Asking Basic Questions to a Badass Spiritual Business BOSS (Ft Kylie Kato-Lagumbay)

I have been someone who has [00:02:00] bounced in and out of a spiritual space.

When I was younger, I was really quite interested in spirituality. I even remember one time when my mom took me to a fair where there was this Merlin and the Wizard scroll producing machine and even when I was that age, I was in awe of the mystical and magical. I loved witches and movies about witches and fairies and had such a wild imagination. But, then through my teenage years and early twenties that part of me seemed to have been simply lost, I just had no interest in it all. I didn’t think about it whatsoever. It’s only when I jumped back into the personal development space, probably in 2016, 2017 that I fully immersed myself in [00:03:00] spirituality.

I loved learning about the law of attraction, learning about manifestation. I did all the things – I bought the tarot cards and the crystals, had the readings, had the Reiki sessions and I enjoyed it, but then found myself really disassociating from the spiritual industry. 

I felt that I, myself, didn’t fit into the spiritual space the way in the way that people were teaching spirituality. Like I didn’t meet the prerequisites of what you had to do or who you had to be [00:03:30] to be considered spiritual or to be that spiritual archetype. It made me feel like I didn’t belong. And so as I started embracing myself more, as I started leaning into more of who I knew I was, I found myself moving further and further away from the spiritual space.

And so I really cherish the conversation that I had here on the podcast with Kylie because Kylie has taught me that spirituality doesn’t just have to have one look. That’s what this conversation was about. It’s me asking dumb questions to a badass spiritual teacher. 

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“Everything is gonna be okay, I’m guided. but, I have to do my part.”


For such a long time, I’ve been disconnected from my own spiritual practice. You know, I’ve definitely dipped [00:09:30] in and out of it over the years. And it just has been recently that I’ve had this yearning for something else, just something else to connect to, something else to put a bit of a relationship into. It’s really hard for me to kind of articulate the way that I feel, but in the simplest terms, it’s just like that yearning for spirituality in my own way. 

When I first started posting on social media, it came so easy for me. It was very flowy because I came from a place of fun and a place of what I did in my own practice. [00:10:30] But then as I kept going, I felt almost pressured to keep showing up and then I started showing up less. And I realized because I actually need to go back to my own practices because that’s what helps me show up when I’m living in my authentic practice when I’m actually doing the work I’m telling people, that’s when I actually have the motivation to show up and tell people, because when you’re doing it in your own life, you can’t help, but share it and want to share that information with others. 

We all know that energy is such a big part of the way that you show up on social media. You can have two identical people posting very similar content, have a very similar aesthetic or look to them. So there’s no kind of you know, internal biases or anything. That’s separating them. Like if you literally put two people side by side, they could have [00:11:30] very different results on social media. And the only thing that we can attribute it to necessarily is their energy and the way that they are showing up. 

I think that so many people are looking for a strategy for that. First of all, most people gear towards like the, I need better hashtags. I need better content. I need better lighting. I need a better camera. I need to do all the upgrades. And then maybe they start to think, well, no, I need to upgrade my mindset. And, and that’s definitely going more so in the right direction. When you are just living your life and you are using those practices that feel good for you, then creating from that space is so much easier. 

What do you like doing? 

What do you feel is your purpose? 

And this is a question that people get so hung up on. That question alone can be intimidating. It’s so hard when you’re growing up in a society where you’re kind of given what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to go to school, get a nine to five work, hard, go to work every day and then you kind of step back and ask yourself “what do I actually want to do?” That’s kind of where you need to start. What do you like doing every day? 

The intention behind a spiritual practice

It’s a matter of harnessing in the feelings of what feels good right now. What can you harness in right now? What steps can you take right now? Having that belief, that strong belief in yourself and in the possibilities. That’s spirituality. That strong belief in yourself, but also a belief in where you’re going. 

When it comes to spirituality, when people jump into it at first, it’s more so because of hope. People in this world want hope, especially right now with everything going on in the world. You want hope that there is out there and that there can be good in the world when you see so much bad. That’s what spirituality is, that there’s hope, that there’s guidance, that we’re never alone. 

It’s about harnessing the present. What can I do now? 

“I used to go to sleep, listening to YouTube videos, thinking it would get into my subconscious and that I’d be waking up and I’d be a whole new person, the whole quantum leap thing. Right. I was [00:21:00] thinking if I just have a podcast in my ear or a YouTube video in my ear, 24/7, it’s gotta stick. So it did. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I knew all the lists I had to do to-do lists, but I was never taking action. And it really just comes back to being present in the now what can I do right now? Not what do I need to accomplish in the future? What steps do I need to take right now to get to the future that connects you to self it connects you to your vision? 


When you’re trying to manifest something from a place of  “I need this” you’re gonna feel really bad when it doesn’t come into your life. The thing about journaling and about meditating is it’s not gonna work unless you have intention behind it. Everything is a feeling. So if you are writing down, “I’m abundant. I am abundant. I am abundant” but while you’re writing that down, you’re worrying about how you’re gonna make rent those words are not gonna mean anything to you. Your body’s not gonna process [00:24:30] it. And your body’s not gonna act on those words. 

Same thing for visualization. If you’re just sitting in silence, but you’re thinking of everything you need to do instead of what you wanna focus on. If there’s no intention behind it, it’s not going to work. The intention is the word here. It is the most important, and it needs to be done in everything that you desire to. If you do it with intention, your body will feel that your soul will feel that. And you will walk again with the intention that you’re setting. 

“It all comes back to the self, right? So what do we work towards in our life? It’s really just to feel content, to feel happy, cuz otherwise we’re always working [00:26:00] towards the next goal. It’s learning how to be happy in the now. So what is making me happy? How do I enjoy things?”

There’s no one way when it comes to manifestation, but one thing that always remains true: never get stuck on the how. 

Always have that bigger vision, but when it comes to the how, you have to be open. Otherwise, you’re thinking of one single path and all the other things that are coming in your mind is already saying, “no, don’t come to me that way because I already have an idea of how I wanted to come to me.” You’re not even opening up your mind or [00:29:30] your perspective to that possibility. 

It comes back to confidence and worthiness. A lot of us live with that worthiness wound that we don’t want to admit or not even are aware of.

When you are able to tap into that confidence within yourself, you are able to attract what you desire towards you.


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