Have more FUN in your business (Ft. Hayley June Lloyd)

Finding a way that works for you in a way that feels good for you. 

Small iterations to your strategy, small into iterations to the way that you approach content creation really can make the world of difference. And you know, that’s such a big part of what I speak about consistently when it comes to anything in business, not feeling like it has to look a certain way because somebody else is doing it that way or not feeling like it has to be a certain thing because that’s what is considered to be successful.

Trying to take what you can learn from what everybody else is doing and finding a way that works for you.

Embracing something that feels good for me is the way that I know that I’m going to stay consistent.

Whatever it is that you are trying to do, if there’s resistance towards something and the resistance isn’t coming from fear, rather apathy, because you just have this like meh kind of attitude, that means that there is a better way for you to do it. That means that there is a path of lesser resistance and more joy and more engagement. That’s just going to make it 10 times easier for you. 

Finding ways that feel good for you just takes so much more of the thinking work out of it. Therefore making the whole creative process a lot shorter in duration. And then obviously that’s how you have more chill time.

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You’ll realize, when you start to claim the real unique part of you, that that is the most magnetic thing you can possibly do.


I get so many people pushing back on my communication of when I say things like “I feel like I don’t work that hard” because by society’s standards in terms of what is considered to be “work” and what is considered to be “play”, the reality is that I do “work” a lot, I do a lot of things.

But, I don’t feel like I work that hard because I’m having so much fun. 

It’s about changing that perspective. The element that makes it for me feel like I’m not working a lot is the fun part of it. 

When I show up online, when I’m doing my coaching calls, when I’m recording podcast, I’m having fun. I really am.

And so fun for me was the aspect that took the work out of the action. And yes, again, by society standards, what I do is still considered a lot of work. I would never consider it to be hustle, but I do have a great output if you will. I’m constantly creating programs, content. But I’m enjoying myself so much that none of it feels like work to me. 

So, how do you actually have more fun?

For those of you who are in the beginning stages of your business, or even later on where maybe you’ve hit a point of stagnancy and you’re starting to resent the thing that you’ve created. 

You having fun and you experiencing joy in your business and fully stepping into your true, authentic self, your most confident self, the part of you that just is vibing and you would be doing it even if nobody was listening or watching or consuming or purchasing that’s the magnetic part of your brand. 


You have to take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and overly professional. 

Nobody, not one person in the 2017 and 2018, where I thought I needed to be Marie Forleo in order to be successful. I needed to be professional. I needed to have the perfect video strategy. I needed to freaking use a teleprompter to record my courses because every single little detail had to be just right…

Nobody commented on my vibe, then. 

I absolutely wasn’t embracing every single part of who I was. And I was trying to be a lot more professional and perfect than I needed to be because that’s what I thought I had to do in order to be successful.

The reality is that when I let go of that desire to be professional, to be perfect and I just started embracing myself the success skyrocketed. 

I literally looked launched my most recent program influence of vibes with barely any launch strategy. I actually sold 18 spaces to the program before I even had a singular detail about it, before I even had a sales page. 

And why is that? Why can I achieve all of this incredible, incredible business success without this hectic strategy? 

It’s because I’m embracing myself, I’m embracing who I am. 

They trust that I know who I am. I know what I’m doing. I know I can get paper results. And they feel that. 

They feel that energetic trust that I have in myself. I trust myself enough to be myself. And therefore that trust is transferrable to my audience. My audience trusts me. 

So drop the pressure to be perfect. Drop the pressure to be professional. Drop the pressure to be like lack anyone else and start truly connecting with your intuition. 

What is your intuition telling you you should say today?

What is your intuition telling you to create to help your audience? 

You have to trust yourself. 

It takes time to get there. It takes work. It takes consistency. 

And in the beginning, you’re not going to have the same level of trust that you would maybe two, three years down the track. But you’re never going to get there unless you start today unless you start doing the work to start trusting yourself more, to listen to your intuition, to build your relationship to yourself so that you can eventually get to that point. 


I don’t know who the heck came into this space and all of a sudden decided that 30 days or 90 days was like the prerequisite for you being successful. 

Who decided this crap? 

It is not super common for a business to just explode and grow and make a million dollars in the first six months. Yes, there are examples of this, but they are the exception, not the rule. 

I feel like so many of us feel like failures because our Instagram didn’t grow 10K in 30 days. 

We suck the fun out of the creation process with expectation. 

If you think that you’re only creating, because you’re going to get X results, we’re never going to have as much fun as he could as if you just started embracing and enjoying the process. 

Find a way to actually enjoy creating rather than creating only to enjoy the validation that you get from that.

You don’t have to grow your Instagram to 10K in 30 days, you don’t have to grow your business to six figures in your first year, you don’t have to reach a million dollars by year three. 

You can be incredibly, incredibly happy just growing doing something that you love, knowing that if you stay consistent, it will eventually get you to your goals. 


You’ve got to embrace sucking. Like you’re going to suck. I cannot express this enough. Why so many people don’t show up or put this pressure on themselves or aren’t having a good time in every sense. It’s because they literally think that they are going to be so much better or that they need to be so much better than they literally have the skills for. In no other area of life do we do this.

You’re going to suck and you have to embrace sucking again.

Think back to anything you’ve ever done in your life, you can do it long enough. You’re going to get better at it. 

So stop having the expectation that you need to be good at content creation and social media and at business in the beginning. You’re going to suck. You’re going to suck at selling. You’re going to suck at creating content. You’re going to suck at showing up on stories. 

The only thing that’s going to make you not suck, however, is continuing to do that until you get better and embracing the fact that it doesn’t need to be ama
zing in the beginning. 

It will be amazing eventually, but only through consistency and persistence. 


You’ve got to have the courage to actually pursue strategies, formats, business models, ways of showing up that feel good for you.

How do you actually find the ways that feel good for you? You have to experiment with stuff. 

You only find what you do like by figuring out what you don’t like. 

So yes, you may need to try podcasting for a little bit. And I’m not saying do one episode knocking the results, not get the validation and be like this sucks, but you know, give it a couple of months. And if after a while you’re like, I hate this. That’s fine. It’s okay to quit stuff. 

Try YouTube. If that doesn’t work, try reels, try it all until you find something that works for you. 

You know, you don’t know, you don’t know until you go. Okay. So I said I was gonna play music. 

And the reason why people aren’t okay with experimenting is that they’re afraid of quitting. 

They’re afraid if they try something and then don’t enjoy it, they’re going to be a failure if you quit. You’ve got to let go of that. That’s going to hold you back in business and it’s going to hold you back in life. 

Just go for it. It is what it is. It really is what it is. If you quit something or it doesn’t work out, you’re going to survive. 

I’m not denying the fact that sometimes it hurts, but you’re strong enough. 

Realize that you’re actually stronger than you’re giving yourself credit for and realize that in order to find the things that light you up, you might need to go through some things that don’t. 

That process of experimentation is going to lead to so much joy every time.


You’ll realize when you do start to claim that, the real unique part of you, that is the most magnetic thing you can possibly do. Why is that? It’s because no one else has your energy. No one else has that unique flare that you have. 

And the more that you can step into who you truly are and just use that unique magnetism that we all have. It’s like your aura expands. It’s literally like the energy that you have expands. And it naturally attracts the people that are meant to be in your circles. 

If you’re a business owner, that’s when soul-aligned clients come and that’s when you start making more money. Because you start realizing that it’s safe to be you.

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