How to Become Truly Creative and Authentic with Gabriella Rosie

If you’ve followed me for some time, you will know that I am obsessed with branding. I really am. I really like to help to reach inside my client’s hearts and pull out their individual mission and turn that into something that is palatable for their audience. 

I really like to help people conceptualize bringing their purpose to life in a very tangible way. The problem that I do face as a branding mentor, however, is that there is a lot of imitation within this space. People just don’t know how to inspire themselves. They absolutely struggle. 

So I sat down with one of the people that I consider to be one of the most creative in this industry. She’s an artist, she’s a mentor, she’s just all the things. 

I picked her brain about inspiration, about creativity, and about authenticity. She is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to artistic endeavors, and I thought that was the perfect person to empower you to get a little bolder, a little more rebellious in your creative endeavors, a little more unapologetic about bringing more you to the table.

Let’s jump into our chat.

If we want people to pay attention to us online, we have to be interesting, and to be interesting, we have to be interested in our own lives.


The idea of being creative and being fully expressed is something that is so attractive to everybody. We want to be able to be unique, have crystallized some kind of identity for ourselves or our way of expressing ourselves, but that’s really complicated to do. 

It’s so natural for people to follow people that inspire them or to take inspiration from people and essentially steal from people in order to learn. That is the beginning part of being creative. 

But the next layer that goes on from that, of being able to create your own way of doing things and, ultimately, stand out as an individual, comes from time – Time to get to know yourself, of trying out different things, of being okay failing, of missing the mark. 

And recognizing that it never ends. You are gonna stagnate and be bored of yourself. Creativity itself is such an active thing. Yeah. 

“The way I see it and the way I think we can help ourselves unlock their creativity is really by strengthening your relationship with yourself. Because [00:08:30] to express yourself, you’ve gotta know who you are. You’ve gotta know what things turn you on, what excites you. Giving yourself that permission to explore those things and then doing that develops your intuition. It becomes this intuitive thing.” 

That comes from getting to know yourself, being playful with it, and sharing things. 

[00:09:30] How do entrepreneurs break that barrier of fear? 

There’s some disconnect between I’m a serious business owner and I’m an artist, a creative. 

In terms of business space and how [00:10:00] to use creativity in growing a business or, more specifically, developing your own space in the market or a different way that you are seen, if you are just following a template that somebody’s always done, you are always gonna be a couple of steps behind them. Or you’re always [00:10:30] gonna be doing a version that’s not entirely you. You are not gonna be able to be fully excited by it ’cause it’s not the fullest version of what you are capable of creating. 

It has to come at every single level of really being clear on what it is that your message is, and who you are serving. From that place, you create opportunities for serving different people from different perspectives. 

We’re always gonna see how others do it and be inspired. That’s being inspired by life. 

“If anything, we should expand our scope of where we do that. Something I always tell my clients and especially my card creation course, don’t be looking at other decks. Why would you look in the deck marketplace for what kind of things you can create? It’s already done.” 

So if you’re a coach, don’t look at other coaches. Where can your inspiration come from? 

Look to the albums that you really like or book covers that you really like, instead of what’s the trend in your industry. Go where you’re getting your inspiration. Get it from what you really get excited by.

[00:14:00] WHERE TO START?

As entrepreneurs, it can feel really difficult to stay engaged with things outside of our business. We build our business to be such a big part of our life, and that expression outside of the business hasn’t been tapped into for such a long time.

This is such a common thing because it’s hard to get a business growing and to be at a point where it’s consistently profitable. 

“So much of what started out as my hobbies then transformed into the business. So then this outlet that was completely free of any monetization was then repurposed for the entirety of my business, and I realized I need to have things that have no intention of putting a price tag on or of succeeding at. Because then you get to really be playful with it.” 

Write a list of the things that you wanna try out and keep allowing yourself to regularly do it. 

Allows yourself to be expanding in your business and in your personal life. 

“If we want people to pay attention to us online, we have to be interesting, and to be interesting, we have to be interested in our own lives.” 

The best products are the ones developed out of the lifestyle that someone lives. And just like the true essence of why that product was brought to life. It’s really easy to see through the strategic development of something and when something has been developed purely from passion. 

We buy from people. We care about the person who’s made the thing, and that makes it more impactful. So to just be out here, like throwing courses together or throwing services together without taking into account who are you to say this? Why do you wanna say it? Why are you so excited to say it?  It’s not impactful.

People go through all of these challenges and create these incredible results for themselves and then keep it to themselves because it’s not “marketable” or “profitable.” So instead, they just go choose something that somebody else has had success doing. 

This needs to stop. We need your magic.

“The universe put all these little challenges in place so that you could become a life master [00:19:00] of this thing. And yet it’s so integrated, it’s so a part of you that it’s too obvious, so instead, you go struggle and try to do the other thing.” 

It’s impossible to know what business you’re actually building when you start the business. You can have an idea, but as you progress, and especially when you allow yourself to follow the things that naturally interest you, magic happens by accident.

“If you allow yourself to follow what naturally interests you, to make elements of it up from scratch, then I’ve got so much place to play in it because I let myself be guided to it.” 


Niching is for a very specific type of business. If you want to make one specific product, where you’re selling that thing over and over again, you’re showing up the same way every single day, then yes, niche. Absolutely. You are gonna have quicker success, probably more success, if you follow that route. 

But for 99% of people, even after they choose a niche, they’re not gonna stick to it. They’re gonna get bored and then pivot and then pick another niche and then get bored of it and pivot. You end up going around in circles. 

Whereas if you let yourself go a little bit slower
and truly figure out who you are and your own way of doing things, then you have so much more sustainability in your career.  

“The way most of us function is that we are interested in multiple different things. We’re excited by different ideas. And the idea of your personality as your niche like the way to go. There’s no 10-step quiz that’s gonna figure it out. It’s just time figures it out.” 


When it comes to creative mentorship, it’s important to consider the approach to creating or the approach to business rather than the creation itself. 

“When I’m thinking of the things I wanna create in my career on a bigger scale, it’s more ideologies or a way of looking at business and creating. And then I can look to people like Rick Rubin or Erica Badoo or Kanye West and think to myself, if I asked them these questions, if they were faced with a similar problem, what would their solution be? What would be their way of processing this?

They’re not just random people who I kind of like. They’re the people I would love creative approval from. They’re the people I look up to.”

Who is that person for you? In business OR in creativity?

Get curious about their values and their ethos. What would their approach be?

Anyone we look up to is because they show us part of ourselves. So it’s about being aware of that and asking yourself those questions. 


“The worst thing that you could do is just seek a mentor and be like, please give me guidance. Tell me every single thing that I could do.” 

That’s only gonna take you further away from where you really wanna go, which is understanding yourself. Really creating a business that you WANT to be running. 

Take the time to be introspective. This is essential to your creative journey.

Spend time with yourself, and get to know yourself. Otherwise, everything that you build on is irrelevant in so many ways – If it’s not built on how you wanna be spending your time. 

It’s all gonna come back to, how much do you know yourself? How much do you value yourself? 

Be in your life. Be in the world. 

“So much of when people feel stuck is because they’re doing the same fucking thing every day. Yeah. I can just like read a different type of thing or go to a different type of place or have a different conversation. Then there’s a new world of things available to you.” 

You are gonna outgrow aspects of your business, and that is a sign that you’re on the right track. Feeling stuck or feeling bored in life, in general, is a sign that you’ve outgrown something and you’re [00:36:00] seeking the next thing. So instead of feeling like you’ve stepped backward, trust that it just means that you’re onto the next. 

You’re available for something different. 

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