How to Become The coolest Person You Know (#BTCPIK)

Becoming The Coolest Person I know is something that I thought a lot about before I decided to make it a trend on the internet 😉 It’s something I really wanted to create as a part of this community. 

It’s an energy, a vibe…

A mantra. 

It’s a collective mantra that all of us can start using to really just step into that main character energy, to step into that best version of ourselves, to really start loving ourselves and building our self-confidence. 

Because that ultimately is what it’s all about. Right?

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“I was so afraid that showing up as who I was, was going to be a detriment to the success of my business but, in fact, it was the thing that actually enhanced it.”

It all started with the word COOL.

Using the word cool is kind of so uncool that it therefore then becomes cool. But when I started reflecting on the growth journey that I have been on for probably the last couple of years, actually getting to that point where I see myself as being cool is the thing that has ultimately led to so much of my success. (I actually teach this specific thing in module one of influencer vibes. Just saying.)

When I was a kid, cool person energy was the thing that I idolized most. So, this year, as I began really reflecting on the person I wanted to become, I started to really think about actual main characters that I idolized as a child (instead of the Instagram accounts we like to compare ourselves to.)

I asked myself:

  • What aspects and characteristics of those people can you start bringing into your own life? 

  • When you were a child, who did you think was cool? 

  • Who did you idolize? 

  • What are the main character energies that actually feel cool to you? 

And from there this whole concept of becoming the coolest person that you know was born.  

We’re taking the “main character” content we see a lot of these days and flipping it on its head. Because when I look at a lot of the main character content, it’s about travelling, eating avocado toast, working out…

There are almost guidelines.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of becoming the best version of yourself, but it’s important that we remember that for every single person, it looks different, right? 

Every single person’s main character energy is going to look different. 

And so what I wanted to do with #BTCPIK is ultimately redefine everything that you’ve seen on the internet about being the main character. It’s time to define it for yourself.

What Led Me Here 

I really lost a lot of my confidence in my business & in my life a couple of years ago. The thing for me that brought me out of that funk was reconnecting back with the things that I thought were the coolest things that a person could do. And again, this is going to look different for everyone. 

For me, it was motorbike riding, starting martial arts, and honouring my style in the way that I dress. If you go back to my content, specifically on YouTube, maybe in 2017, 2018 it’s incredibly clear that I wasn’t honouring myself. If you look on my Facebook page when I was in my early 20s, I’m dressed incredibly similar to how I dress today. It’s how I used to dress. 

It’s about honouring my own personal style, honouring the way that I speak, honouring the things that I thought was cool or the hobbies that I wanted to try, the person that I wanted to be even. Just totally, totally honouring who you are. What you feel is cool for you. Because that’s how you embody the aspects and elements that you idolize not just in other people but in yourself. 

And so becoming the coolest person you know really is about first of all figuring out what is cool to you. Not what’s cool to the internet, not what’s cool to Tik Tok, not to the other person who has the same kind of business as you. 

Modelling someone else’s version of personal success is only going to get you so far. I got to a point where I was successful in business, but I had no idea who the fuck I was. And then it was about regaining my confidence, just connecting back to who I was. 

I was so afraid that showing up as who I was, was going to be a detriment to the success of my business but, in fact, it was the thing that actually enhanced it.

You Can Be The Inspiration You’re Seeking

There’s nothing wrong with finding people who you kind of aspire to. Who you take aspects and elements from and allow that to fuel your realm of possibility, of what’s available to you. But for such a long time, I searched for someone doing what I want to do, the way I wanted to do it. 

Until I realized…“You’ve got to be that person.” 

You have to be that example for other people because what you’re looking for doesn’t exist. And I’ve had so many conversations with other people in my community where I’ve said the exact same thing to them.

Being cool is taking 100% responsibility, accountability and ownership for what feels good for you in your life and totally pursuing whatever you want, in your work and in your life.

You get the be the person that inspires your success, the person who does it first. It doesn’t have to exist for you to be it.

Start with this exercise: 

  1. Brainstorm what is cool to you, and who is cool to you. Think of your favourite movie badasses, the people in your life, your favourite artist.

  2. Break down exactly what it is about their cool factor that you admire so much.

  3. Determine how you can actually inject those into your life.  You can’t just have this list of things that you think are cool and then just go off and live exactly as you’ve been living. That’s just not how you’re going to change your life.

It could be anything. It could be gardening, it could be cooking, it could be sewing, it could be going shopping, and loving fashion and styling. That’s fucking cool. Going and tending to your own garden and picking your own herbs and creating recipes out of things that you have made yourself. That is fucking cool. If you want to turn around and you want to be a dressmaker that is fucking cool. It’s about owning it. It’s about owning those aspects and elements that you think are the coolest things in the world. 

And the more that you build out your coolness or your personality, or the aspects that make you feel cool, the less you worry about judgment. The cooler you think you are, the less you actually care about other people judging you or what they think of you. So you begin to do things and be things just because you want to. And so the cycle continues.

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