How to Journal for Self Improvement

Today we’re going to talk about how I use journaling to overcome my limiting beliefs. 

I’m going to walk you through my exact process so you can start using journaling to overcome your limiting beliefs too.

Of course, there are so many different ways to tackle your limiting beliefs, but for me, because I’m such a conversationalist, having a conversation with myself through journaling has always proven to be the most effective.

Now, my journaling is usually pretty natural. But, because I LOVE creating systems, I developed a 3 step process for you, which essentially encapsulates how I journal through my limiting beliefs.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?


So, essentially, to get my limiting beliefs excavated, to bring them up to the surface, to dig them up, if you will…I use a process of self-questioning.

In other words, when I become conscious of the fact that there is a mindset block standing in the way of me taking a particular action, I ask myself that exact question:

What is standing in the way of…

…Making more money.

…Growing my audience.

…Getting fitter.

Whatever it may be.

What I then do is just start writing things out.

Now, I know a lot of people who might start to judge themselves and what’s coming up for them, which prevents them from getting really honest, and that’s why journaling doesn’t really end up working for them.

You just have to trust WHATEVER comes up for you, even if it’s seemingly irrelevant.

Just write until it becomes clear to you what underlying beliefs are acting in opposition to your goals and values.

Excavate until you figure out what’s going on there.

You may have to ask this question over and over, but if you’re not taking the actions you need to take to get where you want in life, I promise you, there is something happening under the surface that you need to become consciously aware of so that you can move on to Step 2.


Limiting beliefs are exactly that, stories that limit and keep us from doing what we need to do to achieve our goals.

Most of the time, even though they feel so real and may even reside within concrete examples, they are just our mind trying to keep us safe, trying to keep us inside of our comfort zone.

And so, our brain will highlight the examples and events that support our limiting beliefs versus allowing us to focus on the things that exist contrary to it.

Look at your limiting belief and ask yourself:

Is this true?

If there is ANY evidence to the contrary then it CANNOT be a hard fact.

Ok, now, why isn’t it true?

I call this exercise “Calling the BS” and it’s one that I frequently use with my clients. We take a look at a limiting belief and list out all the reasons why, in fact, it is a lie…all the reasons why the limiting belief is, in fact, BULLSHIT.

The point is to expose the limiting belief for the lie that it is because once you realize that this limiting belief that is supposedly keeping you “safe” is actually keeping you stuck, your mindset and your perception of that limiting belief will begin to change.

Now, you will consistently need to remind yourself why that limiting belief is BS, but when you observe it and become aware of it and start to give yourself examples of the opposite, that’s one of the fastest ways to start moving through it.


My cancellation process is a positive one. Rather than focusing too much on the limiting belief itself and giving it any more attention than it actually deserves, what I like to do is just start drilling into my brain the opposite of what this limiting belief actually is.

If you do the work to override the software that has essentially infused itself into your psyche with something else, that positive belief will become your subconscious baseline.

So, start listing out all the positive things that will be contributed to the opposite of that limiting belief, ones that directly rebut it.

Maybe even script things out as though they have already happened.

This process will probably look different for you every single time, but it isn’t a checklist to be ticked off. Allow it to be intuitive and, just know, the more honest you are with yourself the more impactful this process will be.

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