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I am so excited for today’s post!

I am actually going to be showing you what’s on my desk and how I actually organize my desk as someone who works from home. 

If you’ve been following my journey for a little while, you’ll know that I regularly change up my home office space. Not only do I think it’s a really good idea to keep things fresh and keep me creative, but I’m a Gemini and I get sick of things pretty quickly.

The office space I have at the moment is probably the favourite that I’ve ever had, I’m so happy with it. It’s so well organized and, honestly, this alone has just made my life so much easier. 

So, I really wanted to take you through all the things on my desk that help me run my business and my YouTube channel, and really just show you all the decor so maybe you can get some inspiration for your own home office space. 


So, if you looked at an overview of my office and desk space, you’d notice that I really tried to go for a kind of bamboos-neutrals theme. Why? Because it really fits with my branding. As someone who uses my office as the background for a lot of my videos and a lot of the visuals I use for my business, this was really important for me.

I think that’s a really good tip if you do style your home office and you are someone who has a brand online, using your brand colours can really make things so much more cohesive across your marketing.


This is, honestly, my favourite part of the space.

I just have some dried flowers that I bought from a florist and put into a white vase. I am really bad at taking care of flowers and plants, so this is just a really nice way to add a little bit of life to my office.

You’ll notice I also do have a guitar next to it, I never play it, I keep it there to remind myself that I’m just human and there are some things that I’m just not good at….Just kidding. It’s there to try to remind me to play it, but it doesn’t really work. But, it sure does look nice sitting there.


And now, moving on the pride and joy of my desk. And, no, I’m not talking about the laptop that has helped me to build my entire business…I am talking about my highlighters.

They make their home in my bamboo desk drawers and they share a drawer with some sticky notes, my hard drive, and a screen cleaner.

In that same desk drawer set up, you’ll find all of my cables tied up really neatly, as well as my USB-C adaptor with my SD card, HDMI and USB adapters (I love this thing because I can use it with my computer as well as my iPad. Actually, it’s the adaptor I use to get all of my footage straight onto my iPad so that I can edit all of my videos in VSCO cam).


This may seem like a really small detail, but one thing that I’ve learnt in this time where we’re all stuck at home is that being just a little bit more organized makes your life so much easier.

The smallest things, like having lip balm at my desk at all times for my constantly dry lips, make such a difference in my day-to-day. For you, it might look like having the right adaptors, the right cables, extra batteries, etc. Just don’t forget to make your life easier with the little things too because, in turn, that will also increase your productivity massively.

The more organized you are, the easier life is. It’s a simple message. Remember it.


And then I, of course, do have my computer, which is the MacBook Pro.

I really love having a completely clear desktop, with my morning routine reminder as my background. So, before I sit at my desk, I can make sure that I’ve done all the things on that list and not be overwhelmed by a disorganized desktop screen.


On the right-hand side of my desk, you’ll find notices pinned up on a clipboard. I reference this every day for my business to keep track of all the content I have going out⁠—whether it’s in my membership, in my group coaching programs, or content for my other platforms.

Having little notices posted up right next to your desk with reminders for school, business, mindset, is really helpful.

I also have my tech organization station. This consists of my iPad and a small charging station for my phone and AirPods.


Underneath my desk is actually where I keep all of my camera gear. I try to keep my cameras and lenses under there so that they can stay out of sight as much as possible.

And, then, in the organization station under my desk, I keep all the other little gadgets I use in my business.

  • The tripod I use every single day in my business is one in which you can put your phone in portrait or landscape and it also extends out as a selfie stick. All of my lives are done with this tripod.

  • The Logitech webcam, which makes the quality of your live videos WAY better (if you want to increase the quality of your live content, I would definitely recommend it).

  • My Blue Yeti microphone: which I use to record all of my voice overs and podcasts.


Here you’ll find:

Honestly, the next two shelves down are pretty much just for aesthetics purposes and as a reminder to do go out and ride my motorbike (yes, I keep my motorbike helmet in my office to taunt me into going outside to ride).


I have three artwork pieces above my desk:

  • A print gifted to me by my fiancé for my birthday that shows the constellations above Melbourne the night we got engaged.

  • A Gemini piece that I got in Queensland from the company Sunday Lane (the frame can be found here).

  • Lastly, is another art piece I got in a boutique store in Queensland.

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas about how to style and organize your home office space, but really I want the message of this post to be that the more organized you are, the easier your life is. But, also, I hope you can sense the excitement that my space brings me and creates in me.

That’s the power of surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and represent you. It’s incredibly important to fill your creative space with things that make you feel really good, whatever that may be for you.

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