[Pt. 2] How to get Inspired to Upgrade your Life and Become More Confident

I know you’ve probably tried to change your life in the past, but this is really going to be a foolproof plan about how to actually slowly but surely build that confidence that you need to change your life and become the coolest person you know. 

In this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you how to actually find the inspiration and the action step that you need to build confidence so that you can finally change your life. 

Sometimes when we start trying to take positive steps towards change or bettering ourselves, it can be really difficult to know exactly where to start or what to do. And the issue is that what most people actually end up doing is start looking outside of themselves. 

Have you ever been in a position before where you’ve decided that you wanna start making positive changes, you wanna start moving towards a better life and the first thing that you do is you go to YouTube or to TikTok and have everybody else dictate to you what it is that you need to do to live a good life? 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired. The issue is that because so many of us don’t have a practice of connecting with ourselves, that we think that when we see somebody else thriving, whether it be with their health or with their business or with their relationship or with their life, that we need to emulate all of the things that they’re doing in order to achieve those results for ourselves. 

This totally disregards the fact that we are all so unique and different, and that in order for us to really build a better relationship with ourselves so that we can build confidence and upgrade our life, the first place that we should be looking is actually within. 

I’m gonna be doing is giving you five simple steps to start connecting with your own internal inspiration so that you can upgrade your life and become the coolest person you know.

1) Let go of the idea that there is an exact blueprint for your own personal success

So the first thing that you need to do in order to actually find the inspiration, the action plan that you need to become the coolest person, you know, and to change your life is that you need to let go of the idea that there is an exact blueprint for your own personal success journey. 

This is something that actually got me tripped up for a long time when I was starting my business. And I obviously wanted to grow, make more money, have a bigger impact and develop myself as a person. 

All I ever wanted to do was find someone that could tell me exactly what I needed to do, but the reality is that there is nobody out there with your own personal life story or circumstances. Whilst yes, it’s incredible to take inspiration from the world around us, the idea that there is somebody out there on TikTok or on YouTube that you can exactly emulate in order to achieve whatever results that they are experiencing in their life is actually going to keep you stuck. 

We have to recognize, first of all, that we are so incredibly individual and the pursuit of actually changing your life is not about finding the perfect blueprint for success, but rather about slowly but surely building your own blueprint by connecting through yourself within. Honestly, it seems ridiculous, but for such a long time, when I was becoming the coolest person I know, and then I was on this self-love journey. 

I know a lot of people out there say things like success, leaves clues, and all you need to do is find someone who’s got what you want and then reverse engineer exactly what they’ve done. I think it’s more about finding little pieces of inspiration from every single person and creating your own unique recipe.

2) Connect with yourself

I know you are of an age where you have some life experience already. I am guessing that you weren’t born yesterday. We have to, first of all, start connecting with ourselves. 

Remember the concept of changing your life really comes down to building a better relationship with yourself, becoming proud of yourself, respecting yourself, and building the confidence that you need to take action. 

The first place that you should be looking to cement this confidence journey is your own story. 

I want you to grab out a pen and paper, and I want you to spend some time, maybe do a little digital detox. And then I want you to spend some time actually reflecting on all of the awesome stuff that you have already done in your life. All of the challenges that you’ve been through, all of the cool things that you’ve done. 

I want you to ask yourself the question:

  • When in my life have I felt the coolest? 

  • When in my life have I felt most connected to myself? 

  • What challenges have I been through and overcome? 

  • And what lessons did I learn from these challenges? 

We have such a debilitating need to compare ourselves to other people. You know, we’re always looking for things to confirm our limiting beliefs about ourselves. What we need to start doing to combat this is to really start thinking about how cool we already becoming the coolest person you know isn’t about changing everything about who you are. Yes. There are opportunities to try and explore new things, but really it’s about recognizing that you are already the coolest person you know.  You already have within you, the confidence and the self-love and the self-respect you need.

3) Inner child Connection Exercise

Now I know a lot of spirituality will talk about connecting to the inner child for the sense of healing any past traumas or confidence issues or limiting beliefs that were developed in those early stages of our life. 

I like to come at it from a little bit of a different perspective. I had mentioned before that one of the biggest issues with getting inspired to change your life is that it’s so easy to just go on Pinterest, go on TikTok, go on YouTube and see what everybody else is doing. 

What I want you to actually do is I want you to connect back to yourself when you were a child. And specifically, what you’re trying to do is start to think about those earliest sources of inspiration.

They say that our brain is in its most developmental stage from the ages of zero to seven. And that actually means that not only, yes, you may have picked up some limiting beliefs that you need to work on as an adult, but also it holds the key to your own personal, true source of inspiration and how to live your life. 

I feel like your blueprint for yourself to not only heal but to thrive is actually developed in those early stages of life. And so in this exercise, what you wanna do is you wanna sit down and you wanna try to spend some time reflecting on who inspired you as a child? Not who’s influencing you as an adult, but who, and what inspired you as a child? 

When I did this exercise a while back, it was so incredibly profound, but because I actually realized that I got really inspired by very strong female characters in movies. I started to think about the movies that I really, really can remember having profound experiences with. Specifically one for me was Mulan. I loved that movie so much. I watched it so many times as a child. 

So when I was doing this exercise, I started to ask myself, what was it about Mulan that really inspired me? I realized there was something within these really powerful female roles that were calling my name. 

And so I started to explore that a little bit further, and I realized that there were things that I could do to feel stronger and more secure in myself as an adult to feel like more of a badass like these women were that were inspiring me as a child. And of course, the first thing that I realized that they all had in common was martial arts. They were all skilled or became skilled in some form of martial arts. And so that for me, was an indication that this is something that I should be trying. 

I want you to connect back with the characteristics of the people who inspired you: 

  • What did they do? 

  • Why did they inspire you? 

Start making a list.

4) Start collecting a big ass list of characteristics, hobbies, activities, & styles of the people that inspired you at those earlier stages of life. 

Just really start thinking about the energies of what the things were that inspired you and start to try to brainstorm a list of characteristics, hobbies, and styles that are really going to make you feel like you are the most badass version of yourself if you were to start implementing them into your life. 

5) Create a visual representation of all of this

My favorite place to go is Pinterest. We don’t wanna have Pinterest dictate to us what we need to do. We want to tell Pinterest what it is that we are trying to create. So you wanna do all of those other exercises first and then you wanna start creating a visual representation for yourself. 

This might be putting together some type of vibey life board, or if you’re a bit more creative and artistic, you can print the things out and create yourself a little bit of a vision board. We’re not really trying to connect with what we want to achieve. 

It’s not about all the goals that we wanna achieve or the places we wanna travel to. It’s more about the energies which we want to embody so that we can feel like we are the coolest people that we know. 

So start putting together a visual representation of the things that you pulled out of the previous exercises. This could be life aesthetics. This could be styles. These could be hobbies. These could be personal characteristics. Anything that really, really inspires you that you think is cool. 

Really what we’re trying to do here with this becoming the coolest person I know challenge is to just reject all of society’s standards of what success looks like, of what a good life looks like, of what health looks like, of what business success looks like. And start to create our own personal roadmap towards what is going to feel good for us in our lives. What is going to make us feel like we are the coolest people we know so that we can build that really strong internal sense of self-confidence? We can build a better relationship with ourselves, have more self-respect, and have the courage, to take the action toward everything that is that we want to achieve. So that is it for this video, it’s all about getting inspired to become the coolest person, you know, by connecting to yourself, by connecting to your inner child, by rejecting what the internet is telling you, you need to do.


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