E83. Reaching $10k months from a place of feminine flow with Sera Lo

Sera Lo is a business mentor who blends the energetics with strategies; focusing on ideal client attraction, sales psychology, marketing, content that sells, subconscious reprogramming, inner child healing, and all the energetic embodiment work. Her mission is to help women step in their magnetic feminine flow and create the business & life of their dreams with ease, and men live a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Sarah is a business coach who really loves to blend both strategy and energy work together. What she loves to do is to help both women and men live a fulfilling life through the creation of their business, but do it in a way that is flowy and absolutely magnetic.

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If your core energy is feminine, your body, your mind, and your soul know what to do. It’s just second nature.


2017 was the turning point in her life. She quit her 9-5 and went to Cambodia for a volunteering trip. There she began to really contemplate what it is she wanted to do with her life. She decided it was time she really started to leverage her skills as a web designer and use them to really make an impact.

In 2018 she hit her milestone 10k month and realized it was time to evolve. So, she took her love for business and talking with women about their businesses to the next level. She listened to her intuition and decided it was time that she used her experience and knowledge to guide creative entrepreneurs with connection through their business.

She pivoted her business, but the resistance remained, and after a moment of life uncertainty it became abundantly clear what she needed to do:

“Okay, Sarah, what if you’re really pregnant? Would you be running the business the way you are right now? How would your life be any different? You know, I used to work, six to eight hours every day. How would you love your relationships to be like? How would you like to feel? And it really made me discover a lot of things that I truly want. And a lot of things that I was doing that I didn’t want.” 

She decided to make a change and lean into joy and flow. She started to make more time for her loved ones and for herself. And, she’s now in a place where she knows she can teach other women to do the same, to lean into their feminine flow. 

“The majority of women have a feminine core, but a lot of women are working in their business from a place of masculine. And I really hope that more of us can step into our feminine fully.”


When you think about successful entrepreneurial success, you probably think about men in suits. They’re really dominant in this industry. Society looks up to them and our subconscious beliefs around that stereotype affect the way that we pursue and view success. 

If your dad is successful and always made more money than your mom, when you step into this entrepreneurship world, you’ll hook into the belief that you need to be like him to succeed.

This isn’t to say you don’t have to work for your success. No, you need to have some kind of structure, which is your masculine but you also need to allow yourself to flow. Because the majority of women and a minority of men have a feminine core. The majority of men and a minority of women have a masculine core. 

So, allow discovering your core energy be the starting point. Really reevaluate your life, your relationships, and your business and pivot so that you can thrive even more. 

Now, let’s be clear, your feminine energy has nothing to do with your agenda or the way that you dress. It is an energetic thing. Within ourselves, men or women, we both have access to feminine and masculine cores. It’s just that one is more prominent than the other. 

Start with this small exercise: 

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. In through the nose and expanding your belly, out through your mouth. Just really find a centre. And then answer this question honestly, do you crave to be hugged?

Do you deep down desire to be wanted? You want that security. You want that comfort. You want that love and connection. If that’s what you’re feeling, your core energy is feminine hands-down. 

Whereas for the masculine they actually want to be needed. 


Masculine Energy:

  • Loves to have structure. 

  • They’re very goal-oriented. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. 

  • They love to make plans because when they make a plan, they feel secure. 

Feminine Energy:

  • They love doing what feels good to them.

  • Your mood is often affected by external factors, such as the environment.

  • In touch with your sexuality and pleasure.


When we step into our feminine flow in our business it just becomes easier. 

When we are really looking at the business side of things, in order for us to feel safe in our feminine and really leaning into that flow state, having creative downloads and doing what you love, we also have to feel safe in our masculine. Because our feminine craves security and safety.

So, if you want to integrate more of a feminine energy into your business, into your life, into your relationships, you still need to have some kind of structure. You want to have some kind of plan, but if your core is feminine, you will find a lot of resistance around the very detailed step-by-step blueprints. For you, having some kind of structure could be like every day blocking out time in your calendar. You don’t have to be so strategic every day. Just let things flow. 

Use the structure and the goal setting to create a container for the feminine flow. Have the structure laid out to get you sitting at your desk and then just flow from there. Just be in your feminine and enjoy the process. 


It’s important to remember that fear is connected to our ego. It is there to protect you. So when your ego is coming up, when fear comes up, when you feel like, “Oh, what if I tap into my intuition? And this happened, what if I invest in this coach? And then like, I will never ever get my money back.” Those fears are coming from your ego, which doesn’t recognize that you are not actually in danger. 

So if you want to lean into intuition and trust your intuition a little bit more, you need to find out what is the truth underneath that fear. What is your ego saying? What is it not saying? What is the next aligned step for you to take? 

It’s a practice. You’ve really just got to take those small steps, and then over time, like any muscle, your intuition will grow.


Work really is such a big part of our lives so
when someone comes out and says: “Even though I’m running this successful business online, I’m not choosing to make it my everything.” That really goes against a lot of people’s beliefs, it triggers a lot of people. 

You can still be an impactful personal brand and business and be changing people’s lives without it being your everything

This is not about what feels good for you. This is literally in our DNA as our feminine selves. Your first priority is actually love, connection, and relationships. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you putting yourself up as a first priority? 

You should be your number one priority. Second should be your loved ones. Maybe your partner, maybe your children, maybe your parents. Third, your business. 

First, you take care of yourself, your body, your mind, your soul, your womb, then you spend time with your loved ones. So when you get down to business, you thrive even more. It’s like an amplifier.

And it’s not about carving out time specifically. It’s about really looking at your daily life. 

How can you integrate more of your feminine flow into your daily life?

  • How can you slow down when you’re called too?

  •  How can you lean into your energy? How can you honour your mind and body? 

  • What is the vibe you want to embody today?

  • How can you fill your day with the things that bring you joy?


If your core energy is feminine, your body, your mind, and your soul know what to do. It’s just second nature. 

Where you need guidance is how to heal the wounded parts of your masculine. Some of the wounded masculine traits, if you will, could be true over competitiveness or jealousy. When you’re able to heal that wounded masculine, you naturally step more into your feminine energy and you become more inflow. And your business truly thrives. It just makes building your business and showing up just so much more fun. It amplifies your success.

You don’t have to force your way there, you don’t have to plan every step. You can lean into your masculine and create structure, and then lean into your feminine core and flow with your intuition.

You could force your there, but what if you let hitting those 10k months in your business be easy, be flowy?


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