what Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton taught me about online success

We’re going to try something a little bit different today. Ok, well maybe not that different. We’re still going to be diving into the habits of successful people, but we are going to approach it from a different angle. 

I want to share the lessons that I have learned from Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton about what it means to be a successful businesswoman and a successful brand. Whether or not you like these women, whether or not you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, it’s undeniable that they have created a community of people around them and a well-known brand to match.

So let’s take a little bit of a look at some of the things that I have learnt from these fabulous women.

“Success leaves clues.” – Tony Robbins 

One of the ways that I absolutely love to learn from people is just by watching them. Whether it be by watching them in interviews, through their content, or by observing their interactions, or their documentaries (in the case of Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift) getting a behind-the-scenes look into the mindset and lives of successful people is an amazing way to integrate their habits into our own lives. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Other people that have done things that you’d like to do, whether that’s building an online empire or growing a community and a brand online, are resources to be learned from. Learn what you like about what they’ve done (and what you don’t like) and find a way to integrate it into your own success.

1. Why Will People Follow Your Brand?

When thinking about Paris, Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift in particular, it’s incredibly obvious why people follow them. It’s incredibly obvious who they are, what they stand for, and how they connect with their audience. Taylor Swift’s music is all about empowering women. And those women who are in her audience know that about her. And they can use that to connect with her. 

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, are a lot about style, beauty, and lifestyle. They built these online beauty empires and the people in their audience, who have those similar interests, are able to anchor themselves onto those aspects of their personal brand.

When we’re building a personal brand, if it’s clear who we are, what we do, and what we stand for, it’s much easier to grow and be successful.

A) Be Aspirational

When you think about someone who’s a leader online, the reason they’re a leader is that they have something that their audience aspires towards. It could be a great relationship, a successful business, really great health, or the ability to cook food, aspirations give your audience a reason to look up to your life in a certain way.

A lot of people aspire to be like Taylor Swift because of how kind she is. That’s aspirational.

B) Be Relatable

Obviously, Kim Kardashian has been on reality TV for like a gazillion years. Through her television show, you see those relatable everyday life elements, like fighting with her siblings and her struggles as a mother. For some people, totally un-relatable, but for many just the little details are relatable. 

Taylor Swift used to talk a lot about heartbreak and, now, she talks a lot about her struggles as a woman, which her community can absolutely relate to on a personable level. 

That’s why the age of the influencer is obviously so popular and so quickly replaced the age of the celebrity. Because the age of the influencer has both of these elements. The age of the celebrity was very much about, “I’m the movie star”, “You don’t get access to my life”, “You can say I’m rich, I’m successful”. 

Now with the age of the influencer, people can not only have these lifestyle elements to aspire towards, but there is this sense of relatability, as well.

So, when building a personal brand, you need to have some kind of element that people can aspire towards. Maybe it’s being a really good person, maybe it’s being a great philanthropist, maybe it’s having a great relationship, maybe it’s you being able to play the piano really well. Aspiration doesn’t come in the form of wealth. It’s not about that. It’s just about you figuring out how you can actually inspire people and show them that there’s a possibility, in whatever arena you’re trying to promote.

2. Work Hard, but Love What You do Harder

The second thing that I learnt from just watching these women is that they work incredibly hard, but many times I’ve heard them all say that they absolutely love what they do. 

When I watched the Taylor Swift documentary, I was actually inspired to work harder because she just was so engrossed in her art and in her passion. Similarly with Paris Hilton, watching some of her YouTube vlogs where she talks about being a DJ and running her perfume empire, she says she wouldn’t change it for the world. She absolutely loves what she does. 

A lot of people these days are trying to build YouTube channels or businesses because it’s the trendy thing to do. But considering these women have been in the industry for many, many, many years, decades even, you have to consider: “Am I choosing something today that is going to outlast trends and is going to outlast decades and years and personal evolutions?” You know, don’t just choose to build a personal brand in something because it’s trendy or profitable. If you want sustainability to your online empire and to your personal brand, you truly have to love what you do.

3. Love Your Audience More Than Anything Else

Taylor Swift has been known to have parties for her fans, Paris Hilton, literally FaceTimes her fans, she even knows the name of many people in her audience. 

“No matter what time it was, no matter how long our flight was, no matter what kind of night you’d been through, you always hold it together to be kind and gracious to everyone. Every person that came up to you that asked for a photo or a picture or anything. Honestly, I just had never seen that before.” – Kim Kardashian (about Paris Hilton)

The reality is I know a lot of coaches in the industry or entrepreneurs or YouTubers who think that they’re above their fans. They put these boundaries in place so that their fans have no access to them. They forget that the reason they’re able to enjoy the success that they have is because of the people that supported them. 

As you’re building a successful business and a successful brand, do not forget about the people, not the numbers, but the individual people that actually got you there. Through viewing your stuff, sharing your content, buying from you, whatever context it’s in for you, they’ve supported your success. 

Seeing these women with this phenomenal fame still know and stay true to the fact that their fans are the number one reason why they have the life that they have is so inspirational to me. And I will never forget that no matter how big I get or how much I grow, my audience and my community is my number one focus. And I really, really urge you to do as well. 

We’ve got to remember that there are people behind these numbers and the people behind these purchases are people.

4. You Have to Know When to Evolve

One of probably the most important aspects of sustainability when it comes to being a personal brand and being a business is that you have to
keep evolving. 

The person who first taught me this was Cher. She is just such a great example. She was 21 when she first starred on her show, the Sonny and Cher show…she is now in her seventies. That is the length of her career. How? Because she has evolved over and over and over again.

The reality is if we stay stuck and stay the same and don’t continue to evolve with the times and with the culture, our brands won’t be sustainable. I’m not saying you have to give in to trends, you still want to remain authentic and true to who you are, but you do have to evolve. Try new things, experiment. 

Kim Kardashian has obviously evolved a lot. You know, she evolved from being a reality star into a beauty mogul. 

Paris Hilton obviously evolved from being a socialite, into being a reality star, into being a total boss of like a billion-dollar perfume empire, into a DJ, into an actress. 

Now, I’m not saying you have to try a whole bunch of different things, but even if you look at someone like Justin Bieber, who’s stayed within his lane of music, he’s evolved his style, his lyrics, himself.

Have the courage to evolve. What I was taught is that it’s best to start evolving and trying new things at the peak of your success slope. Everything has a life cycle and it usually looks like a bit of a bell curve and so at the top, when you are at the height of your success before you start to dwindle off, it’s important to evolve. This doesn’t mean changing your whole personality, it means trying new things, adding new things, coming from a different direction. 

Obviously, Taylor evolved from your kind, country, love song superstar into this feminist powerful, amazing woman. 

So as you grow and as you achieve some success, think about: What’s the next thing? How can I branch out? How can I keep my audience, my community’s attention?

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