my sunday planning and pamper routine

The reason I wanted to create this video and blog post for you was because I really use Sunday’s as an opportunity to recharge and set myself up for the new week.

I talk a lot about productivity, planning, and taking action, but you also know I’m a huge fan of just chilling and having the time to do the things outside of what you enjoy doing in your business.

And Sunday is really that day for me.

So, let’s dive into my Sunday routine!

Wake up early + do something for you

Pretty much every Sunday, the first thing I do is wake up early. I know Sunday’s is often the day that most people chose to sleep in, but I usually wake up around 6 am because I usually spend Sunday’s going riding.

If you didn’t know, one of my absolute favourite things to do is motocross. It was something that I started about midway through last year and I am just obsessed. So I go riding at least every other Sunday.

It’s important to me that I spend the first half of Sunday doing something that I really just enjoy and my hobbies are definitely some of my favourite things to do. 

They’re actually my secret to success. They keep me having fun and have kept me from ever burning out in my business.

You have to find time in your calendar, whether it’s in the evenings or on the weekends, depending on what they are, to do the things that are genuinely just for you.


I usually get home from riding from around 2 pm and jump straight into the shower…because motorbiking=lots of mud. 

From there I’ll take some time to just chill and switch off, which is something that I prioritize, not only on Sunday’s but throughout the rest of my week, as well.

And, when I say switch off, I mean I take time to do absolutely nothing.  

We’re always so inundated with our to-lists and goals from day-to-day life and I think it’s really important that you just take some downtime (even if it’s only 30 mins) to just turn off your brain.

Weekly set-up + plan

Once I’ve mellowed out for a little while, I start setting myself up for the week. 

The things that I do on Sunday’s to set myself up for the week really do make me more productive, organized, and successful in the long run.

  1. I check-in with myself and reflect on how my month is going so far. Where am I in relation to my goals?

  2. I check to make sure my calendar is ready to go and accurate for the week ahead.

  3. I set some intentions for the week.

    I plan a week’s worth of outfits based on my calendar and what I have going on day-to-day.

Tie up loose ends

If there is happens to be something that I missed from a client or a task that I didn’t get to from the week before. 

So, I’ll go through my Game Changer Collective group, my Simply Business group, and my e-mails to make sure there aren’t any loose ends I need to tie up before a new week starts.


I would definitely not consider myself to be someone who is into skincare or even beauty routines in general, but I definitely notice the difference when I take the time to tan and pamper myself a bit on Sunday’s.

This always me feeling just a little bit more confident about myself heading into a new week.

Wind down

The rest of the night will be spent with George hanging out and winding down so that I can get to bed early and wake up feeling energized for my workout on Monday.

And, if you struggle to go to bed early, my #1 tip for you is simply to wake up earlier. Yup, it’ll be tough at first, but I promise that if you wake up just an hour or two earlier it’ll be so much easier to get to sleep. 

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