a system to change your life in six months

This blog is actually the beginning of a new journey that I’m starting in my own life that I’m going to be documenting so I can share it with you 🙂 

I’ve achieved a lot of success in my life, with my own personal goals, my business, with my community, but I’ve come to place where I feel like I want to go further. Start a new chapter, write that next story.

Ultimately, I want to become the next-level version of me.

Over the years, I’ve made many iterations to who I am as a person and it’s gotten me to an incredible point in my life, but I’m now at that point where I feel like I’m veering on the edge of change. So, I want to use the rest of this year to set myself up for what is going to be that next incredible journey of my life.

And, I want to bring you along with me. Let’s do it together, shall we?


Before we get into the new system I’ve developed for upgrading my life, we need to backtrack a little bit. 

Last year I made a video where I talked about how I was going to change my life. and recently I’ve reflected on my own journey and on the methodology I laid out in that video. I’ve discovered that what is missing is HOW we actually become the person we want to be. 

Nobody just wakes up one day and is just all of a sudden a different person. 

It happens over time. 

 I absolutely believe that you need to develop habits that create lasting change, but how do we actually become a different person?

Fact is, while we do change, we do not become a completely different person. I shouldn’t be about becoming someone else. It’s about being our best self—we just need a system that allows us to become the very best version of ourselves.


The things that I’m going to be focusing on over the next 6-months are my health and my education around my niche.

The reason I’ve chosen these two focuses is because when I looked at all my individual goals and asked myself…what has to change in order for this goal to become easy?…it became apparent that these where at the centre.

For example, for me to really start showing up as a content creator (so I can achieve my goal of growing my YouTube channel) I need to make sure that I am inspired. And, I know that I am most inspired when I am learning new things. So rather than setting specific goals around growing my YouTube channel and focusing on that, I’m going to put my focus into learning new things and collecting inspiration. Showing up on YouTube will become easy because I’ll have so much to talk about.

DISCLAIMER: Now, here’s the thing, I’m pretty self-aware at this stage. I’ll know when I am achieving these goals. However, if you’re not in a place where you really have that self-awareness yet, you may want to set some trackable goals around your areas of focus.


These are the areas that you need to support yourself through change. 


You have to stay motivated in order to take action. And, no I don’t mean inspirational quotes you’ll find on Pinterest. I mean using science and your brain to get yourself to stay motivated and focused.

Break down each of your individual goals into daily action…Not monthly, not weekly, daily…because what you actually want to do is hack your own brain into feeling inspired by itself. You’ll do this by promoting the release of the hormone dopamine.

Whenever there is a perceived reward, you’re getting a release of dopamine so when you are breaking down those big goals, focus on really small steps. When you achieve that small action step, you’ll get a hit of dopamine and you will be motivated to continue to take action.


I am a huge fan of having people hold you accountable. Now, you want to make sure that this person is fully invested in YOUR personal achievement. My recommendation here is either to find a group, a community, or a friend who is just as invested as you are in achieving this particular goal. For this to work, both party’s have to be benefiting. This is why hiring a coach is so incredibly powerful. 


In order for you to achieve a goal, it has to be simple. If your goals are too complicated, you are just not going to achieve them.

For example, set up your environment to achieve your goals. If you are trying to cut back on chocolate, make achieve that goal simple by making sure you don’t have any in the house.


You need to make sure you are making time for those daily actions. Get married to your calendar because, at the end of the day, you aren’t going to achieve anything if you don’t make time for it. If you don’t schedule those goals into your day, you simply won’t do them. 


If you don’t enjoy the journey, what’s the point of getting to the end result? You have to find a way that is enjoyable or at least semi-enjoyable to achieve your goals or you won’t follow-through. You have to find a way to make it fun, either through the actual process, through a system…gamify it if you have to. If you don’t enjoy it, why would you show up for it?


You have to actually take the time, probably every single day, to reflect on whether or not you are staying up to date with those daily actions. You want to really celebrate the wins when you do hit your goals, and when you don’t you want to reflect on why and how you can better set yourself up for success.


If you don’t have a why for why you’re trying to achieve your goals, you’re probably not going to achieve them. If you really want to change your life, you have to go inwards and really think about what YOU truly want to do with it. There has to be an intense purpose behind it or the moment you have the opportunity to you will back down from the work it takes to achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

This is the start of me going through the journey along with you, lovely. And I would LOVE it if you would share your goals with me on Instagram – @erinmayhenry. Use the hashtag #becomingnextlevel!

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