iPhone Apps I Used to Build My Dream Life (get Organised and Inspired)

Let’s talk a little bit about the organisational side of how to upgrade your life.

Or, how I am anyway!

I kind of see my phone as my little mini personal assistant, so I want to show you all the little things that I use on my phone that are helping me to upgrade my life over the next six months. 

We’re going to go through and break down my individual goals for the next six months. And I’ll show you all the apps that actually helped me bring those goals to life.

I have essentially broken down the apps that I use to upgrade my life into three different sections. 


Staying inspired on a daily basis is such an important part of how I’m actually staying focused in these six months to upgrade my life.

There are really only two apps that I use to stay inspired with my goals:

1) Pinterest.

Pinterest is honestly my absolute favourite app. Pinterest is the most solid part of my morning routine. I know that a lot of people have their challenges with Pinterest and with some of the representation of motivational content on Pinterest. I agree with that. I agree that there’s not a lot of variety. But for me specifically, when it comes to the healthy food I want to eat, the workouts I want to do, how I want my home-styled, how I want my personal style to look like I honestly just love getting inspired by Pinterest each and every single day. 

I’m not a very visual person, necessarily. I’m more auditory. And so for me, trying to bring my visualizations to life in my actual real life is sometimes quite difficult. Pinterest is one of the ways that helps me to feel more connected with my vision, even down to the little things like just putting that little bit of extra effort into making my oats look nice. It just makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m bringing my version of my dream life to actual life. 

It’s like a vision board. The reality is that we set these goals and we kind of forget about them. So having your vision board or your journaling or your Pinterest as a part of your daily routine will help you stay inspired each and every single day and just remind you of what it is that you’re actually trying to achieve. 

So Pinterest is honestly one of the apps that is so crucial for me and my success and staying inspired.

2) My Notes app. 

I use my Notes app probably more than anything else. I honestly love the fact that it’s connected to my computer. 

I think that one of the reasons why people aren’t able to implement their ideas as easily is simply because we have so many thoughts throughout the day that quite often we just forget. 

We forget those moments of inspiration. No matter whether it’s a piece of content that you want to create or something new that you’ve learned, our mind has around 80,000 thoughts every single day, so if you don’t capture some of the really important ones you’re likely to forget it. 

For me to stay inspired, to stay motivated, I really do try to capture every single piece of inspiration that comes into my mind by using my Notes app.

I break my notes app down into business, content, reflections. 

I really do contribute the habit of note-taking to be a big part of my success. I document all of my ideas whether I’m just about to fall asleep at night, whether I’ve just come out of the shower, whether I am having a conversation with someone, anything that I feel like is going to help me to achieve my goals, I make notes of it, I make plans of it. 


Staying organized is honestly the key to success. 

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” 

I so so believe that. I’m such an advocate for having strategies and systems in place to help you just make things easier for yourself.

1) Google Calendar 

I think the first thing you’ve got to do every single day is to make sure that you are getting inspired by those upgrades that you want to make for your life. But it’s not enough to just feel inspired and feel motivated. You’ve got to start putting plans in place in order to actually take the action that you are going to need to take in order to upgrade your life. And of course, again, if you’ve been following me for any time, you will know that I actually am married to my Google Calendar. 

I love Google calendar so much. If you can develop the habits of putting all the things that you need to do into your calendar, and then just doing what’s on your calendar. No more procrastination, no more feeling like you’re stuck in life. More not getting things done. More not moving towards your goals. 

I developed the habit of just making plans for what I wanted to achieve, putting them in my calendar and sticking to my calendar, the best I could.

If you can develop the habit of being really good with sticking to what’s on the calendar, you will be like a productivity master in no time.

2) Asana

Asana is a project management tool. So if you have a lot of personal projects that you’re actually working on, that is something that will really help you to stay organized with all of these projects. 

Basically, the way Asana works is you can have a bunch of different teams, and then a bunch of different projects within each of those teams. I have 5 teams: personal, vision and planning, operations, marketing and growth, and launches and funnels. 

And then within each of those individual areas, I have different projects. And within each of those projects, I have different tasks. And those tasks get allocated to me with a particular due date. And ultimately, from all of these different projects that I’m working on, I just go into the calendar view of all the tasks allocated to me. And that is what I’m ultimately putting into my calendar. That drives what I put in my calendar. From a business perspective. 

Obviously, the other things in my calendar are my personal training sessions, my workouts, my personal stuff, and all the things that I do outside of my business. 

One of my biggest goals over the next six months, or this six-month challenge is to grow my business and actually to even start looking at starting another business as well. And so I am going to have a lot of plates spinning if you will. But that never overwhelms me because I know that I don’t have to think about what I did yesterday or what I have to do tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. 

All I’m doing is making sure that my business is super, super organized. And then I don’t stress myself out because all I’ve got to do is focus on the task that I’m doing right here right now at this moment. 

In order to stay focused, the combination of a project management tool and a calendar is what is going to help you stay super, super organiz
ed and super focused.

3) Flo

It’s a period tracking app. For me, it’s just really helpful in business because I try to make sure that I’m not doing anything too creative for the first few days prior to me actually bleeding. And then for the first day or so because I’m super low energy and really unprolific on those days. 

So for you organizing your workouts, your business activities, or your social activities, travel, whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, I think for you, as a woman, if you are a woman, or if you get a period, then I think that’s a really great way to stay organized as well. 


All the different things that I use to help me to create my dream life.

1) Instagram

You can start a business from Instagram. You can start an Instagram account, make sure you build a solid brand, a message that resonates with people, then you can create a product, whether it be digital or physical and sell to that community. Literally, you could start an entire business from your phone.

2) Google Drive + Voxer

I use Google Drive a lot. Google Drive is like the main hub for where I store everything in my business. I share videos with Mike who is editing this video. Each client gets their own individual folder which we share together and I upload things for them. 

And I use Voxer to communicate with my clients.

3) Content Creation

  • Camera: I take most of my photos myself.

  • Lightroom: I edit all my photos using Lightroom.

  • Canva: To create graphics for Instagram.

  • YouTube Studio

Basically, I can run my entire business from my iPhone. And you can too!

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