How to Stop Wasting Time

So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to spend time productively.

If you’ve been around for a little while, you’ll know, I love my free time. Honestly, I love being lazy. I really do.

BUT, I also LOVE just getting stuff done.

So, I wanted to walk you through some of the ways in which you can stop wasting time (so that you have more time to be lazy).

So, if you’re one of those people that just never seems to “have enough time” to start that business or reach that goal…This video is for you.

I put together these tips and tools to help you prioritize your time and GET STUFF DONE.

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: Pick up your phone and check your screentime

At this point, you should know that your phone is most definitely a distraction, but I want you to go check your screentime anyway.

This is one of the most profound things I ever did for myself when it came to stop wasting my time. When I saw how much time I was actually wasting mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or jumping from app to app unnecessarily.

And I took that as an opportunity to get more done with my life, with my business, and with my goals.


This is a sneaky one, but it is most definitely the main culprit when it comes to us getting in our own way. The desire to do something “right”, oftentimes keeps us from starting at all. Whatever it is you are putting on hold, I can bet that it’s because you are spending way too much time working out all the nitty-gritty details.

Another thing is that perfectionism often leads to procrastination. Your fear of being judged keeps you from launching the thing (whatever it is) and instead, you end up spending your afternoon scrolling on your phone, escaping the challenge.

So you really have to check your perfectionism. Coach yourself.

Remind yourself that:

A) If it’s not perfect, it’s not the end of the world.

B) You can always get better.

C) It’s much better done than perfect.

Just get it out into the word. Learn to become your own personal life coach 🙂


You need to become aware of your own personal triggers.

Writing for me is a big one. When I can’t find the words, I get frustrated and am way more likely to get distracted, which, of course, leads to me waste so much time.

So, you have to learn what your triggers are for you. What is the thing that happens before you get distracted or you start procrastinating?

They say that when you’re flicking between tasks, for instance when you’re working on your business and then you stop what you’re doing to check your phone, it takes up to 40% of the time to refocus on the task you were doing before. X that by 50-60 phone pickups a day (don’t deny it) and imagine all that wasted time was spent on your business…How much do you think you could get done?

What are the things that frustrate you?

What are the things that induce fear?

What are the things that make you feel like you want to pick up your phone?

And, then, create contingencies around those triggers that will snap you back into focus.


Tasks that we don’t enjoy doing tend to take SO MUCH longer.

You know those times when you’re working and time is just flying by? Those are the times you are going to be the most productive.

Look, I’m not saying you should be in flow for every single task you have to do in your life and business, that’s not realistic. But, when you have great intentions behind your actions, when you know exactly why you’re doing something, it’s SO MUCH easier to get into that flow state…instead of constantly having you amp yourself up every step of the way.

So, try and set your business up in a way that is totally aligned with your personal vision, so that the task you have to do every day are the ones that sincerely light you up.

And, if you need support in reaching that place, I have a course called Clarity + Community. Within it, I actually teach you how to set up a course that is in alignment with your own personal values, vision, and all the things that you enjoy. I created it because I see so many people that create businesses that wear them down instead of lift them up…and I don’t want that for you, lovely.


If you find yourself wasting time just wondering what you should be doing or flicking between tasks then you need to organise yourself.

I used to be so unproductive because I just didn’t have any structure. If I had the tools I have now back when I first started, I would be so much more successful today. I wasted so much time in the beginning.

The thing that has made me so focused, so productive, and successful is being organised. Specifically, being organised with my time. Using something like a google calendar is going to help you so much in keeping track of your time and saving it throughout your day. I even coined the term “married to my calendar”. That’s how committed I am to this tip.

Trust me, you will you be so much more productive (and be left with so much more free time) if you set yourself up with a system that works for you to organise your time and leave you feeling empowered by your schedule, instead of overwhelmed by it.

As the saying goes, “we all have the same hours in the day as Beyonce”, and these 4 tips are going to leave you making the most of every minute!

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