how i organise and plan using Asana

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am literally obsessed with Asana. It is the project management tool that I use to run pretty much my entire life and business.

So, of course, I wanted to show you how I use it so that, in turn, could do the same!

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?


Honestly, I barely use this section but when you look at the Asana home screen what you’re going to see are all of the shortcuts to your left.

Within each section you’ll find a Team or a Project. Something I really like about Asana is that you can create a project as a list, as a board, as a timeline, or as a calendar. So you can adjust the structure of your project based on either your taste or what is best suited to the demands of the task.

Now, there are a lot of shortcuts that I don’t really use within my Asana home screen, but the 2 sections I use the most frequently are…

My Tasks Section

This section pools all the individual tasks that have been created across all of my different projects and teams. It lists each task in accordance with its deadline and the associated project.

Now, I rarely use it as an actual to-do list, but Asana allows you to transfer your lists to a calendar view so that you can get a clear overview of all of the tasks that you have to complete in your life and in your business, and by when.

While I still rely heavily on Google Calendar for most of my scheduling, Asana’s calendar feature allows me to stay organised specifically with my projects and business-related tasks and is handy as a cross-reference tool to make sure nothing is missed.

My Teams Section

Asana is predominantly used by organizations to allow for collaboration between team members on projects. However, as a solo business owner, I use the teams section to divide my tasks into the different areas of my life and business.

And, within each Team, you are able to divide your work into individual projects.

For instance, as far as Teams I have:


I use this section to list out my goals, my personal to-dos, and the vibes I want to achieve in my business and life.

The reason I created this section alongside my business tasks is so every time I get lost in my Asana tasks-list, I can be reminded of the life I want to live, the person I want to be, and why I’m doing any and all of it. ‘

Vision and Planning:

This includes the individual areas and programs within my business. You’ll find things like my team organisational chart, my ascension model, my content plan, my brand styling guide, etc. Essentially you’ll find all of the things that make up and define my business.

You’ll also find an area devoted to the vision I have for my business over the course of the next 3-5 years, as well as a breakdown of the roles I have and would like to fill within my team.


Within this team, you’ll find

  • My sales plan for 2020,

  • All content planning and admin tasks for my monthly Game Changer Collective Membership,

  • The individual projects I have for the next 6-months

  • All the small things list

  • Events

Marketing + Growth

Essentially this board goes through all the content I plan to create and each step that goes into bringing it from ideation to completion. For more insights on what that looks like, check out the video I created on how I develop and plan my content (which you can find here). This is the board within which I do it all.

Launched + Funnels

Anytime I am going into a launch, am creating a funnel, or am developing something on the more sales structure side of my business, I create a project for it. Within each individual project, you’ll find the things I need to accomplish to get it up and running.

For instance, in the next month or so, I am going to be developing a funnel for one of my courses called In-Demand. So, I broke down each individual step I need to take to get that up and running, and inserted each one into my In-Demand Launch & Funnel project.

I could go on for hours about my Asana, but if there is anything in particular you would like some insights on, join our community on
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