Chill is not an action, it’s an attitude (ft Ruby Lee)

When I think of chill, when I think of being a chillpreneur, I’m not necessarily saying that you need to be someone who never works. I’m not saying that you’re the type of person who wears their pyjamas all day and works from their couch and is super lazy and procrastinates all the time. You know, when we think of chill, a lot of the time we do think of being lazy or unmotivated or uninspired or blahzay.

That’s not what being chill is to me.

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Being chill is the antidote to so much of the pressure and stress people cause themselves in business.

Being chill is the antidote to so much of the pressure and stress that people cause themselves unnecessarily in business. You know, I see being a chillpreneur as the core attitude that you should be approaching business with. To have more fun, to enjoy it more. Because when you are enjoying it more and you’re having more fun, it’s so much easier to be creative. It’s so much easier to stay consistent. 

One of the biggest reasons why so many people aren’t successful in business is they’re simply just not consistent enough. They’re not showing up enough. They’re not showing up with the right energy, with the right vibe. They’re not captivating their audience. They’re not creating these really cool products that they’re excited to talk about all the time. 

So many people want the outcomes of building a business but just haven’t found the right format to get themselves there, to do the work to get themselves there.

And I think what a lot of traditional business advice teaches us to do is to just hustle, to just push through, to just show up. Even if it doesn’t feel good, even if it doesn’t make you happy, just do it anyway, because then you’re ultimately going to be able to achieve that specific result. 

And I honestly say no way, man, that is not the way I want to live my life. 

That is not the way I want to achieve success. I would much rather take that little bit of extra time to become successful, but enjoy every single fricking step along the way. 

And that is what the whole chillpreneur philosophy is all about.


If you start to think about bringing these or working on these four aspects of your business, of your brand, of your creativity, of your life, if you start working on these four things you will, my friend, become an official chillpreneur. And of course, you are just going to have such a better time building your business. 


Overthinking is something that we as humans do because we have this natural tendency to want to fill in the gaps. We start to create all of these scenarios in our heads. If I launch, this is going to happen. If I create this piece of content, this is going to happen. 

We spend so much time in overthinking and anticipation mode that so much of the time it stops us from taking action.

The reality is you could launch something and it could fail. You could put a piece of content out and no one could watch it. You could say something on your Instagram and get a bunch of hate or feedback like these things happen. And they happen all the time. 

But what the chillpreneur philosophy is going to teach you is “it is what it is.” 

Nothing is the end of the world until the end of the world. 

Don’t spend all of this time in overthinking mode, trying to rationalize and anticipate every single outcome of every single situation. Live in the now, follow your intuition.

If you want to show up, show up. If you want to say something, say that thing. Stop overthinking and trying to make everything perfect. 

You are stronger than you think you are. If something bad happens, you will survive. 

Stop stopping yourself at the fear that you’re going to get hurt or disappointed because these two emotions, failure, disappointment, being hurt, they’re just a part of life. You’re going to get hurt. You’re going to get disappointed, your expectations aren’t going to be met.

It’s not the end of the world. And it is what it is. Just keep moving forward.


We really need to recognize that we don’t need to make everything such a big deal. 

Let me give you an example with content creation. I see so many people not staying consistent because they think that every single Instagram story, every single post, every single reel has to be like a Nobel prize-winning masterpiece. It doesn’t. 

Not everything you create is going to be absolutely amazing. Not everything you do is going to work out. We need to stop taking everything so seriously and we need to stop feeling like everything is such a personal attack on us.

If you’re constantly taking every tiny little detail to heart, if every little tiny bump in the road stumps you or knocks you off your wagon, you’re going to have a very difficult time in business. 

You have to look at the picture more holistically. It’s like a rollercoaster. Some things will be great. Some things are going to suck. But we don’t need to attach any type of self-worth to that.

Now, on the reverse of that, you of course want to look at data and analytics and all of these things and ask yourself, what can I do better?

But it doesn’t need to be a hit to your personality. It only needs to be an adjustment of your strategy.


This is where the “meh” kind of attitude is going to come in. You want to care about your business. You want to care about your mission. You want to care about helping people.

The thing that you don’t want to care about is what some stranger who you’ve never met and probably will never meet says about you. Or if somebody who you do know has something bad to say…You’ve got to stop, letting that stop you from showing up.

Everyone’s got an opinion and they’re entitled to it. 

The reality is that most of us live our lives in this phenomenon called the spotlight effect, where we think every single person is like hawkeyes on us watching every single move, waiting for us to fail. 

Every single person who is living their own life, thinking about themselves.

If you truly want to make a huge impact in this world, you have to be yourself. It is more important than ever. 

We can’t control how other people think. They may think positive things of you. They may think negative things of you.


You need to ask yourself this question today. Am I having fun in my business? 

Because if you’re not, what’s the point? If it’s not fun, it’s so not worth it. 

There is still a lot of risk involved in starting a business and it takes time to grow. I don’t, by any means, push the narrative that there’s any one particular strategy that’s going to get you to 10 K months in six weeks or 10 K followers in 90 days or anything like that because it works for some people, but it doesn’t work for a lot of people.

You know, what will get you to your goal? Just stick to it until you get to your goal. Not worrying so much about the time, not getting so caught up in the 90 days, the year, the month. Just doing it until it works. 

If you’re having fun and progressing and you’re growing and you’re learning and you becoming a better person and you’re iterating…isn’t that worth it?

Isn’t it worth doing something you’re passionate about, having conversations that you’re absolutely in love with, creating content that’s making a positive impact on other people? 

Maybe it takes you five years to get to six figures. But you look back on those five years that it took you to get there and you had a crap ton of fun. 

That’s how you should be doing business. 

Just let go a little bit, let go, and allow yourself to be yourself like going, allow yourself to enjoy it, like go and allow yourself to just make it a vibe, make it chill.


Ruby gives perfect examples of the impact running a business in alignment with the Chillpreneur Philosophies.

Along the way she went from hustle mentality to just letting go, dropping the pressure, showing up authentically, not overthinking things, getting to know yourself, to know even the little things. Like taking time out of your day to chill out.

Her journey is what being a chillpreneur is all about.

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