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What we’re gonna be diving into today is the topic of money. More specifically, talking about some of my I guess you could say struggles with money. 

I’m a mentor here online, but I’m also a human being, which means I myself still go through my own struggles. I still go through mindset blocks and limitations. And I feel that a lot of the mentors who get to a certain level feel as though they can’t share those because they need to be seen as not having it all together necessarily, but they need to be seen at some level of expertise.

And I really appreciate it for those mentors that I follow that do share the struggles that they’re going through, do share the limitations that they’re facing. 

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“A lot of people felt like I was turning my back on my industry. And honestly, if I reflect on it, I kind of was. It was a very weak move of mine. And I see that now.”

A little while ago I put out a podcast entitled My Biggest Fear In Business…

In that episode, I communicated that I was really struggling with money being at the centre of my industry. I was really struggling with the fact that most people’s marketing was based around money. I was really struggling because it felt like most people wanted to start businesses just to make money. And that is essentially what was happening. One person learned how to make money, to teach another person to learn how to make money, to teach another person to learn how to make money. And it just felt really sticky and icky to me. And so this for me, brought up a lot of fear and insecurity. It dug up a lot of my own fears around money.

And I really got myself to a position where I rejected it all. 

I’ve never been someone who’s been motivated by money. My number one priority for both myself and for my audience is freedom, but the reality is money brings freedom. 

When I first released that episode, a lot of people empathized with me. They understood where I was coming from. They understood where I was coming from, but actually, the majority of people who responded didn’t agree with what I was saying. And that was really shocking to me. 

More specifically, many people reached out to me and were sort of disappointed in the fact that it felt like I was giving up. Many people reached out to me and communicated with me that they appreciated the example I was giving of how you can make a crap ton of money with an online business, WHILE doing it from a heart-centred place. You can do it from a place of focusing on freedom, focusing on integrity, focusing on values. 

A lot of people felt like I was turning my back on my industry. And honestly, if I reflect on it, I kind of was. It was a very weak move of mine. And I see that now. 

Through a lot of those conversations, I realized that rather than staying in the game, rather than trying to change the narrative, I was willing to just walk away. Rather than showing up and empowering people to make money from a different perspective, from the perspective of when heart-centered mission-driven women have money, not only can they live this incredibly free and rich and full life, that just expands them to a point where they are such an inspiration for so many people, while also having the platform, having the resources to make true change in this world. Rather than that being my focus, I was like, nah, there’s bad people in this industry and I don’t wanna play anymore. 

The two primary reasons why people start a business

The two primary reasons why people start a business is because they wanna help people. And in the meantime they wanna make money. People want to make money a because they wanna live an incredible life themselves and use that money to continue to grow their business and to continue to reach more people. 

Those who are thriving in my industry, those who are making the most impact are those who focus on talking about money. It’s just the way that it is. Those who empower people to make more money are the ones who have the bigger businesses, who are able to reach more people, who are able to impact more people, coach more people, mentor more people, help more people. Those whose marketing is centred around making money.

Everyone wants and needs to make money. Even me. I want money to help myself live an incredible life. I’m gonna lead with that. I wanna do all these things. I wouldn’t be able to do all my hobbies, travel, do all the things that are important to me, if I didn’t have money. I wouldn’t be able to help my family. If I didn’t have money, I wouldn’t be able to be as generous as I can be in my business if I didn’t have money or if I wasn’t making the income that I’m making in my business.

I started feeling a little bit shameful about money and that was my own insecurity. That was my own limiting belief. I even stopped sharing my lifestyle a little bit. But, I’m inspired when I see people sharing their financial wins when they’re coming from integrity. So why wouldn’t others be inspired when I did the same?

I am doing the work to try embrace the marketing and the terminology and the leading with wealth creation. Embracing the fact that people wanna make money and so if I can show them that they can make money, and I can give them an extraordinary experience because that’s what I’m good at. I know that I have the experience, I have the knowledge and I have the heart to really mentor people. But like, none of that’s worth it if I’m not capturing people’s attention. 

If it’s the choice of “should I work with a mentor that’s like gonna do all of the things” or “should I work with the mentor that’s gonna teach me how to make $10,000 months?”

Most people are gonna go for the, I’m gonna show people how to make the $10,000 months. 

Why can’t it be both?

But why can’t it be both? Why shouldn’t I do that?

So this is what I did. I decided to go on my own money healing journey. I decided to hire a money specific mentor. Because I think money and struggling with the integrity behind money has probably been my biggest limitation in business. It really has.

I know that the reason why I’m not further is because of money and my relationship to money. 

I’ve hired money mentors 2 other times in my career and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t have time, freedom and financial freedom. And so this is what I want for people. 

I want you to be able to pursue hobbies because you have the time.

I want you to be able to travel and experience the world because you have the money. 

I want you to be able to help your family or spend more time with them because you have both the money and the time.

I want you to be able to have a voice. 

I want you to be able to make an impact.

I want more people with depth and integrity and passion and love to be the wealthiest in the world. And I know they’re out there. I know you are one of those people. You probably wouldn’t be in this.

You’re here because you want to have a life of fun of freedom. So let’s do both. All right. 

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