with my everyday life and make lasting changes.


Embarking on a self-love retreat is a powerful and unique way to kickstart your personal development journey. Embrace the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, let go of what no longer serves you, seek inner guidance, and take inspired action towards becoming the coolest person you know. Trust me, this self-love retreat will leave an indelible mark on your journey of personal growth.

Let’s recap the steps to create your transformative retreat:

  1. Set your intention: Define the purpose and focus of your retreat. What do you want to achieve or explore during this time? This intention will guide your entire experience.

  2. Determine the time and location: Carve out dedicated time in your schedule and commit to it. Treat it as a non-negotiable event that you’ve energetically paid for. Choose a location that allows you to immerse yourself in solitude and reflection.

  3. Plan your workshops: Consider the workshops or activities that align with your intention. Whether it’s journaling, meditation, creative expression, or any other practice, choose ex
    ercises that will help you achieve your desired outcome.

  4. Reflect on the experience: Set aside a period for reflection once your retreat is complete. Take the time to contemplate and consolidate your insights, learnings, and breakthroughs. This reflection will solidify the impact of your retreat.

  5. Plan for integration: As you reintegrate into your everyday life, ensure you have a plan to incorporate the lessons and experiences from your retreat. Create actionable steps to implement the insights gained and continue your personal growth journey.

By following these steps, your solo retreat will transform from just a fun afternoon into a life-changing experience. Remember, this is your opportunity to nurture yourself, deepen your connection with who you are, and create a positive shift in your life.



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