27 habits of successful women (YouTubers & entrepreneurs)

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the favourite habits of successful women. But, this isn’t just some list that I gathered through google searching. I actually reached out to a bunch of different YouTubers, who I am lucky enough to be friends with or know through our communication online, and I asked them if they would be kind enough to share with us what their top 3 habits were. 

You will probably recognize most of the people on this list and maybe I am introducing you to some for the first time, but in their own right, all of these women are incredibly successful. I admire every single one of them and I know so many of you will, as well. 

They have all built themselves mini online-empires: they have businesses, they have YouTube channels, they have brands. And to reach those goals, to become successful, a really big part of that was their habits.


I have looked up to Rachel for so many years. She is an incredible YouTuber (Her videos are absolutely stunning), as well as a health and fitness coach with a very successful online coaching business.

1. Scheduling and Planning (ie. Time Blocking)

You all know I am such an advocate for planning. If you are someone who is just constantly in a cycle of not being able to get things done and feeling overwhelmed, honestly, the simplest thing you can do is just marry your Google Calendar.

Just being really organized with your time takes all of the guesswork out of what you should be doing. 

2. Have Clear Direction 

Creating direction through regular goal-setting is such an important part of business.

I just think that, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you actually going to get there? So, I love that Rachel said that if you want to be successful you have to set goals and develop the habit around regularly setting those goals.

3. Consistency

You need to do whatever you need to do to become someone who is consistent. If you are constantly starting projects and not really completing them, or getting really motivated but then getting really burnt out, you need to find a way to do the self-development work that you need to be someone who just keeps showing up. One step at a time. Day by day. That consistency is going to be the thing that gets you where you need to be over time.


Rachel is a YouTuber and I am obsessed with her content. She does a lot of home organization, home decor, and productivity content, so if you’re looking to get your mindset right, as well as your physical space right, Rachel is definitely the channel for you. 

4. Break up your goals

Break up your big goals into smaller goals so that they’re slightly more attainable. I think this is particularly powerful for those who have a business.

You know, when you’re setting financial goals or projects, sometimes when you’re standing at the bottom of the mountain and looking up things can seem really overwhelming. But, when you break things down into smaller checkpoints it is so much easier to take action. 

5. A Monthly Calendar

Very similar to what Rachel Aust said, being really organized with your time, working to a monthly calendar to avoid forgetting things or getting overbooked, is going to keep you focused.

Sometimes it’s not even the really big projects that make us feel disorganized and overwhelmed. It’s all the little mini details: the administration tasks, the responses, the email. These are things that usually pile up in the back of our minds and make us feel like we’re completely inundated with our to-do list.

So, if you just have everything you need to get done in a month laid out in a calendar, you make it so much easier for yourself to just stay organized.

6. Work when motivated and take breaks

Going full steam ahead when motivation hits and deleting social apps when motivation stops, ensuring I have the proper non-work time.

What I think Rachel is trying to say here is when you’re feeling motivated just take action, just getting as much done as you possibly can in that time. And, then also taking that downtime, to reflect, to take care of yourself.

Life isn’t about constantly hustling and then feeling guilty when you’re not. It’s about being productive and being motivated, but then also taking the time to recharge.


Arna is an incredible beauty and lifestyle influence. She creates makeup reviews, skincare reviews, lifestyle vlogs, and she’s actually a doctor of music. She is a multi-passionate woman, to say the least, and an incredibly inspiring person to follow. 

7. Commit to showing up (even when you don’t feel like it)

Committing to showing up for a minimum amount of time, even when you don’t want to. Regardless of if the session was productive, the act of showing up creates discipline.

If you’re constantly in a state of telling yourself you’re going to do something and then you don’t do it, that’s how you train yourself to be. When you at least do what you say you’re going to do, you strengthen that pathway in your brain and as a part of your identity. So, whether it’s going to the gym or working on your business, even if it’s not full powerhouse productivity, even just going and getting it done is so powerful.

8. Put Your Phone Away

Focus is SO important and it’s crazy how many people get distracted constantly by their phones. So, I definitely recommend this. If you’re someone who’s constantly distracted by your phone but you need to get something done, just put it away. It’s just as simple as that.

9. Develop Self-Compassion

Daily work towards developing true self-compassion so that even things don’t turn out as expected, I am able to see those things as opportunities for growth and development. 

All of these women have created incredible empires online, but the path to that success is not just straight up. You are going to incur failures as you build an audience or build a business and you have to recognize that that’s totally ok. When you’re hard on yourself when things don’t work out, you are going to make it so much more difficult on yourself to stay motivated to keep moving forward.


Muchelle creates content all around intentional living. I LIVE for her videos. They are so beautifully put together and, honestly, some of the most detailed and helpful videos that I think exist on the internet in her niche.

10. Wake up early

This could be translated into working at whatever time works best for you. Basically, there are 2 habits here. Self-awareness, which is really big, but also just making sure you’re making the time to just get stuff done. So, Muchelle is saying that waking up early really worked for her because she allowed herself more time to really work on the things that she needed to. And, if you’re someone who’s more productive at night, that’s
fine. Just make sure you’re using those hours doing those things, rather than watching Netflix. 

11. Set Intentions

I wouldn’t be where I was if it weren’t for my regular reflection and goal-setting practice. And, setting up my systems to achieve them.

Every successful person I know knows where they are going and knows the path to getting there. Now, of course, you can’t see exactly step 1-10 to getting there, but at least if you know the direction you’re heading in and where you want to wind up, you make it so much easier for yourself. Just be intentional with where you are going and how you are going to get there. 

12. Self-Care

This, like Arna mentioned, all comes back to self-compassion and just taking care of yourself. Successful women know that they are their own product. So if you want to start a business and be successful, you need to remember that you need to be taking care of you. Your physical body, your mental health, your spiritual health,  all of it. You are the entity that is going to help, motivate, and make an impact on other people, while also achieving your own personal goals. YOU are something that is worth taking care of.


Aileen is someone that I was fortunate enough to meet several years ago through the online space. She creates incredible self-development content. She’s built her audience to over a million and has an amazing business supporting that audience.

13. Prioritize 

Prioritize the most important things, instead of trying to do everything. This comes back to goal-setting and focusing on the tasks that are going to bring you closer to achieving them. Many of my programs are built around this concept. For instance, I created my Simply Business program because I just don’t like seeing people doing ALL of the things when it only really takes a few things done while to really build a successful business.

14. Create consistently

I think you’re going to find that in some way, shape, or form, most of these women have consistency as part of their action plan. Most people fall into the cycle of getting started and then stopping, but that is going to get anyone anywhere. 

15. Patience and Perserverance

Most people who are successful have to remain patient. They had to just keep grinding away each and every single day. Staying faithful, staying positive, and showing up each and every single day. And, over time, opportunities came their way that got them to where they are now.


I had the incredible pleasure of working with Vanessa as her coach at the beginning of her journey. Since then, she has gone on to do some incredible things. She is one of the most resourceful business people I have ever met in my entire life. 

16. Be Resourceful

Spend time finding the answers. Don’t wait for someone to give them to you. You are 100% responsible for your success. If you want to do something, go out there and find the path. It exists somewhere on the internet, I promise you that. So, be resourceful. Go find the answers. Stop waiting. 

17. Stop making failure mean anything

I catch myself before I attach meanings to things. This has helped me detach from outcomes and has helped me to stop taking things personally, which allows me to see things more objectively.

So many people make it mean something when they have a failed launch or something doesn’t go well. That’s just data! There are so many variables at play whenever you put anything out onto the internet. If you’re going to let every single thing that doesn’t meet your expectations create some type of dent in your personality, you are going to chip yourself away over time. If you do something and it doesn’t work…so what? Try something else.

18. Batch and Organise Tasks

Batching, organization, calendars…I think you can see a trend here. It is just so freaking important for you to be organized.

NATASHA SOLAE from Girl Chases Dreams

Natasha is one of my oldest friends online and is just an incredible entrepreneur. She is a business coach who specializes in systems and helping people get clients. 

19. Practice resilience

You’ve just gotta keep showing up. Things aren’t always going to go your way and if you let that get to you every single time, you aren’t going to get very far. And, it’s not about pushing yourself through to burn out, it’s about backing yourself. Believing in yourself enough to keep showing up. 

20. Do whatever it takes. 

Being willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. I don’t abide by the rules of the coaching/ entrepreneurial space if it doesn’t make sense for what I’m seeing in my biz.

While you, of course, want to be learning from people and reverse engineering other people’s successes, you have to create your own rules. Your intuition and what you think is right is an incredibly valuable tool. One that becomes increasingly easier to tap into with experience and time. As you start to grow in your own experience, you have to start following your gut. 

21. Work without outside accountability

You have to be able to do the work without a coach constantly staying on top of your ass.

You have to show up. You have to take 100% responsibility for your success, 100% of the time.

Samantha Hearne

Sam is an incredible online business coach, who started her journey working with people with anxiety and has now shifted into the online business space. Specifically helping people be bold in their business and lives.

22. The way you talk to yourself

I fully and wholeheartedly believe in my success and this helps me face challenges and continue moving forward.

Challenges are inevitable. Resilience, self-care, self-compassion, can you see a common thread here? All of these women are telling you, you are going to fail. But, it’s ok! You just have to keep backing yourself. 

23. Reading and learning

Always be a student. There are always ways to uplevel, to learn, to grow. When we stop learning, our businesses stop growing. Whether it’s free content online or whether it’s joining a course, just consistently absorbing new things is going to leave you with constant new ideas. 

24. Speak your visions out loud

I always speak my visions out loud. It helps me create more energy and excitement around them. It also allows you to hear yourself and your emotion when you say them outloud.

Visualization, scripting, whatever you need to do to set clear goals. Verbalize them, visualize them. The more crystal clear you are on what you want to achieve and the more confident you are to even just speak them to other people, the more likely you are to back yourself up with actions. So, speak them out and share them!


She is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is a business coach with a massive emphasis on spirituality. She is so deeply connected and she manifests like a mother…

25. Journal

Being able to really connect to my beliefs and action every day.

And, honestly, this woman is a journaling guru. So many of the things that she does really does come from her journaling, her content. She is one of the most consistent people I know with her spiritual practice and I know for a fact that so many of the things that she’s been able to achieve her life really have come from this one spiritual practice. So, if you are someone who needs that outlet to express creativity, connect inward and work through the tough stuff, journaling could be the thing for you. 

26. Invite creativity into your life

This is something that I attribute so much of my success to as well. Honestly, my income and my business have grown massively since I started really taking making my hobbies seriously. I just think it’s so important to not only have hobbies outside your business for inspiration but it also just creates such a holistic identity that you have for yourself. 

27. Connect to business besties

Daily chats with you has been the backbone to keeping me focused and down to earth and really excited to keep on succeeding.”

If it wasn’t for all of these women, I really don’t think that I would be where I am today. I am just so incredibly inspired by all of these ladies. And, not just from learning from them online, but by being able to share the experience with them.


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