A morning routine I can *finally* stick to

I know that I’ve created a lot of content around my morning routines. But, I must say that the morning routine I’ve been doing lately has been my best yet. I’ve been the most consistent with this morning routine and it’s been the most effective. 

Why do we actually do morning routines, anyway? We do morning routines to set ourselves up for the day. To get ourselves into a good mood. But the thing is, I see a lot of people struggling with their morning routines. 

And because of that, it ends up actually having a counterproductive effect because we stress out about our morning routines and we feel guilty when we follow through with it. So we end up actually worse off than if we didn’t have one at all. 

My Morning Routine Flow Chart

I actually ended up creating this diagram, if you will, because I realized the big thing for me, that was the problem with my morning routine, I was treating it like a to-do list.

If I didn’t do the first thing, if I didn’t wake up and straightaway do yoga or straightaway meditate or straightaway journal, it’s like I’d already failed. And I was so much less inspired to continue on down that list if I didn’t do the first thing.

And, the reality is, some mornings I just don’t feel like doing that. I change every day through different parts of my cycle through different seasons. I’m always wanting to do different things. And of course, again, the intention of the morning routine is just to feel good, not to force yourself to do something. So, for me, rather than actually having a list of things that I need to tick off in order to have a successful morning routine, I came up with a chart.

  • I broke down my morning routine into all of the areas that were important for me in my morning routine: body, soul, mission, and mind.

  • In those four areas, I chose three different tasks that I could do every morning to start feeling good. 

So now, I can just wake up and I pick and choose. I can do them in different orders, I can just do one of those things one day if that’s what I feel like doing. But for the most part, it feels so much better to have a basket of things to choose from rather than this list that I need to accomplish.

Maybe make yourself a little flow chart of all the things that you could do in your morning routine. And then remember again, the most important thing about a morning routine is that you end up feeling good, feeling energized, feeling positive afterwards. Honestly, I’ve been the most consistent with this and therefore it’s really helped me to become more successful, more happy, and more energetic (all of the stuff that we’re trying to achieve here).

My Morning Routine


Journaling is such a big part of my morning routine. For me, it has just been the best way to work through any of my limiting beliefs and to manifest all the things that I want in my world. So I can attribute a lot of what I have today to journaling because I do it so consistently.


Each morning I have been calculating how much my business has made up until that point in time for that particular month. I’m not usually someone who tracks my income closely, but what I like to do is just spend a moment and be grateful for every single person who has supported me, who’s purchased from me, who has joined my community, who watches my videos, because I really, really do appreciate where I’m at in my business. I still have lots of big goals and I still want to grow, but I really, really want to take a moment to stop and be ultra grateful for my income and for my business and just take a mindful moment every single day to really be present with my growth.


Treadmill + Puppy Walks time.


Something that I’ve been doing a lot of is mirror work. I do it all the time: when I get out of the shower or just throughout the day, whenever I need it. I’ll do my makeup, look at myself in the mirror and just say things like “you are amazing”, “you are incredible”, “you are powerful”, “you are a queen”. Just really reminding myself of all the things that I’m achieving in the world, all of the things that I want to achieve, and that I’m strong enough to achieve them. Honestly, it’s one of the most powerful exercises that I have ever done for personal development and for empowerment. So, yeah, that’s a big part of my morning routine.


Within my chart, this is the mission section. How am I going to achieve my mission today? And that’s really broken down into the categories of learning, creating content, and then inviting, which means inviting people into my programs, into my courses.

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