Why Energy is so Important in Business with Katie Wilkinson

This post is really for anyone who is interested in the spiritual side of business.

I sat down with one of my amazing Simply Business Academy students, Katie, and we spoke all about energy, manifestation, and how to use your mindset to have success in business. 

Katie has just exploded onto the scene, creating a business that really helps entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can create incredible success for themselves. And I have just been astounded by the incredible stuff that she has done. I cannot wait to see her grow even further! 

You are just going to absolutely love this episode.

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When I started, I had this feeling, I like to call it like a universal download, a universal knowledge. When, you know, your intuition is just telling you, you have to do this and you can’t ignore it. And that feeling was Katie, you have a message to share with the world.


Katies is an absolutely incredible entrepreneur. She’s so inspiring.

What she’s been able to create in such a short amount of time is nothing short of super, super inspirational. Not only has she manifested success for herself, but she actually teaches other people to do this same.

Over the last six or so months she has transformed her life and business. And, like most of us, her journey started before she even knew it had started.

Her parents were always really into personal development.

“When my mom was pregnant with me, she would go to like these motivational seminars and I was really enjoying it. One day she was listening to this woman and she had this thought pop into her head: “I want to be a motivational speaker one day”. And she was like, I swear, that was you. I’ve never had this thought in my life. And so she tells me this story and it’s so funny and now it just makes sense that I’m here today.”

So it seems personal development was always a part of her journey, but she wasn’t consciously aware of what manifestation was until she fell really ill, at around 16. She had to drop out of high school and that really put everything into perspective.

“And the very first online course that I ever purchased was on manifestation, which I love because it was a Kimberly Wenya course.Not only was the course so amazing, but seeing someone just like me, you know, she lives in Melbourne, she’s a similar age to me, she looks similar to me…

Even though I was into personal development and saw all these amazing people doing these things, I never really saw myself as someone who would want to be a coach or public speaker. I still kind of thought that, you know, I had to be some crazy unicorn or a special person to do it. And so then seeing you and Kimberly and this amazing community, I was like, I can do that too.” 

So, this year she resigned from her job as a kinesiologist, without a backup plan. 

She decided she was going to be a coach and went for it. She enrolled in Simply Business Academy, she took action every single day, and 6-months later she has created this online empire through really just doing what she loves and helping other women achieve incredible goals themselves.

“When I started, I had this feeling, I like to call it like a universal download, a universal knowledge. When, you know, your intuition is just telling you, you have to do this and you can’t ignore it. And that feeling was Katie, you have a message to share with the world.”

And, so she is.


Oftentimes we look at leaders, speakers, coaches, as people who are different from us, people who are older, more experienced… And that’s one of the biggest limiting beliefs for early stage entrepreneurs.

That’s why it’s so important to find expanders in your life: Those people who are similar to you.

This leverages psychology and neuroscience and the mirror neurons in your brain. When you see that someone else very similar to you has achieved something that you want to achieve, then you know you can do it too. It’s showing your brain it’s possible. 

There’s not one type of person when it comes to being a leader online or being a public speaker.

As long as you have that determination and drive, and a message to share, you can do anything.


Being entrepreneurs, it is important to know the strategies and you obviously still have to take the action, but the strategy is the easy part. You build an audience and sell them stuff. What holds so many women back from having success is their limiting beliefs. 

A limiting belief is a self-made obstacle or belief that exists in your psyche. And, it inhibits you from your success. 

Think of it like a parasite. The limiting belief ends up holding its own energy and the more attention and evidence that you give to it, then the more it’s going to grow and the more you are going to fall into cycles of self-sabotage.

“It’s not necessarily about getting rid of it of the belief but, rather, replacing it. But if you do want to get rid of it, you have to notice that habit. Be aware that your limiting belief is trying to gain evidence for its existence. If you can just shift and instead give evidence for the opposite for why you are good enough, then that’s what’s going to be real.” 


It starts with a thought or an event which then triggers an emotion and then an emotion forms, an action. And the action has a consequence which leads to an event. But, an event doesn’t mean anything until you assign emotional significance.

And so the best point to actually stop this cycle is the moment you decide, “what meaning does this have to me?” Because nothing is positive or negative until you choose. 

“We all know the analogy, glass half full glass, half empty. You choose a perspective. It’s really just a glass with a bit of water in it. It doesn’t really matter. But in that 0.1 second, in that microsecond, you automatically assign everything, elect for positive or negative, good or bad.”

The moment you decide that this is a good thing, because you’re learning, you’re growing. You then create a new cycle. And with a new cycle, comes new actions.


There’s two easy ways:

1) Whenever you hear yourself saying, I can’t do this, I can’t do that…Ask yourself why. 

We have these core limiting beliefs: I’m not safe, I’m not acceptable, I’m not loved, I’m not valuable, and I’m not cared for. These beliefs are what most of our other limiting beliefs stem from. 

You want to get to the core root of your limiting beliefs and what is triggering something deeper within you. So, keep asking yourself, “why do I feel like that?” until you get to one of those core beliefs.

2) Be aware of your emotions and your feelings.

If you’re feeling unpleasant or if someone says something and it kind of triggers you, that’s when you know you have a limiting belief. Why? Because we wouldn’t feel upset if it
doesn’t mean anything to us, right? And so noticing, when do you feel triggered? When do you feel upset? What situations are happening? What are those words that really get to you? 


There are actually 12 universal laws to do with manifestation and one of the most common and most popular ones is the law of attraction, but another is the law of duality. This law states that there are two sides to everything, but it’s actually one thing.

It reminds us that it is what it is and nothing more. We must experience what is called the complimentary opposite to know the value of each feeling. We need that whole spectrum. We wouldn’t have this whole entire group of amazing emotions if they weren’t meant to be felt. And so really noticing, yes, I can feel these things, but how can I feel in a way that is going to serve me, that’s going to help me and help me overcome my limiting beliefs?

“Eventually you’ll get to a point where you can stop feeling bad about things that you don’t need to feel bad about and just start feeling more empowered and more happy in your day to day life.”

The main thing when it comes to people just getting so caught up in their emotions is that they are judging themselves for feeling. Once you surpass that, that is when you  become a conduit for your emotions. We are not our emotions. They are always flowing. 

“The moment you get stuck and you judge yourself, that’s when all the trouble comes and I love the quote. You know what you resist persists.”

The only way you can get through an emotion is just by feeling it fully and processing it. And then moving on. The more you challenge yourself and resist and judge an emotion, the harder it is going to be going to feel. 


Remember, limiting beliefs are often not the result of a big traumatic event. It can be one simple sentence that someone said to you long, long ago. Which then formed a neural pathway in your brain that your brain keeps looping and going back to over and over again. And until we get rid of that pathway, it’s just going to keep going again and again and again and again.

“How I teach is that it’s much easier to replace a pathway than to remove it altogether.”

What you want to do is divert the attention to a new pathway, like a fork in the road. 

Here is where you rewrite the story. And how do you rewrite the story? You create a new memory.

Fun fact: Our brains don’t know the difference between reality and between our imagination or memory.

So, what you’re going to do is “brainwash” it. You’ve created this memory in your mind of a time someone or something made you feel small. And what you need to do is go back into that subconscious state. This can be done through a meditation or another form of trance like state, and then rewrite that memory. Imagine it with a different ending, change the story.


“I know a lot of people they’re kind of fully in the masculine side of energy, taking action systems and strategy while others are just like, sit back and allow it to come. And for me, I really found that having the two together is what creates a really stable, successful business. And so I like to see it as the divine masculine energy with the divine feminine. So masculine, as I said, is all systems and strategy and doing, and it’s kind of going out there and being at the forefront while the feminine energy is attracting its flow. Things are just going to come to you through the energy you’re putting out.”

The main law of manifestation is that the energy you put out is the energy you receive back. And we live in an energetic world. Your energy really affects how you experience your life. And, of course, how you experience business as well. Sure, thoughts create your reality, but actions create your reality too.

“If we go back to the thought cycles: Thought creates the emotion, which creates action, the action creates the result. And so energy can really be broken down to yes, your thoughts, but it’s also your emotions, your actions, how you treat yourself, how you treat other people, essentially how you live your life. That is the energy that you emit out into this world.”

And so if you want to attract things through manifestation, through energy, you have to live your life in this aligned state of energy. It’s happening all of the time.

You are always manifesting so really be aware of what you are broadcasting out to the universe with your energy. That is what you’re going to receive back.


Systems and strategy are a must. It’s the backend of the business, right? Your sales page and your workflows and your emails and all your planning. Use the systems and the strategy as the foundation, that allows room for your feminine flow. 

Feminine flow is that energy…showing up online, speaking, that’s where people feel your energy. That’s how you manifest. Allowing people to attract, attracting clients through your energy and fusing your energy into all of your content. Trust that the universe will send it to the right person.

When you don’t set up the masculine side of your business for the launch, you can’t fully show up in the feminine side. It’s really a dance when these two come together, they don’t clash, they don’t obstruct each other. They really are infused together. Your business isn’t either a masculine business or a feminine business. In order to have the feminine flow and the attraction and receive the energy, you have to have the systems and strategy in place to give yourself the room.


You can’t know what you have to change if you don’t even know what you’re doing wrong. So when you’re really trying to practice manifestation in depth, take inventory and catalog. Carry a journal with you every single day and take notes for that week of what you’re doing and how you are feeling. You want to really catalog, what are my action words? How am I treating myself? How I’m treating other people? 

So many people get caught up in the technique. It’s a five by five affirmation method and journaling and scripting and meditating and vision boarding. And yes, these things are so, so amazing. But if you do these mindlessly, if you don’t know why you’re doing them, you’re not going to get the result. It’s the energy and intention. You need to feel the change. When you’re manifesting, you have to live as if you have achieved your goal.

Remember, you’re manifesting a feeling at the end of t
he day. There’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, how to close that gap is start living and breathing and being that version of yourself internally, emotionally embodying that fully. And then the gap will close. 


This is what manifestation is.

We are the universe, all the particles or molecules that created the universe, we possess them within us and the change and the action, everything that we desire comes from within us first. So, you don’t need to seek to look for more, to always try to find more and feel that lack, right? 

Everything you could have, desire, or need, you can find within yourself, you just have to access it, peel back those layers. And remember that, you have it all already. 


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