7 Healthy Habits That Have Completely Changed My Life

I have had so many changes happen to me over the last couple of weeks. And I feel completely different. I don’t take it lightly when I say these habits have literally changed my life, I really do feel entirely different. Honestly, I feel like a brand new person and these habits have actually induced this change quite quickly into my life. 

So, of course, I wanted to share them all with you!

Maybe they can give you some ideas for new habits of your own. If you’re not feeling your absolute thriving best, use these as inspiration!


I am by no means a health professional, I haven’t studied nutrition, neutral apathy or anything to do with the physiology of the body. However, what I will say is that I recently went to see a naturopath.

I described to her some of the feelings that I regularly felt: a slight buzz, which some may describe as anxiety. I often experienced just a slight underlying buzz within my body. Nothing too stressful, but it was definitely this as well as just some issues with other areas of my body.

She was actually able to prescribe to me a very specific supplement regime. Honestly, this supplement regime, because it was specifically designed for my body, has given me so much more energy. I have not experienced that nervous, anxious tension in my body, I’ve been waking up early, my mood has massively improved, my digestive system has improved and I even feel like my skin and hair is starting to improve. 

If you’re feeling tired, low energy, anxious, or even just anxiousness in the body, I would definitely recommend, if you’re in a financial position to do so, you go see someone because supplements really, really can help.


Honestly, I really thought I was living this way, but it wasn’t until I truly embodied it that I realized that that was just not the case. Now why I’ve suggested slowing down to be healthy is because it truly has impacted so many different areas of my life.

I feel like sometimes we can confuse relaxing with being and living a slow life.

I think it’s so common these days to just move from task to task, to task, to task so quickly and so unmindfully. And that’s how I was. Even though I relaxed a lot, I was still living at quite a fast pace.

There have been so many changes that slowing down has helped me to do, particularly with my gratitude and my nutrition, but it’s just also made me so much more conscious about the decisions that I am making. Should I pick up my phone or should I pick up a book? Should I eat this or eat that? 

Living a slower lifestyle has allowed me to make better decisions. It’s allowed me to feel more connected. It’s allowed me to actually manifest more because I have been so much more present in my experience.

So if you’re someone who’s living at such a fast pace that it causes you to stress, I really do feel the impact that that is happening on my body.


This is honestly a huge one. This is something that I’ve been practising for a while, however, through slowing down and through being more intentional, it has caused so many changes within my body, within my mood, within my health and within my energy. 

There are three particular things that I have been doing to nourish my body. And I’m not talking about nourish from a nutritional perspective, I’m talking about nourishment from a movement and an energetic perspective.

There have been three things that have been really helping me:

  1. Yoga. You don’t have to be a professional Yogi to do yoga. Yoga is an excellent practice to either wake your body up or slow your body down. Through slowing down, I’ve been so much more intentional with my breathing and with putting my thoughts and energy into that part of the body that I’m stretching at that moment. I have felt a massive difference in how flexible I feel, how happy I feel, and in how energetic I feel in my body.

  2. Breathwork. Slowing down and doing breathwork and getting the right amount of oxygen into my body has really helped with my energy. I particularly have been doing the Wim Hoff breath, breathing techniques. I love them. 

  3. EFT or tapping. This is another way and another source of body nourishment that really does help me to move any stagnant energy through my body. It is an emotional freedom technique. It consists of tapping on the Meridian points in your body with a mantra to move energy through your system.


I have always been conscious of eating healthy. Actually, if you go back, this channel used to be very focused on health and fitness, but since starting my business, I’ve been less and less conscious of what I’ve been putting into my body and more conscious about what I put out into the world.

I haven’t really focused on nourishing myself because “I’m too busy”, as many of us say when it comes to healthy habits, but through the process of slowing down, as well as all of these other body nourishment and kind of mind nourishment habits that I’ve been using, I really have been way more conscious of my body.

I’m not saying that you need to eat a totally clean and healthy diet, but nourishing your body is so rewarding. Food is both your fuel and medicine. For the first time in my life, I really just feel like I’m making the right decisions from a place of caring and loving rather than from a place of I need to lose weight.

We all know that we should be eating clean, healthy foods but it’s more about getting yourself to a point where you do want to it rather than feeling like you should. For me, that came from slowing down and getting in contact with my body.


I always thought this was kind of a corny self-development tool, but honestly, I’ve started doing the work and it has influenced the way I eat and see myself. 

I’ve changed my perspective of myself and I’ve done that through mirror work. It consists of literally just looking deep into yourself in the mirror, whether you do it naked or clothed. It doesn’t matter. Just come up with some personal statements, some transformative statements to really, really connect with your body and with your own soul.

So for example, I will stand in front of the mirror and I will say things like “Erin, I love you. You are just so beautiful.”

I, personally, do it before the shower. Again, you don’t have to do it naked if that feels too uncomfortable to start with, but I have these personal power statements that I came up with that are very personal to me and my story and my values. And I say them every day in the mirror. And because of that shift in perspective, I just feel completely different about myself, which in turn has influenced my desire to move and nourish myself. 

If you don’t know what to say to yourself, I actually have created a free workbook that you can download. It’s called how to live an extraordinary life. In there, I actually help you to uncover some personal power statements for your
self through your own values and your own story. So definitely check it out.

6. PUT DOWN THE PHONE, PICK UP A BOOK (or just something else)

Something that has really helped me health-wise is that I have stopped picking up my phone and started picking up books. Not only has not picking up my phone so much helped with my eyes, but I was getting neck pain. And I know that that was just because I was constantly looking down at my phone. 

Now you might say that you look down at a book, but here’s the thing, there is so much that happens on the internet that influences the way we feel about ourselves and the decisions we’re likely to make. If you want to be the most vital, healthy, energetic version of you, constantly putting all of your attention into your phone is not really giving you anything back, only draining. 

Whereas with a book, on the other hand, you are learning, you are hearing stories, your consciousness is getting expanded about what’s possible for you or you’re being entertained. So I think that it’s really important that you’re just really being mindful of how you’re spending your time. 

It doesn’t have to be a book, but pick up a pencil and draw something, pick up your runners and go outside and go for a walk. But think about how often you’re actually picking up your phone and start replacing that habit with something a little more body nourishing.


I have said it before. I’ve heard it before, but something has shifted. I have been feeling grateful rather than being grateful. There’s a very big difference between being grateful and actually feeling into the gratitude every single morning. Rather than just starting to write off a list, put your hand on your heart and pause for a second. What is truly, truly, truly in this moment, making you happy? What is truly making you feel connected?

It will shift your mood. It will shift your energy. It will shift your perspective. It will change your life.

You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time, but you can list a bunch of shit off that you’re grateful for. So, feel gratitude.

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