Top 7 Tips To Keep You Inspired To Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes you may feel left out in the corner, things are not working in the way that you wanted, you’re unmotivated and uninspired. These are my top seven tips, which will boost your confidence and keep you inspired to achieve your goals.

1. Reflect Back

Write down the things you have achieved in the past three months. Even if it’s a small win, you have reached one step closer to your goal!!

By analyzing how far you have come, you will feel motivated to pursue your dreams.

2. Connect to Nature

Spending your day indoors, in front of your computer and not seeing other people may frustrate you.

You may need a break from your daily routine. Spend some time in nature. Go for a walk, have a cup of coffee with your friend or hang out with your family.

Connecting with nature, your loved ones and like-minded people will make you feel calm and happy.

3. Get inspired by others

Sometimes you may feel like you aren’t working hard or doing enough. You may compare yourself with others and become hard on yourself for being not as successful as others. But instead of self-sabotaging yourself, remind yourself that everyone has their struggles and their timelines.

Get to know the journey of how other people got through their struggles by connecting with like-minded people, watching their interviews or reading their blog posts, and it will boost your confidence.

4. De-clutter

A messy, unorganized workspace may make you unmotivated. De-clutter your workspace once in a while. Getting rid of unwanted things will keep your workspace clean and organized.

Every day before you go to bed, organize your workspace so that in the morning you can work in a new, clean space.

5. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful for whatever you have in your life will completely change your perspective toward your life.

Just spare 5 minutes from your day and write down five things you are grateful for. It can be your family, friends, your home, or even a single piece of cloth you own.

When you see the infinite number of things that you have in your life, you will no longer feel that craving for more and will feel abundant.

Feeling abundant will make you feel better and fulfilled.

6. Read Everyday

Books are one of your loyal friends which will keep you mindful and give you a new perspective towards life. Reading autobiographies and biographies or even blog posts of other’s journey will inspire you as you learn more about how they get through their struggles.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Nowadays, we are more vulnerable to social media influence, and it may make you feel like you are not enough. But the truth is most of the people shows only their flawless side on social media. Keep in mind that your only competitor is you. Compare yourself with what you were yesterday instead of comparing yourself with others.

Try to make a better change in yourself even if it’s a small change. This will push you to do something better for yourself.

I hope these tips will keep you motivated to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Meet the Author

Hello, my name is Nayana S Kumar and I’m an artist and blogger from India. My passion for art made me a creative and entrepreneur, even though I’m a graduate in Electrical Engineering.

I started blogging in 2018 and launched my business in August 2019. You can find my designs on various products like apparel, coffee mugs, phone cases, mouse pads, interior decors, and more. I create my artworks and blog posts inspired by my experiences, the people around me, and the places I have been.

My goal is to inspire and make people happy through my creativity and bring some value to this world.

Find Nayana on Instagram: @nayanaskumar @nayanaskumarlabel


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