How I Plan and Organise for a New Month

It’s all about creating habits, routine and rituals, that is how you actually reach your goals, not just by having airy-fairy plans but by having it in your calendar and sticking to it. 

We’re going into October 2019, and I wanted to take you through how I plan the month as well as the brand new quarter, how I’m taking all of the visions I have for myself and for my business and how I’m implementing them in the next month.

When it comes to planning:

  1. You always want to be reverse engineering. If it was the end of the month and you could asay you’ve done everything and stepped up to the plate, what happened? What did you actually do? Put yourself in that future self and work backwards.

  2. Please don’t get caught up in planning. So many people are amazing at planning, but when it stops you from taking action, there’s no point. I would rather you take messy, unplanned action, over planning but never actually doing anything about it.

I like to plan and take messy action depending on the situation. Sometimes I plan, but then I go in a different direction, and that’s ok, at the end of the day the most important thing is that you’re taking action.


Segmenting the areas of your life you want to focus on

By segmenting the areas of your life you want to focus on you’re able to have a lot more clarity around what it is your working towards. The four areas I’ve segmented my life into are:

  • Feel: This is about my health and wellness, how I’m taking care of my body with nutrition and physical activity. 

  • Impact: This is about my career and how I’m showing up online, creating content and creating an impact to get my message out there. 

  • Growth: This is about my mindset and developing the things that are going to increase my personal development.

  • Joy: This is an obvious one but something that is easy to leave out. I want to ensure I’m making to for the things that are fulfilling, like hobbies and family time.


Set goals and make a plan

What I like to do then is make a couple of goals for each segment. 

  • Feel (health): Going to Yoga, Muay Thai, and the gym every single week and just making sure I’m moving my body every day.

  • Impact (career): Working on my career growth, including my Youtube channel, email list and Instagram.

  • Growth (mindset): Practising the guitar, meditation and the books I want to read.

  • Joy (fulfilment): Scheduling in and buying tickets to go to more events and concerts.

The less you have to think about it, the more you’re going to do. 


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