How I ‘manifested’ my dream business, relationship and life (non-cringe and realistic)

I wanted to sit down and tell you about how I manifested my dream life without actually really liking the concept of manifestation. And I wanna talk about how I manifested not only my dream relationship but my dream apartment and success in my business, travelling overseas without actually really believing in manifestation or really intentionally trying to manifest. 

I wanna tell you exactly what I did that, upon reflection. Now I realize manifested these things into my life, but throughout this whole process for such a long time, I was really turned off manifestation. And to be honest thought it was kind of cringe.

Just to set the tone, let’s talk about specifically what I have manifested over the last year or so:

  • So I think the biggest thing is my relationship. You know, I ended a long-term relationship at the end of 2020. And during that process, I actually got really clear on what I wanted from my next partner. I wrote down things that honestly were so specific that there was a part of me that didn’t even think it was going to be a reality.

  • I manifested being able to travel to Europe.

  • I manifested my dream apartment.

  • I’ve manifested incredible success in my business, both financially and with the growth of my audience. 

So these are just some of the things that I have manifested into my life over the past let’s say couple of years, and it’s really mind-blowing to me that again, as they were happening, I didn’t necessarily think that I was intentionally manifesting them. But now that I reflect on what I did to get to that point, I see that there was an element of manifestation involved. 

The thing is, I have had such a rocky relationship with manifestation over the last couple of years. I got to the point where I thought the whole concept of manifestation was kind of cringe. There was a time that I was really into manifestation. I had the crystals, I went to the tarot cards readers, and I journaled my desires. But, over the years, my belief in manifestation has started to break down a little bit and it’s largely due to the way that it’s taught on the internet.

So many people are now manifestation experts because it is something that is not only unregulated, but it’s quite unmeasurable. I do see a lot of people who are manifestation experts who are teaching manifestation and because there’s so much conflicting information and pseudoscience when it comes to manifestation and it feels like a lot of people are reading a book or two on manifestation and then they, all of a sudden are manifesting experts. And it’s really hard to ascertain whether these people actually have skills in this particular area, because there is no tangible process when it comes to manifestation.

So let’s say someone says that they have this manifestation process and they’re teaching it to a bunch of people. There are so many variables that come into play. If someone does manifest something that was the manifestation teacher, the number one influence in that process or did it just happen. So I really got turned off specifically in the business industry, when a lot of these manifestation coaches started talking about, you know, just by investing, you’re gonna call things into your business. It’s just so unquantifiable that for such a long time, I got really turned off by a lot of it. 

**Now I wanna put a disclaimer here: I’m not saying that these people are intentionally trying to mislead people. I’m absolutely not saying that these people are bad. And I’m not saying that every manifestation coach or everyone who’s teaching manifestation is doing it wrong. There are some incredible teachers out there. Some of my clients that I’ve worked with blow my mind at the way that they’re able to get people to believe in themselves through the process of manifestation and therefore call things into their life, get clearer on what they want to do. The practices I’m currently working with a coach, Natalia Benson, who is amazing, and who has an element of manifestation and spiritual practices involved in the coaching she’s doing to help me build my business.

And, I have realized that unintentionally I was still manifesting things all along.

So what specifically did I do to manifest all of these incredible things when I wasn’t intentionally manifesting? 

There were two steps that I took upon reflection that I do believe helped me to pull in the huge financial growth that I had in my business and life: 
I wanna use my relationship as an example because that’s the one where it was most clear-cut. However, all of the other things I manifested did follow the same kind of trend. 

1. First thing I did was, I wrote a list. 
I wrote a list of what I want.

  • He is funny.

  • He can have good banter. 

  • He’s a good listener. 

  • He’s generally interested in me and my business. 

  • He makes time for me, wants to surprise me. 

  • He loves to travel, eat good food. 

  • He rides motorbikes. 

  • He loves to work out and go on adventures. 

  • He’s done healing on himself. 

  • He has an accent.

  • He’s involved in business. 

  • He loves animals. 

  • He’s family orientated. 

  • He’s a people person. 

  • He loves music. 

  • He wants to squeeze everything out of life. 

  • He’s creative. 

I wrote down that list. And then I kind of just forgot about it. I got really specifically clear on what it is that I want and I didn’t sit there every single day, reading the list, hoping for the best. 

2. Working on feeling as though I deserved it
Getting clear by writing a list, just makes you hyper-aware of circumstances and opportunities that could lead you towards that particular thing. Or at least what it does is just put some non-negotiables or some standards in place. So you’re not willing to falter for the first thing that does come along.
And then the second part of that is like getting aligned with it, by feeling like that you believe it, you know, again, a big part of why for such a long time, I didn’t believe in manifestation was because to me it was so confusing.
A lot of people were saying, you have to “act as if” you have to pretend that you’ve already got it. But how can I trick my brain into pretending that I already have a relationship when clearly I’m going to bed alone? For me, it wasn’t about pretending that I already have it, but feeling as though I deserved that I could get it.

I worked on myself. I worked on the relationship with myself. I got to the point where I was like, I know what I want and I believe I can have it.

And I feel like those two are the biggest combination of what brought all of these manifestations into my life. And now I continue to practice throughout my new and improved manifestation process. But I kno
w what I want and I’m not willing to settle for anything else. Other than that, I’m patient in my pursuit of those things. So my brain knows what it is that it needs to look for, knows the opportunities, the conversations, the circumstances that it needs to be attracted towards because it knows what it wants. It’s clear on what I want and what we want and what my soul wants my body wants because I wrote it down. I wrote it down in a very simple list format. And then from there, the work that I did was yes, I’m taking action relative to the relationship. But the work that I was really doing was on feeling like I deserved it feeling like it was possible for me feeling like I could actually achieve these things in my life. 
And so I continue to do that work, whether it comes to business, I’m continuing to feel like I deserve the upgrades that I want with my audience and with my financial position in my business. But I’m really clear on what it actually looks like because I wrote down a simple list on my phone to begin. 
If you’re feeling confused, if you’re feeling lost, if you’re feeling frustrated by the whole concept of manifestation, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, but like the way that I approach everything, I approach business. I approach life. I like to simplify things. I like to cut out all of the unnecessary steps. I like to find the path of least resistance. And for me, just get clear on what you want and feel like you deserve it in whatever way that looks like for you. 

I believe that even when you are rejecting the concept of manifestation, those two energies are still gonna be in place to get you to what you want.


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