Upgrade Your Life In 6 Months #BTCPIK

Becoming The Coolest Person You Know isn’t a trend, it’s a philosophy. 

There are lots of different tools out there that you can use to develop yourself & upgrade your life and Becoming The Coolest Person You Know is one that resonated with me. It has really helped me to get to where I am. 

And when I started talking about it online at the beginning of the year, it happened to really resonate with a lot of other people too. However, I’m very aware of the fact that there are a lot of personal development tools and trends and concepts out there, which are projected onto the internet in a way where we understand the idea behind them. But I really don’t think there’s a solid blueprint for how to integrate that into our daily life. 

That blueprint is what makes Becoming The Coolest Person You Know a philosophy.

My goal today is really to take this whole BTCPIK philosophy and make it so foundational that no matter where you are in life, you can still use this to upgrade your experience. 

**To note: when I say “upgrade your life” I mean getting to that next step of wherever it is that you wanna be. Maybe you are ending a relationship and you wanna get to the point where you just feel satisfied and happy in yourself. Maybe you would like to just make some alterations to your health and your wellness so that you can focus more on feeling good and longevity. Maybe it is that you would like to start a new creative project, or maybe it is that you just wanna be happier.**

Upgrading your life is going to be so different for every single person. And ultimately it just means getting to that next step – whatever that looks like to you. Here are four steps that will really help you to integrate the Becoming The Coolest Person You Know philosophy into your daily life and into your routines so you can start to build up that momentum.


For anyone who is essentially at the beginning of this journey, you know, maybe you’ve gone through a hard time. Maybe you are just not feeling great about yourself. Maybe you’re feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start. The first place that I would say that you really wanna start is with dating yourself. So rather than necessarily trying to jump into the hobbies, trying to jump into the personal development work or the mindset shifts or anything else that we’ve spoken about in the series, take some time to actually date yourself.

Take some time to get to know yourself again, take some time to ask yourself things like, who am I? why should I be proud of myself? What do I like? This may involve you taking a little bit of time away from social media, and doing a little social media detox. Maybe taking yourself on some dates – This can be both a challenging and profound experience in and of itself. Going to a restaurant by yourself and just sitting there and being with yourself like that really is the first step in becoming the cause person is ultimately learning to be okay in your own company.

It’s not about going from low-point to feeling the best you’ve ever felt. That’s an extremely difficult feat. Instead, you’re doing all these things to get back to neutrality. Maybe you spend a week, maybe you need a month. It’s going to completely depend on your current circumstances. But the goal of this is to get yourself back to a state of peace, not a state of “I’m smashing it.” Maybe, for you, it’s more about getting to know yourself. But the first step is just getting yourself to a place of being at peace with yourself.

Get yourself to that state of neutrality, get yourself to that state of safe, like feeling safe within yourself, trusting yourself, and having that relationship with yourself.


This is so important for any personal development practice. And again, I feel like a lot of the stuff that I learn in books and on YouTube tells you what to do, and it’s amazing. And you may have this awesome planning session, but then we always close the book and go back to the autopilot of life. What has helped me with Becoming The Coolest Person You Know is reminding myself every single day to become the coolest person I know. Both to reflect on me, to spend time with myself, but then also to then start integrating that inspiration, whether it be through style, whether it be through my hobbies or the work that I do.

It’s so easy to just get swept up with how busy life is, our responsibilities, and our traditional patterns of behaviour. Every single day you might just wake up and jump on social media. And I’m not one of those 5:00 AM club people saying that’s gonna ruin your life. However, it obviously does have an implication on the way that we feel about ourselves when the first thing that we are looking at is how amazing everybody else’s life is before checking in with how we actually feel inside. 

And so the daily integration piece is so, so, so important. Have things to remind yourself of your pursuit, of becoming the coolest person YOU know.


Use the Becoming The Coolest Person You Know tools that you have available to bounce back. Because, here’s the thing, growth and success, and Becoming The Coolest Person You Know it’s not this beautiful linear, like I’m gonna go straight up and I’m gonna have success my whole entire life. Life’s gonna throw challenges at you. 

Using the tools that you have available, knowing what those tools are, knowing the most potent things that bring you back into being the coolest person, make you feel at peace within yourself, remind you of that respect for yourself, that admiration for yourself. Because it’s so easy when you’re going through it to forget.

Whether it’s a relationship struggle, a business struggle, or a health struggle, it’s so easy to get into that mindset of: I suck. Nothing good is ever gonna happen to me again. But it really is about reminding yourself that who you are right now, whether you’re going through a struggle or whether you are on the pursuit of success, is perfect. And so those things that bring us back to ourselves are really important tools for bouncing back in any circumstance. So for me, my bounce-back routine are things like dressing in a particular way. That makes me feel amazing. Listening to music. Now, write down one for yourself.


The final thing is just making sure that you are regularly reflecting on your progress. So if you are using the Becoming The Coolest Person You Know philosophy to get yourself out of a bit of a state of struggle, or if you are using it to build the confidence that you need to pursue goals, be sure to regularly reflecting on how far you’ve actually come. 

We’re so quick to take the power away from ourselves. We’re so quick to say that like, “oh, it wasn’t actually me that got me to this particular point.” Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was the algorithm. But going back and actually reflecting on all that you’ve done is going to refill your self-love fuel tank. The more fuel that you have, the more power you actually have in yourself.


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