Adulting is hard when you’re a total boss (ft. Jolene Stahn)

Let’s talk about adulting, shall we?

Recently, I made some decisions about what my 2022 is going to look like and that has involved me taking some massive action now. Which has lead me to feel a little bit overwhelmed lately.

One of the reasons why it’s so, so, so important to love what you do and to have fun in business is because when you do go through periods where it is a little busier or you have to take bigger action, loving what you do is a big part of not getting super, super stressed out during that time. 

At the moment, I am much busier than normal in my business, but all of that stuff to me feels like heaven. I have so much fun when I’m doing all of that and taking all of that action. What actually gets me stressed more than anything is life and being an adult.

Who decided that being an adult had to have so many things that you needed to do and remember? 

The moments where I’ve felt the most stressed and the most overwhelmed in business is not necessarily because I’ve got a lot going on in the business side of things, but because I feel like my life is starting to slip away from me. 

So, I’ve decided it’s time to take my obsession with project management, time management and productivity and bring it into my life.

Wanna join? Here are 5 ways to better manage your life so that you don’t feel so stressed in business.

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Think organize, automate, delegate, or eliminate. 

1) Better Time Management

There are certain things that you need to do that are obviously going to create momentum in your business. These are called needle-moving activities. Anything that you would consider to be front-facing social media, launching products, or working with clients, that’s the stuff that you need to prioritize first. All of the other stuff is not going anywhere.

Changing your website, rewriting that email, all of this kind of busywork, that’s the stuff that should be done last. 

We should be prioritizing the business needle moving activities, first. Then we need to prioritize managing all of the life stuff, so we can keep our lives on track to avoid stress. And then all of the other little stuff can come in later. 

But what I see people doing is spending the time that they’ve allocated for working on their business, doing stuff that just doesn’t matter because ultimately they feel like if I feel like I’m taking action, then I feel like I should be getting results. When we know that a lot of this stuff unless it is front-facing, isn’t actually going to get you results anyway.

And what you’re doing is just wasting time, which is compounding the stress that is being accumulated by all of these other activities that you have in your life. 

Ultimately you need to have a scale of priorities. 

So when it comes to categorizing all the actions that you need to take, you need to have the priorities in your business, which are the needle moving activities, the priorities in your life, which are all the things that have deadlines, all the things that have social attachments to them.

2) Marry your calendar.

You have to get good at sitting down at the start of the week, planning your week out and just sticking to it. Honestly, I know it’s easier said than done because life is full of fires and distractions and things popping up all over the place. But I am so incredibly diligent with my calendar.

I promise you that the better you get at actually just putting things into your calendar and just sticking to what is on that calendar, the less stress you will experience in your life. 

You have to get really, really organized with your calendar and then go back to step one, which is obviously focusing on priorities and putting all of the big stuff that you need to do in business in daily. 

Whether that’s like allocating time every single day to show up on social media, whether that’s allocating time for project management, whether that’s allocating time for sales or for delivery, like whatever it is that you do in your business, prioritizing all of that. 

And then schedule whatever life tasks there are. There is something very satisfying about ticking things off in a to-do list format. And if you’ve got it in your calendar it is way less likely that you’ll let the little things slip away. 

3) Your Routines & Rituals

Have better routines and rituals in all of the primary areas of your life. 

Maybe you make it so that every single Saturday morning you have a half-day cleaning session or you build the habit that every single night before bed, you do the dishes or you take out the rubbish. 

Routines and rituals and like planning methods, other things that will not let these little things build up over time.

Maybe once a month you have an administration session. So maybe that looks like sitting down and doing all of your paperwork or paying bills or paying fines. 

Can you find an easier way? Can you get a meal prep service? Can you get a cleaning service? 

You want to think about organizing, automating, delegating, or eliminating. 

4) Take Control of Your Finances (ft. Jolene Stahn)

Jolene’s #1 tip when it comes to making managing your finances something you actually enjoy? Literally lose all conception of what you’ve been told.

Maybe you’ve been told that you need to hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle. That’s not going to make anything easy for you. Do yourself a favour and adopt the chill mindset. It is going to help you in so many different ways. And then from there I would really step back and ask yourself why you’re doing this.

Figure out what your big why is, and whether it is in alignment with what you’re doing right now? So yes, maybe you need to hustle a little bit or put some extra skin in the game, but when what you are doing is in alignment with your big vision, it is all going to feel so much more worthwhile.

Without the alignment piece, you’re really in a lack mindset and it’s not going to go well with your mind. Continuing that way is not helping you. It’s not doing you any benefits and making it easy.

Finding the systems that work for you is one thing that helps my clients skyrocket.

So if they have an easy system, that’s understandable that they enjoy doing that. Whether that’s like a spreadsheet or writing down your income every single day, writing down your vision every single day, that’s going to really help.


5) Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective on stuff. And I know this is easier said than done. Like I really, really, really do. But you have a choice right now. You can choose to let adulting ruin your day and remain stressed out by all the things that I have to do forever. 

Or you can realize that there’s always going to be stuff to do. There’s always going to be stuff on the to-do list. There’s always, there’s going to be periods of time where you are like a master grocery shopper and all the times where you have no food in your fridge.

But I think like trying as hard as you possibly can to realize that these ebbs and flows of productivity is just life and you can choose to let it stress you out. You can choose to let it overwhelm you. You can choose to think “I’m a failure, I’m off track.” Or you can just say, “okay, I’m just in a busy period of my life right now.” 

Just take action. Start chipping away at things. Be as grateful as you possibly can for even the opportunity to do all of this stuff.

Make sure to go check out Jolene. She has a lot of great resources on managing your finances and taking the overwhelm out of adulting.

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