The REAL Way to Stand Out & Grow Your Instagram with Brooke Vulinovich

The Game Changer Podcast Episode 55 is with Brooke Vulinovich from Villa Management. This episode is all about standing out and growing your Instagram!

Brooke is an incredibly diverse businesswoman with some fantastic insight into personal branding; in particular, she shares her tips and tricks to grow and thrive on Instagram. She has one of the funniest Instagram accounts, which is an excellent example of truly being yourself and while being a leader in her industry.

We are so excited to have Brooke on the podcast; this is probably one of the most valuable podcasts you’ll ever listen to when it comes to mastering Instagram. If you did like this episode be sure to screenshot and share on Instagram and of course tag me @erinmayhenry @gamechangers @villamanagement

Where it all started

Three years ago, Brooke Vulinovich identified a gap in the market where small businesses were struggling with Social Media, and she had the solution! Since then, Brooke had successfully marketed both products and services using social media and built online communities around their brands.

Using this knowledge and experience, Brooke has taught workshops in Perth for several years. She then took her program online to help more people, and scale her business, FAST!

Brooke is now an Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, founder of Villa Management, creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy, and a regular guest on Channel 9 Perth News.

Brooke specialises in educating businesses on exactly how to leverage the power of social media to increase their brand awareness and boost their bottom line. Her online coaching community, the Social Club Membership, empowers businesses in 13 countries with the knowledge, confidence and tools to sell using Instagram.

The biggest things that keep people from growing on Instagram

  1. Shit imagery – You’re in a saturated space and shitty pictures just don’t cut it, you need to invest in professional photography.

  2. Overcomplicating where and how you’re driving traffic – if you have a LinkTree in your bio with 15 different options, you’re not going to sell. A confused customer will never buy. Use a maximum of 3 links in your Instagram bio.

  3. Selling too much – In your educational posts, you should be educating, not selling constantly. They should be different from an educational post so don’t constantly sell to your audience because it will turn them off.

  4. Not enough education – focus on educating people, educate, educate, educate! You need to educate to build trust, especially at the start of your business.

  5. You don’t have a strong theme – having a strong theme on your Instagram shows consistency. Your only visual way of building peoples trust is by having a consistent theme when you’re getting started.

Strategies and advice to get started on Instagram

Discoverability really comes down to your bio, your location tags and your hashtags.

Make sure in your bio you’re optimising your headline, you have 30 characters to use. If your username is your actual name or business name then you don’t need to repeat this in your headline. You need to optimise this space for your SEO keywords, for example.

My Instagram username is @brookevulinovich so if people are searching for me, they’re going to find me. If they don’t know my business exists then I’ve optimised my headline with the keywords. The keywords to describe my business and make me more discoverable which is INSTAGRAM TIPS + TRAINING.

This is also ensuring I’m attracting the right followers that I can convert into customers.

How to Optimise Hashtags

  1. Make sure you’re strategic with the hashtags you’re using. Think about the kind of things your customer would be searching and use those 30 hashtags on your posts.

  2. If you’re looking for local customers, then your hashtags need to be location-specific.

  3. Use two or three words in your hashtags rather than just three words; otherwise, you’ll be getting lost in the search results.

  4. Use location tags in your Instagram stories, especially if you’re trying to find local customers.

  5. Post every single day!

Giving free content/value will help you sell

“People are worried about giving away all of their secrets but you need to blow your audiences socks off so that they think ‘if this is what she’s giving me for free, IMAGINE how good the shit is that she’s selling!’”

You need to have this mindset so that you’re putting yourself into your customer’s mind and not holding yourself back from success.

Check out Brooke below!



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