How To FINALLY STOP Doubting Yourself

One of the most important elements of success is your own personal sense of self-belief.

I see so many entrepreneurs who have great ambitions but why they’re actions aren’ t matching up because they simply don’t believe in themselves.

If you don’t believe in yourself, it is going to be impossible for you to stay committed to the actions that you need to take to get you to the result that you want.

What we believe to be true, determines what’s possible.

Think of the worst-case scenario

We always think of the worst-case situation, but often make it appear worse in our minds, which leads to procrastination.

Ask your self “what’s the worst thing that could happen? Can I recover format his?

When you worry and think about the worst-case scenario, you will psych yourself out of taking action.

It probably isn’t as bad as you think it is or if the outcome is terrible, remind your self that you are strong enough to recover from it.

Stop delaying action because you’re telling yourself “I’m going to get teased by my co-workers and family.”

You won’t need to pack up and move to the Himalayas and live like a hermit.

You will survive!

Break down the scenario and look at what is the actual worst-case scenario and then ask yourself am I strong enough to overcome this?

From there, you need to be able to build up resilience and tenacity. You need to take action regardless of what the outcome could be.

Have comebacks for your mean girl

You will always have your doubters, and you will have that mean girl voice inside your head.

When that mean girl starts repeating the outside messages, it will only lead to negative self-talk. You need to stand up for your self against the inner bully.

There will be times that would create negative self-talk in your mind, and it will tell you “you can’t and shouldn’t take action.”

You need to tell yourself “I am smart enough and I CAN do this! I am good enough.”

You need to be able to call bullshit on when your mean girls get into your head. You need to stand up and show your mean girl who is boss!

Take action anyway

Every entrepreneur in the world has self-doubt, even I have self-doubt!

Regardless of this, you need to take action. You need to overcome the voice in your head and take action regardless of the amount of self-doubt you have.

If you sit around until you feel confident and “the time is right”, you will be sitting still forever!

Guess what, you will never feel fully confident. Confidence comes over time, and after you’ve tried things and taken action.

Put one foot forward and take action today.

Connection with your cheer squad

You need to build up your cheer squad of people who have believed in you!

Your cheer squad are the people that you can turn do when you’re having negative thoughts when your mean girl is if the forefront of your thoughts.

Build yours from family, friends or even an online community.

By having the team, you will be able to develop that “pick me up” you need to push on and overcome that negative self talk we all fall victim to.

Change your relationship with failure

We all think, “what if it doesn’t work out or what if I fail?” But failure is not a bad thing.

You will fail, and you will fail hard.

But you need to fail to learn and to grow.

All entrepreneurs fail. All the greatest business people in the world have failed, so you need to stop being afraid. Stop having a fear of failing and therefore playing it safe.

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