How to FINALLY start Enjoying your Life (be happy) (Copy)

I personally believe that our lifestyle, including the things that we wear, and how we style our home, and how we take care of all of our things has such a big impact on our ability to achieve success. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “dress for success”. When you dress up, you feel better, you take more action. But it goes beyond just personal style for me and really seeps into the style of our own home. 

I myself have done a lot over the past few months to upgrade my personal style and to upgrade my home, and it has been game-changing for me. Now, I want to go into the really practical ways in which I’ve done this so that you can start creating an outer world that matches your inner vibe. 

I also want to talk a little bit about having the confidence to rock it. To just be who you want to be so that you can stop worrying about what everybody else thinks and just start living happier.


The first step is that you do need to get inspired. Take your time with this. 

It’s really easy to get influenced. Since we were little like we have been exposed to so much marketing material that our mindset is quite often inundated with what everybody else is telling us that we should want. Don’t just go on Instagram and have a Kylie Jenner ad pop up and tell you what you want your style or your home to look like. 

Actually, really start to think about who you are and what lights you up. What makes you happy?

 Spend time on Pinterest, spend time on Instagram, maybe go to a bookstore, maybe go out into your city, go out and actually see people and see what kinds of styles light you up. 

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I can just tell when I’m consuming something that I know is going to make me happy or I know it would truly make me feel like I’m satisfied with my style or my home style. It gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling. 

There may be a little bit of envy in there, but also it’s this deep desire to make my life look like the Pinterest pictures. My intuition is telling me, “this is the style that is best suited for you.” 

But you can’t get to that point if you’re rushing it. 

Really take the time to intuitively and emotionally connect to inspiration and find out what is truly going to make you happy.

Spend some time on Pinterest, spend time on Instagram, tick-toc, Facebook, YouTube, go look at books, go look at magazines, speak to people… 

Spend some time actually consuming styles and vibes. What you’re really trying to achieve here through this inspiration phase is determining the kind of vibe that you are going for. 

Then what I would do is take some time to write out what you think that vibe means to you. 

Why is it important? It will help make sure that the vibe or the style that you’re going for with your personal and home style is in alignment with your values. 

I started looking at my new vibe and it included a lot of cozy tracksuits, terracottas creams, and simplicity. It represented very Australian native kind of vibes and it was so aligned with my values of freedom, of simplicity and all these things that I absolutely love.

So therefore I knew I wasn’t being influenced and that I was actually enjoying these styles because it was important to me. So again, just take some time, get inspired, use Pinterest, use social media to find a style for both your personal style and your home.  

The more visual you can get with this process, the easier it is actually going to wait for you to bring it to us. 

Which brings me to my second step…


You have to get strategic about the changes you need to make. 

Many times in the past, I have been like, “I’m gonna upgrade my style.” And then I just don’t do anything because I’m so confused as to where to even start. Like, how does one go about changing their personal style? Their home style? 

Until I came up with an all trust strategic, intellectually-based plan for making these changes. 

And, this is gonna sound freaking nerdy, but honestly, this is what I did: I walked around my entire house with a notebook and I literally Marie Kondo’d my whole entire house. 

I had my Pinterest board with me and I would go through my pictures and ask myself, “What feels like it actually matches here?” 

I sat around and I went through all the microscopic details of my home and then I went into my wardrobe and I pulled out everything that didn’t feel like it fit with me or my vibe.

Now, I wasn’t wasteful and just throwing things out because they didn’t show up on my Pinterest board. I put into bags and donated all the clothes that just “didn’t spark joy.” 

So what I was left with was a tangible, practical, and ACTIONABLE list of things I wanted to replace, change and do to bring my outer style in alignment with my inner vibes. 


It’s really really easy to get super impatient when you’re wanting to change your style or change your home style, especially if you’ve got a really clear picture and a really clear plan of what actually needs to be changed. But both financially and sustainably, it’s not a good idea to just go change absolutely everything in your wardrobe and absolutely everything in your home. 

It’s almost like you want to grow into your new style. Take your plan and just slowly make those changes. 

If it’s your home, maybe you can start with a few decor pieces and see and try on the style and see whether it actually is vibing with you. And then maybe you can move to some bigger pieces like changing your furniture. There is no rush.

What I found in the past is that when I have tried to change things too quickly, ultimately I get led astray either by influence or me just not really knowing what I’m trying to achieve. And then I end up with a whole bunch of stuff that just doesn’t actually fit my style on my vibe, the things that I was actually going for. 

So slowly but surely integrated grow into this new style grow into this new vibe. And over the process of maybe six months to maybe even a year, you can go and change your life, your outward life to match this inner style and inner vibe that is more appropriate for you. 

The reality is you’re probably going to change your mind at some stage as well and that’s okay. And that’s

And that’s why going at it at a little slower pace and a little more sustainably is definitely going to be the best option for you. 


The last thing I want to talk about is having the confidence to actually step into a new style. 

I think a lot of people don’t want to experiment particularly with their personal style because they feel embarrassed. They feel that people are going to judge them if they make changes. 

And, I just want to say that this is totally normal. It is completely normal to not want to stand out too much, to not want to change too much because we are also conditioned to be afraid of being rejected by our community. 

I think the most important thing to realize is that we are so afraid of being judged by other people, we’re so afraid that if we change something in our personal style people are gonna think we’re narcissistic,
or we’re full of ourselves or just silly, but the reality is a very few people are actually thinking that in-depth into you. 

You don’t sit around judging people for their choices that often. Other people are probably not sitting around and judging you. You know why? Because they’re sitting around worried about whether everyone else is judging them. 

Most people are heavily focused on themselves. The people who do inspire us the most are the people that live outside their comfort zone, the people that colour outside the line. Although, yes, maybe it is scary to change your personal style to try something new to be a pioneer or an experimenter, the reality is you’re going to inspire a lot more people than people who are going to judge you for it. So just give it a go. 

Life is way way too short to be living a life that isn’t totally lighting you up.

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