How to ACTUALLY Change Your Life Before 2020

I’ve just gotten back from holiday and while my trip overseas was amazing, every time I get back home I feel like I need to transform my entire life, so, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

In this video, I’m taking you with me while I change my life and level up to become the next level version of myself aka Killer Queen!

How to ACTUALLY Change Your Life Before 2020

When you google, “how to change your life” there is a crap tonne of information but here’s the thing.. there is only one thing that you need to do to change your life, and this is to change the way you see yourself. 

If you don’t see yourself as the person you want to become, you will NEVER become that person. You have to change the way you see yourself to become who you want to be.

You need to:




Identify Where You are Currently

To start changing your life for the better, you need to identify where you’re currently at and what needs to be changed to get there. 

If you try to change everything at once, you’re simply going to become overwhelmed, and nothing will change. 

Start by doing an audit of your life and all the things you’re grateful for, and that are working vs the things that are not working and where you can improve.

Create a Plan

You need to start by creating a list of things that are “working” vs “not working” then from there, and you can create a plan of action.

Your plan should show you the areas that you need to take action. For example, I have this persona which is the next level version of me and her name is Killer Queen! I have it tattooed on my arm and everything.

How to Take Action and Become that next Level of Yourself

Taking small actions every day is what this is all about. It’s about creating this next-level version of yourself to step into and figure out these things:

  • what her beliefs are

  • what her daily routines and rituals are

  • what her ideal day looks like

  • the actions that she takes

  • how she thinks about business

  • how she dresses, acts and thinks!

I’m going to create a document and a Pinterest board to start getting inspired and designing this next level version of me.

Changing the way you think

Your next step is to change the way you think. You need to ask yourself “is this how the next level version of me would think, act, dress?” If not, why are you doing it? Stop staying in your comfort zone, push yourself to create the change that you want to see.

For example, one of my goals is to get up and exercise, so when I wake up in the morning and I want to roll over and go back to sleep, I ask myself is this something Killer Queen would do? No, it’s not, she would get up, go to the gym and start her day off right.

It’s all about those micro-decisions that lead to lasting change. 

Trust me, it will only be difficult in the beginning once those changes become habits you won’t have to think about it as much. 

If there’s one thing that you take away from this, it’s that you need to be.

Not think.

Not feel.

You need to BE to create lasting change in your life.

If you want to create change in your life, you need to surround yourself with others who are doing the same! Join our community on Facebook and Instagram – @erinmayhenry, I’ll see you there!

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