Develop your confidence to BUILD a powerhouse Personal Brand with Montelle Browné

If you have ever thought about building a personal brand, but you’re just holding yourself back, this post is for you.

Montelle is a personal brand coach, international retreat facilitator, and the founder of Brand Your Influence™. Her mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs to tap into their full potential and build a profitable personal brand.

Through her coaching, workshops and online content, Montelle provides actionable steps that help you uncover your brand story, grow an influential platform, and package your knowledge into service. In this episode, she goes into not only the strategy for how to build your personal brand but a step-by-step process you can use to work through your confidence struggles.

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A personal brand means you own your success, own your story and create that narrative. You don’t have to rely on anybody else to create this for you.


Montelle’s online journey started around six years ago when she discovered YouTube and started her own beauty and makeup channel as an outlet for her creativity.

It really did change my life in a way, because at that time I was so insecure, I was covered in acne covered in eczema. I was seeking some sort of magic potion for my skin issues and I wasn’t finding anything. So when I came across makeup, I was like, wow, this is the answer for me. 

Before long, people knew her as the beauty influencer, but where her passion really lied was with travel, entrepreneurship, business, and personal growth as well. So she made the move to pivot her content and began to rebuild her brand. In the beginning, It wasn’t always easy, but eventually she started to grow. And, that’s how her real journey with personal branding and teaching others to lean into the power of their confident selves began.


Throughout this journey of chopping and changing what she wanted to do, the one thing that held strong for her was the growth of her personal brand. No matter what, she continued to build an audience, a community so regardless of the pivots that she went through, they were invested in her as a person. And that’s what makes personal branding so effective, not only for your own business but also as a person.

A personal brand means you own your success, own your story and create that narrative. You don’t have to rely on anybody else to create this for you. 

It opens the doors for you to figure out who you’re going to become before you even become that person…the opportunities will come your way and show you.

A lot of people still feel like your personal brand is your colour scheme or your logo or the fonts that you use, but your values and principles are the real core of a brand. Being crystal clear on them is what’s going to create a powerful brand for you.


It honestly came from a place of me just realizing that I have to have my own back and nobody is here for me the way I’m going to be here for me…

If I really want to live the life that I want to live and impact people in the way I do. I know that that first step had to be my own confidence. I’m not going to be able to go out there and share my story and teach and inspire people in the way that I’d love to do if I’m not confident within myself.

it was really just about me developing my confidence, building my skills in whatever way possible and just showing the journey online as well.

There is really no age to what it is that you want to do. You just have to stay true to what your values are, what your mission is, and not let anything get in the way of that.

Remember you are sharing your experience so nobody can tell you that it’s incorrect. People don’t expect you to know everything, they don’t expect you to be an expert. The people who need to hear your message, are trying to get to where you are.

In the online space, it can be so easy to feel like everyone knows more then you, but, remember, you’re speaking to those coming across your platform for the first time, hearing your message, hearing your type of content for the very first time. And you could really change their life. You will help them find the answers for themselves.

Stay true to who you are and how you like to show up. t’s just about you being authentically you and living life as you would so you can inspire others to do the same.


Building your confidence takes daily, consistent action.

I know, in the beginning, of my journey, it was the daily things that I was doing. That’s how the habits started to fall + form. 

Think of it as learning a new skill. It’s not that your not a confident person, it’s just that you lack confidence in this area.

So first, I want you to do is acknowledge the fact that this is an area that you are unconfident in. Then, I want you to create a list of all the areas where you don’t feel confident. 

Next, I want you to start thinking of different areas in your life where maybe you are more confident. This will prove to you that you are a confident person.

Do not take on the identity that you’re not confident.


Whenever you’re in a moment where you are feeling on fire, like you’re super lit up, anchor in that feeling. So when things are hard or you’re doubting yourself, you can go back to that feeling, you can step into that version of yourself.

So the way you do this is you think about the feeling, the experience you’d like to get into the vibe of. And then you, squeeze your knuckle or you do something else to anchor that feeling in, and then you’d squeeze it for maybe 30 seconds or so. That would create the anchor. So whenever you are in a situation where you’re not feeling that confident, just go back to that anchor point, remember that feeling.

It’s all about just recognizing the areas where you’re not confident and doing something every single day to push yourself out of that comfort zone.


A leader is somebody who can show up for their people in a way that is accepting. They understand that they are there to help people facilitate their own growth and to lead them in the right direction without telling them exactly what they must do. 

A leader is not someone who feels like that above everybody else.

A leader is not someone who has all of the answers.

A leader is like right in the middle of the crowd going, “Hey guys, like we’re in this together. I may have a few extra tools and resources. Maybe I don’t have all the answers, but if we do this together with my guidance, we’ll get through.

You are more of a leader to admit that you don’t have all the answers than to pretend that you do. It’s okay to still be learning. People appreciate honesty more. And, that vulnerability highlights so much more of a leader than someone who perceives to say that they have it all figured out. 

BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND (Montelle’s Signature Framework)


So you want to build this platform, you want to have a personal brand, a business…you have to sta
rt seeing yourself as that leader, seeing yourself as the visionary that you want to become. You have to step into that role as well.

A lot of people buy into courses and programs looking for all the strategies, but their mindset’s not in the right place. So they consistantly fall back into the imposter syndrome, into their limiting beliefs.

This happens because you may have physically made a decision, but mentally you haven’t decided that you are worthy of becoming this influential person and platform.

You need to become the visionary, change your mindset, your habits, step into that role.


Next we’ve got to uncover your brand story. This is incredibly important.

And, StoryBrand by Donald Miller is a great place to start, if you would like to learn more.

It’s about you owning your story. It’s about knowing that your story is important regardless of what it is.

If you are no longer the person you used to be, that means that there has been a transformation for you of some sort. So you just have to start remembering the transformation.

Start by identifying what that transformation was and create a life map.

Start from when you were younger, and work your way to the age you are now. Map out all the transformational moments of your life, any memory that comes to mind.

You’ll quickly realize just how powerful your story it.


So this is where the strategy comes into it.

You’ve decided that you’re going to step into this role as the leader, you’ve uncovered your brand story, which is a transformational point, now it’s time to build the audience.

Which platform would be best for you to be on? What’s the strategy? What’s the best content to connect with the audience? How should you engage?

L- Leverage your knowledge for profits. 

Now it’s time to package your knowledge into a service, whatever that looks like for you as that creative.

I honestly love this section because I do feel like as a creative, a lot of people do struggle with charging their worth for their services and feeling like it’s a passion. Why should I charge for this?

The reason you should charge for it is because you are offering value to people’s life. You’re offering them transformation, you’re living in your creativity.

So, what services could you offer? How could you package that up? How could we create digital products out of that service? 


So this is when you start doing all of the next-level stuff.

This is when you start becoming the go-to in the industry.

You begin to collaborate with others, you get featured on podcasts and in the media, you’re pitching yourself.

This looks like connecting with people in your industry and outside. Stepping into your confidence as a leader and someone with value to offer your industry.

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