[Pt.1] How to Become the Coolest Person You Know

This video is going to be the video that finally teaches you how to become the coolest person you know.

What the heck do I actually mean by this?

This is a concept that I actually started speaking about at the beginning of the year on my Instagram.

And I’ve been overwhelmed with the response and feedback at how many people actually love this idea. 

So what is becoming the coolest person I know? Becoming the coolest person I know or #BTCPIK really is about building a better relationship with yourself. Now I know, I know, I know there’s like a thousand videos online, all about self-love and self-care. But honestly, me personally, I don’t resonate with alot of these. I feel like self-love, and self-care have become the process of chasing some kind of idealized aesthetic. Versus actually doing the inner work to build a better relationship with yourself. 

What BTCPIK is or becoming the cool person I know is really about redefining your own version of self-love self-respect, self-admiration, and therefore self-care. It is really turning up the dial of that relationship that you have with yourself, not just going through the process or the motions of trying to do self-love in a way that is going to look good for Instagram or Pinterest but actually really getting yourself to the point, where you like yourself, you are proud of yourself and therefore you respect yourself. 

Because honestly, when you start to respect yourself, everything in your life will change. 

You will take better care of yourself. You will stand up for yourself. You have better boundaries. You will stick to the promises that you make for yourself. And you will be able to just ever so slowly push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go for the things that you know, deep inside are going to make up the ideal life for you. 

So becoming the coolest person I know is really about redefining success, redefining happiness, redefining self-love and redefining self-care. If I could explain it in its most simple terms, it really is about becoming your own best friend. 

When you have a best friend and you really love that person, you probably look at them like they are the coolest person that, you know, you admire them. You think they’re hot. You think they’re amazing. You champion them in everything that they do. And you’re there for them when maybe they make a mistake or they just need someone to care for them. 

It’s about building that kind of love and respect and relationship with ourselves. And a big key to this movement or this challenge is the self-admiration piece. Why we don’t have respect for ourselves and therefore care for ourselves in the way that we should, like we would, our best friend is because we don’t admire ourselves. And so becoming the coolest person you know, is about defining what “cool” means to you. 

And I just wanna interject here and say that there is no idealized version of cool taking back the word, cool. Not making it aesthetic, not making it a style, not making it a trend, but making it more about what is cool to you.

What do you admire in human beings, characteristics, traits, and hobbies? Really defining what is cool for you and becoming that person or recognizing that you already are that person so that you can start admiring yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself and hashtag living your best life, which I know is so cliche to say, but isn’t that the pursuit of what we’re all trying to do here. 

I also wanna talk about what BTCPIK is not another trend, like the main character trend or the that girl trend. I feel like a lot of the time it puts more pressure on people to step outside of themselves and achieve the Internet’s aesthetic version of what being productive and being healthy and having a good relationship with yourself looks like.


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