Exploring How Sexuality & Self-Connection Build Confidence & Creativity with Jenn Doan

Today I’m talking with the amazing Jennifer Doan! Jennifer is a Sensuality Coach who helps women live lives that turn them on. “I’m on a mission to reconnect women to the power that lies in their sexuality. For too long, we’ve been afraid of the external judgment and ridicule that comes with fully inhabiting our sexual selves. We feel as though we need to look and act a certain way to be accepted by society.” 

In today’s podcast episode, we talk about the importance of connecting with yourself but also how that impacts you when trying to stand out online, especially if you’re in a controversial niche. 

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How Self-Connection Can Help Build Your Confidence in life & Business

I help women let go of old and negative beliefs around their sexuality as well as body shame to help them come into their own so they can have good sex lives but also bring that confidence into their every day lives.

To really connect with yourself and your goals, it has a lot to do with unlearning a lot of things. Things that we’re taught from a young age that no longer serve us.

We’re told how we should look, how and when our sexuality should show up and for the most part we’re told that our sexuality is not for us to enjoy but for others to enjoy and that it should only show up at certain times in our life which just isn’t true.

Men, for example, have a lot of power and confidence with their sexuality and don’t feel the need to repress it, but unfortunately, for most women, that’s not the case. Working on your sexuality can really help you feel empowered to chase your dreams in life and business.

This goes for anyone in business trying to share their message. There are so many people who need you.

They need you to show up and stand up as a leader to educate them and that’s what pushes me to make this world a better place. – Jenn Doan

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Everybody has those days where you’re struggling with imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud but that’s ok, you can feel that. On those days you may not want to show up online but maybe you could write some valuable content but there are things like mirror work to help you like less of a fraud.

More on that below.

Dealing with Body Shame

Body shame can be in the form of physical but also mental body shame where we put ourselves down. For example we may tell ourselves we’re stupid or that we’re not good enough which, which means we’re probably not going to take action in our business.

So, we need to start picking ourselves up when this starts to happen and reframing our thoughts. A great way to overcome this is a technique called Mirror Work.

How to use Mirror Work

Look in the mirror and make eye contact with yourself (if you’re comfortable with that, you can work up to this) and just look at your body without judgment. See the folds, curves and any little moles and try to learn something new about it.

Find a part of your body that you want to give a compliment for that day and just feel into loving that part of yourself.

How To Talk About Your Passion When It’s Considered “Taboo”

It can be tough to talk about something that isn’t traditionally discussed as freely as other topics. I’ve come to terms with the face that I’m always going to get bad feedback. I get nasty messages where people over sexualise me because I talk about sex and so I’ve come to terms with this but I’ve also had a massive mindset shift.

Switching my mindset to realise that what I’m talking about is something that is important and needs to be heard. It’s something not obviously not everyone is talking about and someone has to do it.

I had this mindset shift when I started networking and went to an event where you could anonymously ask a sex worker anything that you wanted to know.

The questions that were asked were heartbreaking OR general knowledge that I believe everyone should already know. This is when it really clicked and I realised that I needed to be talking about it and educating people. I realised that my message was important and I needed to put it out into the world.

This goes for anyone in business trying to share their message. There are so many people who need you.

They need you to show up and stand up as a leader to educate them and that’s what pushes me to make this world a better place.

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