How I Lost 10kg and Upgraded My Life

Let’s talk about biceps and booties. 

More specifically, let’s talk about how your relationship with your body plays a role in the way you live your life. 

Over the last four or five months, I have made some significant changes to my physical appearance. The way I look, what I wear, but most importantly the overall energy I’m bringing to my daily life and business. 

I have really intentionally been taking action in the area of health and wellness. So, today, I want to give you some really practical mindset and physical tips that will help you on your wellness journey, as well as talk about my own journey to upgrading my own health and wellness.

Body image and weight loss is such a big topic and we have people sitting on both sides of the fence: people who are really advocating for us to be confident in our bodies and to be happy with who we are now and then many people who are advocating a health and wellness lifestyle. 

I don’t think these two things need to be mutually exclusive. I think that we can still try to be the best and healthiest versions of ourselves WHILE still working on being loving and accepting to exactly who we are right now. You can still want to make improvements, not just in health and wellness, but in any area of your life, whilst simultaneously loving and accepting exactly who you are today or in the choices that you’ve made in the past. 

Wherever you are in life right now, in any area, be happy and be grateful that you are alive and thriving. 

Working on your health and wellness, especially as a female, I think is incredibly important. And there are three reasons for that. 


The first reason is that working on your health and wellness is very important for energy. I used to be someone who didn’t have enough energy to sustain the hobbies that I wanted to do. I felt quite tired, I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t eat well, my skin was terrible. I’ve been on a health and wellness journey up and down for quite some time now. But really flipping around my health and wellness has helped me to massively increase my energy. 

Now there are two types of energy that I think are incredibly important, especially because I know so many people in this particular community are female entrepreneurs, obviously, we need our physical energy, which is our ability to actually take action and get things done and the way we feel. You shouldn’t necessarily need caffeine or any of these supplements to keep you awake, you should have this internal energy, you should be getting enough sleep at night working out and hydrating and eating the right foods so you feel physical energy. 

I see so many people who just can’t be bothered to show up on social media or to take action towards their goals because they literally don’t have the energy to do so. If you work on upgrading your health and wellness, it is going to give you more physical energy, which means you’re going to be able to do more and when you do more, you’re going to be able to achieve more. And when you can obviously achieve more you’re going to live a better quality of life. 

Physical energy is incredibly important for your ability to live your best life and it really is simple.

On the other side of things, and again, specifically for people who are content creators and entrepreneurs, there’s emotional energy as well. When you are feeling good energetically within your body, you radiate something that is magnetizing towards other people, when you’re creating content from a place of apathy, people feel that. It’s just not as interesting. It’s just not as charismatic. 

Taking care of your physical health literally makes you more addictive and more likeable to other people. When you have this just like radiant energy about you, people are more likely to stick around and want to consume your content or buy from you. So it really does help those of you who are building a personal brand and building a business online to be more charismatic, to be more magnetic. 


The second reason why I personally believe that women specifically should work on their health and wellness is because of strength. Now I’m again talking both about physical strength and emotional strength. 

I, at the end of 2019, started martial arts. I started my time prior to this. Like many women, I did have many experiences where walking alone outside in the evening, walking my dog at night gave me a lot of fear. I would get really frightened since starting martial arts and since doing this physical strength activity where I feel both stronger physically and emotionally, I no longer have as many fears, that does not mean that I am not cautious. Of course, as women, we always need to be cautious. However, I do have this inner feeling that I’m strong enough, both emotionally and physically to defend myself if I needed to, or to at least try. This has given me a lot more strength to go out there and just to feel a lot more secure in myself.

Whatever you do, whichever workout that you do to get physically stronger is going to benefit you in so many ways. Physical strength will help to increase your energy, it helps you to be more self-sufficient. But there are so many benefits to being physically strong. 

Emotional strength is also something that comes as a benefit of working out, specifically doing things like weightlifting or martial arts, things that are quite emotionally challenging and pushing through those barriers of feeling tired or weak. And actually, you know, lifting weight beyond the point where your strength is built. These things will help you in so many other areas of life. 

Nothing builds resilience as much as strength. If you find yourself giving up on things a lot, giving up on projects or relationships or goals or routines or rituals, it is probably because you don’t have a lot of emotional strength and working out and working on your health and wellness really can help that.

I found myself so much more productive, so much more resilient, so much more confident since I have built my physical strength. 


The third reason why I think working on your health and wellness is so important is for self-empowerment. Now, this is where the physical side of it does come into play a little bit. Everybody’s version of the ideal body or their own personal ideal body is going to be different. 

There is no one ideal body.

But, we all have a physical appearance, and a weight and a feeling in our body that is going to make us feel most confident and empowered. I definitely do feel more excited to show up and more confident to show up now that I feel more confident in my body. And again, it has nothing to do with the specific weight that I’m at. It just has to do with the way that I feel like I perform best in life. The weight that is the most healthy and natural for me to be at. 

From a self-empowerment side of things, just getting yourself to a place where you feel the best again. There’s no way to represent this. It’s whatever feels right for you. And you’ll know it. When you get there, you’ll know when you work towards it. It’s a feeling. When you feel the best about yourself. It is going to empower you to show up more, to do more, to be more. 

Specific things that I have done to lose these 10 kilos


On an emotional mindset side of things, one thing I will say is that I really did start working on my self-love and self-worth. The more worthy that I feel of receiving love, receiving success, achiev
ing my goals, the more likely I am to take care of myself. The more intimate that I get with myself, the more I want to actually take care of myself. I want to eat the green shit, I want to work out, I want to sleep, I want to hydrate.

Women have the natural tendency to nurture and we do this for so many other people in our lives. We love people and therefore we do so much to take care of them. Quite often, we don’t have that same relationship with ourselves. That’s why it’s so easy to let ourselves go and not to take care of ourselves, not to feed ourselves properly, not to move our bodies in the way that they desire to be moved. 

When you get to the point where you are your number one priority. And by the way, there’s absolutely nothing selfish about that you are more likely to want to take care of that priority. Do the inner work, do the mirror work, do the journaling, do the trauma healing, do the Reiki, do the meditation, do whatever you need to do to get yourself to a point where you are increasing your sense of self-worth. 

The emotional work of self-worth and self-love will get you so far. 


The reality is the physical side of it, like many things in life, is so simple. Eat healthy, and exercise. And I know you’re going to be frustrated with me but that is pretty much what I did. 

If I was to really practically break down the specific things that happened for me to be able to lose weight: 

  • I train six days a week. I found a sport or a fitness activity that I thoroughly enjoy. So do the work, do whatever you need to do, try 1000 things if you have to but find a physical activity that you thoroughly enjoy, that you’re gonna want to do regularly throughout the week. Just moving your body regularly throughout the week in a way that you enjoy is going to be the thing. 

  • I started fixing some bad eating habits. I was just eating a lot more than I needed to. I’m listening to my body and I’m eating when I’m hungry rather than just eating for the sake of eating. It really comes down to the fact that I have stopped eating in excess and started exercising more.

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