How to be #Authentic Online

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So, today is going to be all about how to build a #authentic brand (in the not cringy sense of the word).

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If you want to be authentic online, authentic means original. It means you being you.

What is authentic?

First, let me just say, it isn’t someone who has enough confidence to say they haven’t showered in 3 days. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love that we are being more honest about what real life looks like, but I think there’s this massive confusion around what authentic really means. 

Again, I love the reality of it all but it’s put a lot of pressure on a lot of people to be incredibly open online (past what they’re comfortable with) so that they can be successful.

The truth is if you want to be authentic online, authentic means original. It means you being you.

It means you not putting on any type of facade when you are actually showing up online. You know, not mimicking anyone, not acting in a certain way because you think that’s how you’ll create success. It’s you being you and sharing what you feel confident sharing. 

It’s about being you and showing up as the youest version of you online. 

And I really want to give you 3 tips to help you do this:


One of the reasons I feel like I’m able to show up so authentically online is because I genuinely love who I am. So much so that I can actually be entertained by my own stories. #fact This is me getting to a point of pure self-acceptance. 

Look, when I started putting myself out there, I never really thought I was good enough. 

But, through the self-development work that I’ve done and the consistency with which I show up online, I’ve been able to grow my confidence

What allows me to be so authentic is knowing how special and unique I actually am. Honestly, it was a 1 in 400 trillion chance of me being born, and every single experience I’ve had, every single person that I’ve met, every perspective that I’ve gained has moulded the way I see the world. 

There is nobody else who could even come close to mimicking who I am. So I just had to decide to embrace who I am, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I decided I was going to cherish it all. 

So, whenever I start creating something new I remind myself that I am pretty cool. And, everything that has led me up to this point is pretty cool too. And so are you!

Whether I’m being silly, whether I’m being serious, whether I’m being passionate, if I record something and make a mistake, I just leave it. Why? Because no one is going to create it as I’ve created it. So I’m just going to embrace it and love it, and put it out there. 

You have to embrace the mistakes, you have to embrace your humanness.

So figure out your stories, figure out your blocks, start putting yourself out there, start taking action.


The second step to self-acceptance is just realizing that nobody actually cares as much as you think that they do. 

That is one of the reasons I am able to show up so real, so silly, so consistently. Because I’ve gotten myself to a point where the reception just doesn’t even cross my mind. 

You make mistakes in real life and it’s not the end of the world. 

Put things out there and realize that whatever happens, happens.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to be yourself because people aren’t thinking about you as much as you think they are. People are going to remember the impact you made of them, not the tiny mistakes you made or the silly moments.

It’s the realness that gives you the impression of someone being authentic and yet it’s the realness that so many people are afraid to show.


Fact is, without all that second-guessing I get so much more done. 

If I am doing my absolute best, that is enough for me and I know I’m creating something that will make an impact (and that confidence comes from doing it over and over again).

Being authentic is so freeing. It really really is.

Authenticity stems from confidence and its a muscle you need to develop. And, the more you use it, the easier it’s going to be. 

So, why not just start now? Why not just try?

Everything that has happened in your life has shaped your perspective, your personality, your quirks, and all the other wonderful things that you are.

You are so freaking cool. 

I know that sounds so corny but I just want to tell you that you are really cool. 

You are so awesome. 

You are so unique.

You are so special. 

If you have tricked yourself into thinking you are not unique, special, and cool, then you can go tell yourself to just shut it because you are. 

And, if you show up as that person online, people are going to love you. They’re going to embrace you.

And, if you embrace yourself, you will make everything so much easier for yourself. 

It’s about freeing yourself of the expectation that you need to be perfect because that, my dear, does not exist. 


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