WTF is the Superconscious? Personal development is failing you with Jaimee Lee White

In this conversation, I sat down with Jamie Lee White, who is one of my incredible, incredible students, to talk all about what defines the “Superconscious.” Jamie’s work specializes in superconscious reprogramming. 

Now, when Jamie first came into my world and told me that this is what she does, I was astonished. First of all, the word super conscious is literally the coolest word that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. And two, I had never, ever, ever heard of the superconscious before. 

Through working with Jamie, I’ve gotten to learn more about what the superconscious is, and I’m so excited to be bringing you this episode today because I think this could be one of the most underrated personal development tools available – your pathway to true change.

the more you look for problems, the more you find, the more you get caught in this loop of fixing problems.

Remember, you are not a problem to fix.


Jamie, in her words, in “all of the things.” She’s a pharmacist, a mom, a wife. And she’s a master of the superconscious.  

“I’m obsessed with mindset and energetics – the woo-woo stuff, but in a non-woo-woo way.” 

Through her scientific approach to her work as a pharmacist, she is able to bring practicality to spirituality.

“Everything that I do is very rooted in science. It’s all actually backed up by scientific methods.”


“Your superconscious is more you than anything else. It’s your purest, highest, most unlimited self. It’s your intuition. It is your innate knowing, your innate power, your innate being.”

Everyone seems to know about the quantum field, the field of potential that’s all around us. The superconscious is our connection to that field. It’s our energetic field. 

It is where everything is stored. So we talk about the subconscious as being where all of our memories and beliefs and all of that are formed. And that’s true. But there is something that was here before our subconscious was even formed. In the womb, our subconscious wasn’t formed, but our superconscious was there. It’s our soul that predates us on this earth. 

You wanna go into past lives. Your superconscious was there with you. 

[10:11] Bridging the gap between superconscious and entrepreneurship

“The people that I learned this from are all therapists. They’re the people that have spent years and years and years in healing. Essentially they’re more 40 to 50-year-old men and women who already have established practices. They’re not online, they’re just using it with people in their offices and all of that.” 

When Jamie first launched into this whole world of online business, she was scared. “I literally hid behind a brand name. You would not see my face on my feed. I used stock images. I was so scared of being seen, of being heard of doing something different, and I could not get out of my own way.” 

Until she discovered, through a business coach, the power of a superconscious recode.

A superconscious recode is very much like hypnotherapy, or NLP is the easiest way to explain it in a way that most people would understand. But essentially, we are reprogramming the limiting beliefs, the resistance at the actual source. But the cool thing is you don’t have to know what the source is. 

Everything else in the personal development world can feel so heavy, processing emotions can feel heavy. Now, it’s not about bypassing emotions, it’s about believing you don’t need to sit in the heaviness to heal. We’re not broken. We don’t need to be fixed. We actually just need to decondition from all the shit that we’ve been conditioned through in our life. 

[14:00] The Negative Effects of The Digital Personal Development Space

Like the diet industry, the personal development industry has become a machine designed to keep you stuck. Because people profit from you remaining stuck.

People are constantly searching for problems. Or marketers are creating problems where there generally aren’t. 

It’s the problem-solving narrative: A loop where you start looking for problems, you bring up your problems, and then, because you don’t have the tools to move through it, you sit in it. You have to be able to then reprogram it to move through it.

There are people who are capitalizing on that by making all these outlandish claims that if you do X, y, z, spiritual intangible things, you’re gonna be able to make XXXXX$. 

It’s causing people to think, “oh, there’s something wrong with me.” 

Our mind is literally trained to look for danger, to look for reasoning. Your subconscious wants to understand everything. So if you are not seeing the success that you want to see in your business, if you are not having the results, your mind is gonna say:  “Okay, there’s something going on here that’s stopping me.” 

And then you see this problem-aware marketing that tells you that the reason you’re not at six or multi-six figures in your business is because you are not aligned with that energetic version of yourself. Then your brain goes, “great, there’s the answer that I’ve been looking!” 

But the truth is, as much as this marketing would have you believe otherwise, you are not the problem. The problem is the problem-solving mindset. The problem is that you’re always looking for problems to fix.

Then the more you look for problems, the more you find, the more you get caught in this loop of fixing problems.

Remember, you are not a problem to fix.

[20:27] My philosophy on all of this: Mindset & Strategy

We need to go back to basics. We’ve made it so messy. We’re so inundated with all of these different marketing messages that sit on both camps. There’s strategy marketing, and then there’s energetic marketing. And it’s all messy. There are 1,001 potential problems that you could have. 

“What I believe you need to do is come up with a very simple strategy, A strategy that if you are not taking action on it, you KNOW that you’re not taking action on it.” 

Create an undeniable strategy that you can absolutely pinpoint when you are procrastinating. And then, from there, ask yourself, why am I procrastinating? 

That is where mindset work should come into it. Do not break yourself to fix yourself when you actually have no idea what you’re doing. Because then, if you can ask yourself, why am I in resistance? Why am I procrastinating? That’s when we can start to pull on those tethers.
It all starts with the vision. It starts with where you are going. Instead of just dredging up and doing a whole heap of journal prompts in search of a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Start with the strategy. Yes. Start with figuring out exactly what it is that you need to do. And then, we can go into the mindset side.

[27:17] Embracing Duality

When you reach a certain level in your business, you have clients, you have people relying on you, you have team members now that need you to work, to be bringing money into your business so you can pay them. You can’t pull back. And it’s not about hustle, it’s just about the reality of being a business owner.

You can still be a boss and run a team. and then go home that night and have chronic cramps and want to burn everything to the gro
und. It’s about the duality of being able to balance being a boss and a human. 

We’ve all heard to “act as if.” But the reality is success, abundance, and wealth depend on what success, abundance, and wealth are to you. 

It all comes back to the vision. We all need to start really redefining what success means to us without outside influence.  

What does success really mean to you? Start with that. 

The whole notion of “act as if” is about quantum leap. It exists under the theory that everything exists in the quantum as energy. So every different version of you, the millionaire version, the poor version, the multi-eight-figure version of you, all exists in the quantum. And so you need to align with that version to bring it into your reality. 

The problem with this is that it then has you in this like loop of “fake it till you make it.” You’ve created this vision of what you think that looks like, and if your brain, if your subconscious, doesn’t feel safe with that, you’re gonna start acting as if being this version of you, and your subconscious is just going to go into a frenzy of red flags, And so that’s gonna keep you stuck in the loop.

Acting as if it does work if it makes you feel the thing. And that has to look like what it looks like for you without all of the external noise. 

Once you reach a certain level and you’re looking to scale to the next, once you’ve got the strategy work going and you know that things are popping up, you can start to just include this work in your weekly routine, fortnightly routine, whatever it looks like to you to be reprogramming these beliefs while you’re moving, while you’re taking action. 

So you are still building momentum, and you’re not coming up against yourself

[36:55] Finding Your Purpose

Ask yourself what your soul came to do and then truly commit to that. << This is where so many people have been tripped up. 

The superconscious recode is your highest self literally reprogramming yourself. 

We actually have three layers of consciousness. 

  1. The biggest outer layer is your consciousness. It’s what you are aware of. It’s that ego, the mind that you know, your identity, all of that. That’s what you’re consciously aware of. 

  2. Then you’ve got your subconscious. Think of it as a circle. Your subconscious is where your beliefs, your memories, your feelings, and all your emotions are stored. 

  3. And then right in the deepest center is the superconscious and that’s your innate being, your intuition, all of that, the thing that was there before you. So we can connect with that entity. That energy then recodes the subconscious, which then changes the consciousness. 

The problem with personal development is actually the seeking. We’re going outside of ourselves to look for all the answers. When we have everything here.

You’re peeling back the layers to your most authentic self. And the connection that you innately have. 

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