Attracting Next Level Wealth and Business Success with Kelly The Skin Queen

Kelly is an industry leader in the business and beauty space. She’s currently even opening her first physical in-person business called the Facial Bar – a boutique skin facial clinic. 

In this episode we talked about her growth, her journey, and the values & perspectives that have driven her success.

She has a way of both inspiring and motivating you while also keeping what it means to build an online business simple. So without further ado, let’s jump into this episode. 

I deserve to be well compensated for everything that I’ve learned and all the experience that I’ve gained to be able to help somebody else.


You need to know who your audience is through and through. For Kelly, this has been a two-prong approach:

1) Build Community

She has a Facebook group with nearly 4,000 beauty industry professionals. And the conversations that are generated in there every single day allow her to know exactly what her target audience is thinking, what they’re desiring, what their pain points are, and what they’re struggling with.

That is so important because when you’re creating content, if people are like, that’s me, or if they can relate to you, then you’re going to help build that know, like, and trust a lot quicker.

2) Be Human

“I see so many people try and be this unattainable expert. Why? Everybody’s magnificent, but connect with your audience. You’re just human. Be human. Chat to people.”

We are in a people business. And especially with what everything that you we do as coaches, as mentors, as course creators, it’s about changing behaviour. And you can only do that if you can really deeply connect with your audience. 

For long-term sustainability, accessibility is so important. Feeling as though your community is a part of the journey. It’s like they’re a silent investor. Involve them in the journey.

“When people say to me, I’m struggling with engagement, I look at their content and they’re talking at their clients, not with their community. There’s a huge like disparity there. Don’t talk at your clients, talk with your community.” 

Anyone can give four top tips on how to do X, Y, Z. Instead, build parasocial relationships.

Even though you can’t be connected individually to each person who is following you, they feel that connection with you, which then can be translated into different businesses.


“When I show up as my highest self and I’m posting that sort of content, I get more inquiries, I get more one-on-ones, I get more purchases. So I’ve really had to sit with what does my higher self look like? And really show up as that. In six months from now, what do I actually wanna be doing with my time every day? What does my day-to-day life look like? And then we’re actually going to be intentional with creating content around that.” 

There has to be a really nice blend between I’m just doing it for content, and I’m actually living it. You have to intentionally take that action and create that space and make that your life. If you don’t show up as your higher self, why would anybody wanna buy the transformation from you?

The goal at the end of the day is to be magnetic. And however that translates for you, when people get that attraction, it’s powerful to recognize where it’s coming from. What we’re trying to do is bring out our most attractive selves, and that will look different for every creator.

 [00:22:30] MONEY MINDSET

“For a long time I really had this limiting belief and I think it was brought on by the fact that a lot of my target audience are still working, are still servicing clients. And I felt really guilty for having an online business and making money so easily.

I heard something that then completely changed my mindset, and it’s that when women are compensated financially, no matter how much money they want, whether what 10 grand a month or whatever it is, they’re able to fill up their cup. And when you’re able to do that, you know you can get the blow dry, you can get your nails done, you can get your lashes done, you can dress the way that you want. You can look after yourself first so that you have an overflow to give to others.” 

When women are well compensated, we’re able to help others.

Whatever you’re saying is becoming true. Everybody has the power. We’ve got so many resources now. Anything is possible.

“I deserve to be well compensated for everything that I’ve learned and all the experience that I’ve gained to be able to help somebody else.”


“It’s taken a lot of work through abundance hypnotherapy, journaling and also just being aware.” 

Being able to call back your energy at the end of the day is a huge thing. Bringing it back into yourself. So you’ve got that sense of self, you’ve got that inner connection at the end of every single day, and then you’re almost starting the next day fresh.

What are the things you can do every single day to fill your cup?

You can’t pull from an empty cup. You can’t deal with a huge community if you’ve got an empty cup. Just doesn’t make sense.


“I think you need both. The way I operate my business now. I haven’t learned that just from another coach or another mentor or another course. I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned from everybody and found my own way to do it.” 

And then if somebody says, ‘this is how I do it’, I’m like, okay, that’s, that’s not right for me. That’s your intuition.” 

It requires being strong enough to understand that nobody’s doing it that way and doing it anyway. That comes with intuition. But you wouldn’t have gotten to that point without the influence from coaches, from mentors, from other people’s courses.

Learn how to do it, and then you figure out a way that works for you.

People are always looking for that magic hat, that magic code, the secret formula. But what worked for someone else in all likelihood won’t work for you because that “secret formula” was developed for that person, by the person.

You have to trust yourself and learn to trust your ideas.

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