How to Choose the Right Coach or Mentor

People often ask me how to find the perfect coach, which can be an extremely difficult task. Especially if you’re investing a significant sum of money into your personal development, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right coach for you.

I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how to choose the right coach, whether that’s a health coach, a life coach a business coach but also how to get the most out of your coaching experience!

Where do you want to end up?

When hiring a coach, it’s important to think about where you want to be this time next year/in the future. 

You’ll find that the best kinds of coaches are the ones who have already done what it is we want to do. It’s easy to get caught up with whoever is the most popular or someone who is coaching a friend, however they might not be the right fit for you.

I would recommend that you do some research into the background of the coaches your currently interested in and see if their journey is similar to yours. 

Your coach doesn’t have to be the same as you; however, I find it’s better to work with someone if they have similar energy or online presence. You want them to have something that is relatable and is similar to how you would like to show up for yourself in the area you’re working on.

Do your research 

I’ve heard many stories of people getting involved with a coach who wasn’t a good fit because they weren’t who they portrayed themselves as online. 

As a consumer and someone looking to work with a coach, go through their content, do your research on them and reach out to them or past clients to see if there are any discrepancies in what they say. 

It’s up to you to get a bigger picture to know they are genuinely the right coach for you.

Where to find a coach

The best place, in my opinion, is Instagram!

Search for the coach you’re after whether it’s a manifestation coach, confidence coach, business coach, and then all the coaches that have those search terms in their bio will appear. 

If you’re looking for a coach, you’re probably being fed Facebook and Instagram ads for coaches, so keep your eyes on those. 

Podcasts are also a great place to find a coach, as coaches are always doing interviews on peoples podcasts, so look for health or business podcasts to see who is being interviewed.


Ask a lot of questions

If you’ve thought about your goals, what you’re looking for in a coach and you’ve started to narrow down a few coaches that you like, begin to ask questions. 

A lot of coaches will do consultations but even if they don’t, don’t be afraid to ask them anything you want clarity on. Share your goals with them and ask them about themselves or anything that’s going to help them build trust with you.


Go with your gut

This tip is a little less tangible, but if you’ve done your research, you feel inspired by this person and you feel like you can trust them then they’re probably a good fit for you. 

If not, trust that gut feeling too and keep looking.

What to look for in a coach 

Do they love what they do?

You want to work with someone genuinely passionate about what they’re teaching. 

Coaches that start businesses just to make money will give you a terrible experience. It’s the coaches that are truly passionate about helping you and making a difference. 

If you can tell they love what they do because they’re showing up consistently and speak passionately about what it is they’re doing then you know they’re going to show up in that same way for you.


Have they got results?

There are a few circumstances where you might hire a coach, and they haven’t necessarily got the results for themselves.

For example, parenting coaches who don’t have children but have a background in psychology, but in most cases, if you’re hiring a coach, you want them to have achieved the things that you want to achieve.

Again, do your research!

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