Now, listen.

I’m a Gemini and I’m a rebel at heart, so rules and I don’t go well together.

HOWEVER, I recently started reading The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballentine and in it he touches on a concept that I sooooo believe in. 

The more structure you have in your life, the more freedom you will have. 

Prior to 2018, before I was introduced to the wonderful world of time and project management, I was one of those people that just “went with the flow”. Spoiler Alert: It really wasn’t working out for me. 

In fact, the more I embraced time + project management, the more freedom I had. 

So, I thought about rules as I was listening to this book. And I thought about the guidelines I have developed around who I want to be, how I want to show, how I want to go about my day.

It occurred to me just how much of my freedom has resulted from these guidelines, so I wanted to share them with you.

So here are (from my opinion + experience) my 8 rules of badass women. In other words, my 8 rules for how to show up more confidently in your life.

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I just want to show you how to become the game changer in your own life. I want your life to be extraordinary.


I just want to show you how to become the game changer in your own life.

I want your life to be extraordinary. Yes, from the perspective of building a business and a personal brand, but let’s take a minute to ask ourselves…why do you do these things?

You do them so you can live an extraordinary life and positively impact other people. THAT to me is badass. 

A woman who has decided that she is capable of creating that experience for herself and others is a badass. 

It’s not about how you style yourself. It’s not about how you talk, walk, or act. It’s literally the inner stuff. 

Badass women follow these rules, but there is absolutely no one container that epitomizes a “badass woman”.


Badass women don’t take themselves, or anything, too seriously. 

Being a badass is about realizing that life is short. Life is really freaking short.

And, as morbid as that kind of sounds, it’s just the truth.

Life doesn’t last forever, so we don’t need to take it so seriously.

Yes, we need to be serious about our goals and our ambitions and we need to be focused and we need to work hard. But, badass women make the effort to make everything fun.

If you try something and fail, it really doesn’t matter that much. It’s not the end of the world.

So many people take themselves and what they do so seriously that they almost paralyze themselves from taking action. 

At the end of the day, it’s about not sweating the small stuff and understanding that life is supposed to be enjoyed. 

That is why we do all that we do, isn’t it? To have fun? To find happiness?

Following fun makes you a badass. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. 


I think this is one of the most badass things you can do. 

Know what’s important to you, know what you value and, have enough self-respect to not waiver from these values. 

Don’t be peer-pressured into doing something that you don’t want to do or that is against your values. You have to be diligent.

What do values look like, anyway? You know, values can look like anything. It’s just you identifying what’s important to you. 

You may have values around your health. 

You may have values around your lifestyle. 

You may have values around connection. 

It’s going to be different for every single person, but know what your values are and stick to them. That is badass. 

(Now, if you don’t know what your values are, try looking up a list of values online and just scan through the list. See what sticks out to you and try to build your values from there.)


Your boundaries are going to be based off of your values. 

It’s important to understand that boundaries are just you respecting your values.

You know, I highly value connection, so for me to have an extra-long call with a client doesn’t bother me AT ALL. But, for someone else, having a personal boundary around the number of calls they take in a week might be important.

One of my boundaries is sleep. It’s as simple as, if I have an early meeting the next day, I need to have an early night.

So, know what does drain you energetically and then create boundaries around that thing. 


Everybody fails. Every single person fails. In fact, we have all failed more times than we’ve succeeded in our lives. But, there are areas in life within which we attach a greater meaning to failure.

This stops us from taking action or really derails us when failure happens. 

Badasses are able to bounce back, they’re able to shake off failure, they’re resilient.

A resilient person is going to say to themselves, “I want to overcome this fear and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get there, even if I fail 20 thousand times in the process”.

A non-resilient person would just accept the fear as it is. 

If we don’t overcome our fears, we are held back by them, so whatever it is that you’re afraid of, you have to be resilient enough to move through it. It’s on the other side of that that you will really gain freedom in your life. 

Building that resilience muscle, and yes it is a muscle that you need to develop, comes with time. 

Take small steps in the direction you want to go. Bounce back when things don’t go the way you expected. Just try.


This is a big one. 

Everyone building a personal brand online has an exaggerated version of who they are, buuuut it should still be representative of who you are. 

If someone was to meet you in real life, they should not be surprised by the person that they find. 

Some people show up online as the person they think people want them to be or the person they want to be perceived as. Ultimately, they create a facade for their online presence and are someone different behind the scenes.

Being real and true to who you are is about as badass as it gets.

Just be who you are, where you are. 


Once again, they don’t sweat the small stuff. 

All those little details, they just don’t matter. Like, they really really don’t. So, as much as it feels like it’s going to make the difference in your success, it’s not. 

It’s the combination of all of these little things over time that is going to result in your success. 

The colour of the button on your website…it’s not going to matter. 

Your entire website and it’s copy…yeah, that matters a little bit more.

Your business model and how you’re showing up…yeah, that matters. 

I want you to think of it like this, your computer screen is made up of hundreds of thousands of little pixels. At any one time, there could be a pixel that it isn’t working. Now, would you notice that pixel at the macro level?

No, of course not. 

So, that’s what I mean when I say that all of those tiny details make up the big picture. Yes, they do matter, but in the grand scheme of things they are not worth being paralyzed in indecision over (especially in the beginning)

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Badass women take action, they don’t let the details stop them from showing up and doing the work that matters. 


This is such a badass characteristic to adopt. 

It’s important to realize that “going with the flow” actually gives you less time in the end. It just doesn’t work. 

If you do what you feel like doing, when you feel like doing it, you will never get anything done. And, you’ll find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm and overhanging to-do lists.

Being more diligent with your time will lead to you creating more time in your life. 

Now that doesn’t mean booking yourself solid from 6 am-7 pm. It means doing the things you need to need efficiently so that you can spend the rest of your day doing whatever the hell you want. 

So, just put in the calendar and get it done. 

Badass women know how to manage their time. They know that by managing their time and taking action on the things that they’ve planned they’ll have so much more freedom in their life.


This one comes down to confidence.

It comes down to believing in yourself, your content, and the services you have to offer. 

If you have a fear of selling, it can often come down to not feeling worthy. Actually, pretty much any block that we have, any fear that we have, comes from feeling unworthy. 

When you love yourself, respect yourself, and know that your worth is never in question, no one else’s opinion of you matters really.

While we may want people to see us as a good and decent person, our need to please everyone through our content diminishes greatly when we know that what we’re offering is of value.

You’re worthy of all your dreams and all your goals. 

So, ask yourself, why not you? (Until you realize that you can do anything that anyone else does and you are worthy of it.)

are you ready to start creating your dream life?


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