If it Doesn’t exist, Create it… Be your OWN Inspiration

Learning from other people is something that is incredibly important as an entrepreneur. 

Now the thing is, [00:03:00] quite often this leaves people stuck because they wanna create something that is unique, but also they’re looking for somebody else to guide them to do so. I wanted to talk a little bit about this because I was [00:03:30] doing this exact thing. And I didn’t realize it. 

I am always talking about embracing uniqueness and building your relationship with yourself so that you can go out there and be unique online. And a lot of this has come from me recognizing that what I want to create doesn’t actually exist.

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“The number one thing you need to do is create the content that you wish you could consume yourself.”

is this what I’m looking for?

I got stuck for such a long time, looking for a business coach, a business [00:04:00] mentor who was cool, who was out there, who loved to go and chase all of these hobbies, who I considered to be badass. Basically, I was looking for somebody to show me how to be myself. I was looking for someone who was going to [00:04:30] dictate how I should show up and be myself. I was looking for someone to show me all the gaps in the creative industry that I was looking for and craving for myself. 

I was looking for it outside myself instead of just recognizing that it is more of an opportunity for me to create it myself. I was supposed to be the one that actually did it. I was supposed to be the one that created and filled those gaps that I [00:05:30] was craving in what I was consuming online. I was the one that was supposed to be that inspiration. And I had to just learn how to be that inspiration for myself first so that therefore I could be the inspiration for those other people that were also craving seeing something different in the online space. 

The number one thing you need to do is create the content that you wish you could consume yourself. 

If you are getting stuck at this particular point in time with your content creation, because what you wanna create doesn’t exist or a version of what you wanna create doesn’t exist. And you’re also getting cluck stuck on the concept of like, is this going to resonate? How do I be more specific? Am I niche enough? Blah, blah, blah. I guarantee the [00:07:00] one way to make your content as potent as you possibly can, as unique as you possibly can, is to ask yourself, is this what I would consume myself? 

Is this what I’m looking for? Is this the content that I feel like is missing? 

You know, when you step into that space of being totally unique to yourself and honouring yourself and trusting yourself that no matter what you feel like saying that it has its purpose in painting the overall picture of your brand. And when you can get to that space, that’s when you [00:07:30] do create something that people haven’t been seen before. And that does resonate with them on a much, much deeper level. 

But stop looking for somebody else to give you permission to do that. Because if they had figured it out already, then you’re not being totally authentic to yourself. You’re not being unique to yourself. You’re just following in somebody else’s footsteps. And I get it. It can be totally scary territory to be out there and to be kind of like paving the way if you will. But at the end of the day, like can’t mess [00:08:00] it up. You really can’t mess it up. 

When it comes to social media, people are so worried about saying the wrong thing or it not being specific enough, or my messaging is off or any of this kind of stuff. But like as long as you’re not being hurtful to other people, of course, we’re not having that conversation. But as long as you’re not being hurtful, you can’t get it wrong. That’s the thing. And that’s the thing you have to learn about when it comes to trusting your intuition and creating something that feels unique to you. 

What’s not there?

Look at the content that is within your niche. Look at the creators that are there, look at the people who are posting. What about their content is missing? What are you not enjoying? 

I know for me, a lot of the business coaches, really do emphasize wealth being [00:09:30] the most important part of building an online business. And like, that’s just not a vibe for me. I fell into that trap of thinking that wealth was the most important thing and showcasing your wealth was the most important thing. 

I really did fall into the trap of thinking that if people didn’t think I was rich, then they weren’t gonna trust me or they weren’t gonna wanna buy from me. But, I got to the point where I realised “this stuff isn’t making me happy and it’s really not contributing to me feeling successful either.” 

I started this business because I literally just wanted to manage my own time. Obviously, I wanna impact people and help people. But at the end of the day, I never got a job after graduating uni. Cuz I literally didn’t wanna catch a train into an office and sit by somebody else’s rules all day long. I just wanted to do my own thing. Whether that was to be creative. 

I wanted to do something online. Yeah, sure. There were all these aspects and elements, but at the end of the day, I just wanted to be free. I wanted to be time free. I wanted to do what I wanted whenever I wanted. And so falling into this [00:10:30] whole, like you have to be successful and you have to be rich in order to be seen as successful. Like it never felt right for me. And so the, that was one of the gaps that I identified. Where are the people just having fun? You know, where are the people who are using their business success to just do whatever they want when they want to follow what feels good for them to be adventurous or to be embracing what their intuition is telling them they should do to spend their days. 

So start looking around your industry and asking yourself like, what am I missing? 

[00:11:00] Like what is missing from my own personal preference of consumption? What would I like to see? That can start being your blueprint or your roadmap for how to start creating a little bit more authentically. 

There is no perfect formula

I know it is scary. Like I really do understand that when you don’t have something that you already know is working for someone else navigating that territory without any kind of, I guess, guarantee that what you are creating and how you [00:11:30] wanna create is going to work can be very, very scary. It’s easy to have the perfect formula. It’s easy to have the perfect strategy. You know, someone come along and tells you to like create 30 reels a month, focusing very specifically on solving one specific problem and always film in the same spot and always use these hashtags. 

And if that’s worked for them, there’s not a guarantee, but there’s a chance that it might work for me, but navigating completely uncharted territories of creating something that you haven’t seen work for somebody else can be very, very scary. 

But this is generally where the best creation comes from. The best creation comes from people trusting themselves enough to try a different combination of things. I will say that I know that I don’t have the biggest audience, but I have an [00:12:30] extremely engaged community because the people that at it, like get where I’m coming from in terms of restructuring success, individuality, embracing things outside of just financial gain as a metric for business success, learning to love yourself by becoming the cause person, dancing, all of the things that I stand for, community, bringing people together, those who get it, they really, really, really do get it. 

And that’s why I’m able to ha
ve the success that I have with my business, because we almost [00:13:00] have this like really connected mentality amongst us, because it’s so unique to who I am, that there are other people that resonate with that on a deeper level. And because there are so few spaces that you can find this unique combination of things once they land and they feel at home in this community.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable because you know that there’s something else out there, you know, that there’s something else missed thing from your strategy, then you do have to be brave enough to go into those uncharted territories and to test and to try and experiment and have things fail and have to iterate and have to just keep moving forward without a gain that guarantees of this particular thing is going to work or has it’s before for anybody else. 

It’s okay not to have somebody show you the way and it’s okay to create or, to create that path that way yourself. It’s scary, nonetheless, but that’s ultimately where the magic is. 

If you don’t have that kind of like one success to model, then that’s probably a sign that all of the things you are and you want, and that you’re craving is the thing that you should be creating yourself. So figure out what you need. And that is ultimately a really good place to start. 

Recognize that your unique magnetism, everything that is made your up to who it is and who you are today is going to resonate with a particular group of people.

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